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‘Active Wear, Active Wear – not going to the gym in my Active Wear…’

My name is Lynsey and I LOVE Active Wear. I don’t have a gym membership and the last time I ran was in 1992 at a netball tournament (we lost).

With it being January and a whole pile of fitness resolutions that (I lied to myself) are being planned, I feel it’s time to update my Active Wear wardrobe with essentials.  Being a value for money kinda gal I have picked some of my favourites that can be worn to the gym or out and about – AKA – Getting more for your money…

Doing school drop off in my Active Wear….

Wearing PJs to school drop of is so 1980, so I have stepped it up a notch.

Jeanswest have a gorgeous new range of Active Wear out. It ticks all the “sporty” boxes with breathable Fabrics and all that jazzy stuff, but their tops are also cut longer and more flattering which helps hide my love muffin (that is love for TimTams).

Jeanswest is great as their sizing is always true and they always have amazing offers online every week. #youarewelcome

I love the Laura Twist Black Tee.

She comes in 2 colours but I love the grey.  This top can double as a gym or casual number.

Cost  $39.99

Shop the look at Jeanswest 

Going to Coles in my Active Wear….

Shopping in bad shoes is a crime worse than wearing blue eyeliner. Sometimes I have to run around like a crazy woman and finish the food shop. This may be because I sat in the carpark on Facebook for 2 hours and the husband rang requesting me to bring dinner home before 9pm.

Frankie 4 is the secret love of my life. An online destination full of shoes that literally save your sole – or should I say sanity. I don’t own these babies called the ELLiE however if my husband is reading this…The 3rd of Feb rhymes with BIRTHDAY … #wifeneedsshoes

I can imagine all the Active Wear and causal clothes that would just go with these and being leather, super stylish and a bonus of saving my feet with fancy shoe super powers, they are top of my shoe list in 2016.

Shop the look at Frankie4

Cost $229.95

Looking more perky in my ACTIVE WEAR…

After breastfeeding twins for TWO YEARS this rack needs all the help it can get.

This medium impact, underwire sports bra offers great shape and support for your active lifestyle. Apparently ideal for medium impact exercise like power walking and cycling – none of which I do. This bra features a racerback which works with 99% of my wardrobe and holds the girls in and up. Adjustable straps are a bonus.

Super comfy and you can pretend it’s an actual bra like I do… #notsaggy

Enough talking about my boobs..

Medium Impact Sports Bra in blue/grey

Available in 4 colours.

Shop the look at Target

Cost $20

Hitting the park in my Active Wear…

Obviously I need pants to go with my Outfit to fit into the Mum Gang at the park.

Armour 7/8 pants go with all my Active Wear and I can even pretend I was at yoga or the gym with their serious sporty look. I actually love them as they kinda hold my tummy and bum in. If you own a pair of pants that don’t let anything wobble you will know what I mean. It’s like Wearing Armour… It’s a jungle out there ladies!

Shop Elsa is a secret shop I stumbled across on Instagram last year. Not only have they got a fun collection for serious Active Wearers and a more simple collection for people like me who like low key gear, they also have sizes to fit us ALL.  I’m not skinny or fat shaming here, I’m just saying these ladies have all our asses covered. Great value and shipped speedy to your door.  $10 off if you subscribe to their newsletter. #chingching

Shop the look at Shop Elsa

Cost $79

Being an Adult in my Active wear….

When selecting Active Wear you don’t intend to break a sweat in, it’s very important you match the selection to not look overly sporty. So you can perhaps attend things without people asking you loudly what gym you go to.  The key is pairing your look with tops that you can perhaps run in but still look like you didn’t roll out of a spin class (do people even spin? See I have no clue).  In my head this helps me look like a responsible mother/adult and I don’t need to lie about my fake yoga class I don’t attend. Obviously breathable fabrics blah blah are a Bonus!

The ICONIC have a mega new awesome selection of tops like this. I am on first name terms with my ICONIC courier so this collection is music to my ears.  I’m thinking this number will fit perfectly with my 7/8 pants and ELLiES.

Laine Muscle tank #mumarmour

Shop the look at Iconic

Cost  $34.95

Sing it with me…

‘Posing for Instagram photos in my Active Wear

Jumping on the kids trampoline in my Active Wear

Going To Bunnings in my Active Wear

Active Wear – Active Wear’

Style Guide Active Wear

Do you love Active Wear? Share any shops I can stalk with me please!!

P.S  – All opinions are my own. Some items gifted in the past for editoral review. Some are here as its my birthday in two weeks and my family might actually for once read a blog post I’ve written…… #confessionsofashopaholic

I work from home so have the liberty of wearing Active Wear all week. Fear not – I am cooking up a post for mums with a real job (unlike me)…

Lyns xx

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