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It’s fair to say that I am one of those Mums that takes a ridonkulous amount of photos of her kids. And by ridonkulous, I am trying to articulate that I take a crazy amount of photos! And yes, I am very much aware that it’s not even a word – that’s just proof that my photo addiction is immense and there are no words to describe how obsessed I am.

Hands up if all your devices that can take photos are maxed out and no longer have storage available (even though you have tried to anticipate this issue by making sure you have as much GB in each product as possible)?! Anyone?! Is it just me?! See – #RIDONKULOUS.

Well, around the time my eldest son was born the cameras on mobile phones had become bigger and better and I soon found that I was taking snapshots of every single milestone in his life. Oh look! He blew a spit bubble – let’s take a photo of that! Oh look – he just threw all his rice on the floor and smooshed it all in – yep let’s snap that. You get the idea. So fast forward 5 years later and I am pretty sure I have taken about 100,000 photos of my boys so far.

But here’s the thing. I realised I had all these photos on my phone, yet I didn’t really have anything to show for all my fantastical photography skills (yes, also not a word – that’s just how fab my skills are – #sofantasticalitsridonkulous).

So I started to look into ways I could have my most treasured photos printed so I could display them in my home. I’ve always loved the Instagram style of photo and wanted to be able to print my photos in that same format. That’s when I first came across Sticky9.


I contacted Sticky9 directly to tell them how fab I thought they were, and they were kind enough to give me the opportunity to test out a selection of their product range.

And that is how my iPad ended up decked out in a Photo-Novela of our lives, my fridge is pimped out in some crazy cute photo magnets of my babies (if I do say so myself), and I’ve added some more Square Prints to my collection (I’d previously ordered the Large Square Prints from Sticky9 which is how I knew they were AH-MAZING).

Just as an ‘FYI’ for those wondering what products I am talking about, My Sticky9 swag consisted of the following:

  • iPad Mini Cover ($39.99)
  • Small Square Prints (From $22.99 – Pack of 27, 10cm x 10cm, framed with a white border)
  • Medium Classic Magnets (From $18.99 – Pack of 9, 5cm x 5cm)

The iPad Cover is by far my favourite Sticky9 product. It has a magnetic hinge, so for those of us who need to Google how to boil an egg, it’s a big relief that it just clicks right on there, and that’s about as technical as it gets.

The print quality on all products is consistent and really show off the images – and my fantastically awesome photography skills of course!

I live in country SA and we don’t have a postal service here, so I was expecting my order to take some time as each product was being sent from the UK. But surprisingly I received my order within 10 business days and I was very impressed with this turn around. Another point I should make, is that Shipping is free. BONUS! Country SA + No Postal Service + 10 Business Day Turnaround = #prettyfreakingstoked.


Will I use Sticky9 again – hell yes! I see a Sticky9 Photobook making it’s way into my life in the very near future.

To get yours visit


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