Spriggy Review- the pocket money app that helps you manage your child’s spending

Spriggy Review

Spriggy is the latest in pocket money apps. Linked to a prepaid card, Spriggy helps teach your child about managing money and learning to save.  Saving is not a strong point for me. I’m more a ‘go for it and hope the money turns up’ type- but I’m trying hard to teach my kids to save. My teenagers are way better at it than me, and aren’t on board with my ‘money fairy’ attitude to life. Tully, however, has a bit of a spending habit that needs to be curbed!

(This post is a collaboration with Spriggy)

When my teenagers were younger money was more hands-on – they had it and then they didn’t. They still prefer to deal with cash as it’s more tangible, but it’s becoming less and less a part of their world and so learning the reality of how they will handle money in the future is really important. Tully however, lives a ‘tap and go’ life. She has no concept of what money really is as when she wants something she just taps my card. (she is entirely across how it all works and can basically shop on her own these days).

What is Spriggy?

Aimed at children 8-17, Spriggy gives children some financial freedom, all while being carefully watched over by you. In a time where not many of us carry cash, Spriggy allows parents to transfer money through the app almost immediately – so no more nagging or forgetting to ‘pay’

Given Tully’s shopping addiction we are putting together a pocket money plan for her now that she’s starting school. It’s at the point that now we can’t go to the shops without her going on about buying a toy. Given the price of toys these days it’s often easier to buy one than argue but this needs to stop! So now we will be giving her pocket money each week. She has to save half and she can spend half. So if she wants to buy something from the shop she needs to save the money herself.

So how does Spriggy work?

You can set up regular pocket money transfers and make manual transfers for money earnt or emergency cash.

Kids are so tech savvy these days, and Spriggy works by having an app with a parent profile and a child profile. As the parent, you can transfer funds and monitor their spending and savings. As a child, you can check your balance and set up your savings and goals – perfect to get them excited

This year our family is focusing on saving for travel. We are planning a trip to Europe for Christmas and the teenagers have been tasked with saving to pay half their airline ticket, just so they appreciate it a bit more expensive than heading to the beach. Tully can start saving to buy toys over there instead! Tully has set herself a $50 savings goal for shopping at Hamley’s toy store in London. She can split that money into a savings account so it can’t be accessed on the card.

Spriggy Review

If your child doesn’t have their own device, you can easily switch between profiles on your device.

How does the Spriggy pocket money app benefit families?

Spriggy is easy and convenient for parents, especially those who are virtually cashless (like me). There’s no more searching for cash, trying to remember to get it from the ATM and handing over your card when you ultimately forget.

For younger children and tweens (8-12-year-olds), who are developing some financial independence, Spriggy empowers kids and improves their spending and saving behaviour. By using the pocket money app to monitor their own money they are learning to save and develop thoughtful spending habits. As the parent, you can monitor their spending and their savings and have conversations about their goals and spending habits. This would be particularly helpful for my 17-year-old, who has developed a bit of an online shopping habit and needs to work on her savings rather than just spending as the money comes in.

For older children (up to 17 years) the biggest benefits to me are the ability to transfer money in an emergency. Whether it’s just a missed bus, or if your child has gone to a concert or festival, or even if they are overseas, you can transfer them money on Spriggy straight away from your parent wallet. Oh, and if they lose the card you can block it immediately.

How do I join Spriggy and get started on the pocket money app?

To join Spriggy all you need to do is head to spriggy.com.au to start your 30-day free trial! Plus, if you join with our unique link Spriggy will start you off with $5 in your bank account! https://get.sprig.gy/e/marab3

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