Spring picnic

Spring/Summer Picnic and Alfresco Meal Ideas

Eating outside is one of the best parts of summer. We love to do dinner picnics down by the creek or at the beach, or even just in our own garden. The kids love the novelty and change in routine and, as Enid Blyton always wrote, “Food always tastes better outdoors”.

Spring picnic

Whether it’s as a picnic, or just eating on the deck with friends, here are some of our favourite foods to eat outside:


Quiche is the ultimate picnic food. It travels well, and you can cook it at home and eat it cold. I’m absolutely loving the new Roasted Vegetable Quiche and Quiche Lorraine from Woolworths. For just $12.49 you get a big quiche that will feed the whole family. They take 35 minutes to cook (umm note to self…take the plastic off the bottom before putting it in the oven though lol)

Spring picnic Spring picnic

Cheese and fruit

Is there a better reason for a cheese platter than a picnic? Cheese was made to eat outside! Have you tried the new Maggie Beer Triple Cream Brie from Woolies? It’s only $8 and it’s soooo yum! I could eat the whole thing on my own (but I won’t because that’s wrong…right?) Also, in season right now are strawberries and grapes, which are the perfect fruits to pair with your cheese.

Spring picnicSpring picnic


A picnic isn’t a picnic without amazing bread. I love a baguette or a really good sourdough fresh from the bakery. Spread it with a whole lot of butter, and maybe some avocado, and you have the perfect picnic snack.


The easiest salads to take on a picnic are the ones pre-bagged and ready to travel. You can just open the bag and pour it in a bowl and you are good to go. My very favourite is the Four Seasons Coleslaw from Woolworths. It has the corn in it (all salads should have corn!), but if that’s not your thing then there is a whole range of salads to choose from.

Spring picnic


The best thing about all meals is, of course, dessert! For picnics, I grab a cake, some mini doughnuts or some fresh chocolate chip biscuits. The other day I got a blueberry teacake from Woolworths – sooo good! It’s so fluffy!

What’s your favourite picnic food?

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