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My husband loves camping and his idea of a great family holiday is a family camping trip. My perfect holiday is a 5-star hotel with electricity. I’m pretty sure I go into panic mode the moment my phone battery gets below 50%.

My husband is all about the outdoors- camping, running, hiking- the more remote and out of the way it is the better. We are talking really going bush- not a lovely Big 4 (my choice for a camping trip- preferably with a restaurant!)


We’ve done several camping trips now as a family and I’ve found the solution to my power needs. Meet the PowerAll Supreme- it’s a portable power bank that you can use anywhere. It comes with adaptors to charge all your devices AND it’s powerful enough to jumpstart your car. (I actually tested this one out because I flattened the car battery recharging the PowerAll on a camping trip- total catch 22 lol!)

The PowerAll features a high-quality lithium battery (keep an eye out you don’t pick up a dodgy fake though- they can be dangerous). PowerAll has the highest safety standard record of any portable jump starter on the market.

So let’s talk PowerAll Supreme technical stuff for a moment. The PowerAll comes with two 2.1A USB ports (so you can charge the phone and the iPad at the same time!) It comes with adaptor cables for Apple and Micro USB and it’s own jumper leads. The battery will last on standby for up to six months so you can keep it in the glovebox or with the camping gear. It also comes with a touch so you can find your way around those unpowered camping sites!

The PowerAll Supreme is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, because you benefit too! #winning!

To get yours head into your local Repco. Visit to find one closest to you.

We love it so much we are giving away two (valued at $239.95 each). To win you just have to tell us below the moment in your life that you really needed a PowerAll!

(T&Cs- Competition open to Australian residents over 18 only. Closes Saturday 3rd September at 11pm)




34 thoughts on “Stuff Dads Like: The PowerAll

  1. Deborah Bolam

    we went camping one year and hubby forgot the portable generator and the gas bottles were nearly empty

  2. van

    My husband has a old car I was pregnant at the time going into labour, taking me to hospital his car gave in if it wasn’t enough stress, had to call road assistants it was the battery, as if I wasn’t stressed enough they took ages, if only we had the PowerAll.

  3. Kelly

    We got a flat battery in the car at a friends place way out bush who didn’t have a landline, my phone was flat and husbands had no signal!

  4. Belinda Cooper

    The PowerAll would have been great for when I had just taken my 6 month old to get his needles, then came out to pouring rain and a flat car battery!!

  5. Sarah

    Paid out over $1500 to fix my car (it was only worth about ($3000) only to have the battery constantly dying for some unknown reason. The worst time would be when I had my little girl with me, she was 6months old, it was pouring with rain… The car wouldn’t start AND my phone was dead! We were so far from home and no one would stop to help! We eventually left the car and walked to the train station, went home and I managed to get a lift back to the car with someone who was willing to let me use their car to jump start it! Worst day ever. (I have Roadside Assistance but couldn’t use it as my phone was dead!!!)

  6. Cherie Cooper

    Late one night
    Driving home
    Baby in the backseat
    Daddy at home
    Stuck in traffic
    For over an hour
    My iPad decided
    It was time to lose power
    Daughter starts crying
    No other choice
    Mummy has to sing
    (I have a terrible voice)
    Over an hour I sung
    Every kids song I knew
    From Miss Polly to Humpty
    And Going to the Zoo
    By the time we got home
    I had no voice at all
    I would have given my arm
    For a handy PowerAll!

  7. Jodie Cliff

    After 6 weeks camping around Australia, it rained with 2 days left our car battery died = no airbed or phone charger. Heartbreaking night!

  8. Cassie Carrafa

    We were in Sydney for my major operation and heavily relied on our phone gps. Our batteries were getting flatter and flatter by the second it seemed, even on low battery saver mode! We had two phones to use and made it back with one phone flat and the other at 4%. My heart was racing as our navman wasn’t picking up a signal!!! PowerAll would have saved my heart from racing for the nearly 2 hour trip! Who wound have known that avoiding tolls would have made for such a long drive back!! Aargh!!!

  9. Rebecca Sampieri

    My phone ran out of battery, my son knocked the inside light in my car on as he exited the car. So after my shopping trip my car battery was dead. Now, i havent had to use a public phone in decades and it truely was a dreadful experience phoning people who wont answer phones and trying to remember numbers.

  10. Summer Hinaki-McDade

    too many times to count, having a toddler who loves to play inside the car and leave the lights on!

  11. Rachael Hussein

    All the kids are in the car, the car is fully packed, it’s 5am and we’re ready to head off on our snow day-trip. Some smart child had left a car door open overnight (doh), so car did not start. We waited ages for help! 🙁

  12. Angela M

    We went geocaching and my husband’s iPhone run out of batteries. We had driven for hours to reach that place. And without the GPS we just couldn’t find the cache. What a pity! 🙂

  13. Sonya

    It was our last camping trip, actually, when there had been flooding and my silly hubby decided it would be ‘fun’ for our kids if we drove our camper-trailer through the flooded dirt track leading to our campsite. Got completely bogged, and our phone was out of battery due to the kids playing games on it, so we just had to sit and wait until someone chanced by to help. It was a long time… and hubby was not anyone’s favourite person that day!

  14. Margaret E

    When we go camping with friends thinking it is a powered site and it’s not. We only need power for the small stuff but it makes all the difference

  15. Rebecca melhuish

    We needed one this New Year’s Eve 2016, it had just ticked over to the new year and I was due to have our first baby on Jan 6th. We had just dropped a friend home and after we said goodbye our car wouldn’t start! Here I am heavily pregnant trying to roll start a car, so exausting but very funny. Boy this would have been handy instead of me huffing and puffing trying to start our car with pushing and roll starting!

  16. Katy

    When we were stuck on the side of a very quiet country road unable to call for assistance with a newborn and toddler getting more progressively upset as the minutes ticked over :(.

  17. Roy gibbs

    Being a owner of a 1969 car and not having those luxurys like modern cars . This will be a great prize to win and it will be used to keep my camara, Phone and sat nav charged to make those day trips a special day to remember !

  18. Megan

    Two weeks ago I had just collected my kids from daycare and strapped them into their car seats only to find that the car would not start. It was pouring with rain, dark and cold and the kids were hungry. Fortunately we were able to get a lift home, but my husband waited with the car for 2 hours before roadside assistance arrived to give him a jump start. If only we’d had the PowerAll Supreme! It certainly sounds like the perfect Father’s Day gift! After that experience he deserves it.

  19. Elisa Cini

    It was the first time I left my first born son he was five months old, I went to watch my sister in a talent show, she would not let me live if I didn’t go. That day I had a blocked duct as well which I tried to clear but couldn’t. It was a hour away I cried most of the way there then when I got back to my car had a flat battery because I left my light on. I was a total mess at that point.

  20. Wendy Mackley

    When we were a lot younger and bought dodgy cars. Battery always was the first to go and always in middle of nowhere.

  21. Rachel K

    I really could have done with this in St Kilda, Melbourne over 20 years ago. I had arranged to meet my boyfriend (now husband) in a particular place (as he is Greek and his parents didn’t approve of an “Aussie” girl) however he was late, yes typical male! I was waiting for some time and became so annoyed I decided to leave but my car refused to start. Being quite handy I got out to inspect.
    I was all dressed up – heels, make up and a short dress! The next thing I know a car full of young men drove pass slowly, then came back and they started hassling me, telling me to get in and then the question that shook me – “How much?”…I was horrified, they actually thought I was a prostitute!
    I got up and started walking away, not knowing what to do, when I sighted a familiar car – my boyfriend/husband! I was so angry with him, yet so relieved he wasn’t any later. It turned out that part of the street was known for prostitution, pity it wasn’t known to me!!!!

  22. jon

    I’m on my way to my daughters house in the country its a long drive, I got a flat tyre, pulled over to the side of the road wanting to call or sms my daughter that I had a flat tyre don’t worry i’ll be there soon, so she wouldn’t panic but my phone battery died, no way of contacting her the powerall would have come in handy.


    Dad couldn’t get his car started so had to wake my boyfriend up on his day off as an apprentice mechanic and travel a couple of hours to start dad’s car could have done with a PowerAll then only that was 44years ago!

  24. ron

    My dad has a old torana 1969, he’s had for over 40 years . He takes me to work in it but keeps stopping not wanting to start conks out . Always have to get someone to jump start him, this would be a great fathers day gift and the powerall would save a lot of trouble.

  25. Ron

    My dad has a old torana he has had for over 40 years. He takes me to work and it keeps stopping and not wanting to re start. Always have to get someone out to jump start. This would be a great father’s day gift and the PowerAll would save alot of trouble

  26. Rovers

    Being a owner if a 1969 car and not having the modern luxurys of today cars with USB . The PowerAll would he a great appliance ti have to keep my phone. Sat nav and cameras charged for that special day out

  27. Lisa W

    We desperately needed this last year when the power went out for around 30 hours! 2 kids and me with hubby at work half the time (half his luck!) with no phones once they ran out of battery, no ipads, no laptop, no TV, not wanting to open the fridge so try to preserve the food in there. It was miserable outside and the cinema was in blackout too so no escaping there either. We had the most massive celebration when the sun finally came out and we had power again.


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