Style a Kids’ Shared Bedroom

20140614-184217-67337595.jpgTrying to style a kids’ shared bedroom can be challenging, you have to consider their ages, interests & the amount of ‘stuff’ two kids accumulate, when you have a boy and a girl sharing it can be even more of a challenge.

You want their room to reflect both of their personalities with the right balance of colour without painting half the room pink and half the room blue.

My 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son share a bedroom, she is very much into barbie & lalaloopsy and he loves anything trucks and emergency vehicles, you can make these two very different themes work together, it all comes down to styling.

Here are my top tips for shared bedrooms:

1. Give each child their own masculine and feminine feel to their bed, working with their favourite colour but keeping the same ‘theme’ on each side of the room so it feels cohesive. Don’t be scared to use pink and blue together !


2. Have gender neutral areas where they share the space


3. Gender neutral art on the wall, you can frame anything from scrapbooking paper, family photos, a square of cute wrapping paper and websites like Etsy and Made it are great for original art.


4. Storage is key !  Trundle beds will come in handy for sleep overs in the future but for now the trundle beds are full of toys, they are easily pulled in and out on wheels. Baskets in the bookshelf hide a multitude of barbies and little trucks/knickknacks.


5. Give them their own space for their toys, rather than cramming the dolls amongst the trucks allocate an area each for their own stuff (I find this makes it easier to tidy up at the end of the day).


6. Don’t be afraid to shop in non-kids shops, so many items in this room aren’t from toy shops or kids specific stores, I use everything from christmas & easter decorations to turkish towels as throws over the end of the bed (I gave up on finding actual knitted throws in the right colour !), the letters spelling out their names are the cheap white typo letters I painted them myself to get the right colour.

Have fun creating a space your kids love !

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