Soothing baby with the Goolie Goolie


Finding a dummy is a bit like finding my keys….never easy! I end up tipping the entire contents of my bag out in search of one. However, with the Goolie Goolie the hunt for the elusive dummy is over (cue the cheers and applause).

So, what is a Goolie Goolie? Well, it is both a dummy and a comforting toy designed for babies 0-6 months.  It comes with the dummy permanently attached to a cute Australian animal, of which there are three.  We had the wombat called Bluey, but there is also a kangaroo called Rusty and a koala called Banjo. At first I did wonder how I would sterilise the dummy, as it doesn’t detach from the toy, but you just put the nipple part into boiling water for 2-4 minutes (and hope that the animal isn’t in the mood for a swim!). If the animal does need cleaning, it is surface washable.  My tip would be that if this was the only dummy you were using, that you’d probably need a couple: that way you would have a back up while one was air drying.


Ivy has had a dummy since birth and after trying different shaped teats the cherry-shaped one is her favourite.   The Goolie Goolie dummy has a different shaped teat to that of standard dummies found in pharmacies and supermarkets, which are usually either cherry-shaped or orthodontic, so while Ivy will suck on the Goolie Goolie dummy it is not her preference when she needs soothing.  It would be good if the Goolie Goolie range came with the option of different shaped teats, or alternatively if you used this range from birth then I guess your baby wouldn’t know any different.


 What I really like about the Goolie Goolie is that because of it’s size, 12cm long, it is less likely to fall to the bottom of my ginormous nappy bag or disappear into the “black hole” down by my baby’s legs when in the capsule or baby swing/bouncer, making it much easier to find quickly and easily. Now that my daughter, Ivy, is 3 months old and starting to grab and grip onto things she likes to hold onto something as she falls asleep in the capsule and baby swing/bouncer – the Goolie Goolie is perfect at these times as she has a dummy to suck on and a toy to snuggle.  Even if she spits the dummy out while sleeping she still has the toy to hold, or because of its size she can even guide the dummy back into her own mouth (sometimes!). However, she is still swaddled when in her cot, so I found it was a bit cumbersome for her to sleep with as she frequently tosses her head from side to side and the dummy falls out.

All in all it is a great idea…just wish I’d found it earlier!

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