Christmas Pavlova - three ways

Style your Christmas Pavlova three ways

Christmas Pavlova - three ways

Pavlova is Australia’s Christmas dessert of choice. It is light and fluffy, and it can be combined with a range of toppings, depending on what you prefer. Whether its berries, summer mangoes, chocolate or anything else, we love our pavlovas, especially over the festive season! To help you with your Christmas dessert planning, here are three very different, and very delicious ways to style your pavlova!

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First, grab your pavlova base. I love the 500g Woolworths pavlova for $5, but if you’re feeding a lot of people you might want to try out the 1kg base for $12.

Christmas Pavlova – Summer fruits

Christmas Pavlova - three ways

All the mangoes, berries and passionfruit are the best part of summer! I love a pavlova absolutely laden with fresh fruit. My favourite fruit for a pavlova is mango, passionfruit, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi fruit. All the colours of the rainbow. Just cover the top of your pavlova with whipped cream and then pile the fruit on top.

If you want to use something healthier than cream, then the Macro Organic Vanilla Bean Yogurt is delicious on Pavlova!

Christmas Pavlova – A little bit fancy

Christmas Pavlova - three ways

If you want a pavlova that is a little fancier and a little more high-end than the traditional fruit option, then try this. Chop figs and sprinkle over the top of the cream. Add pistachios and caramel popcorn and sprinkle with balsamic glaze. It is delicious and looks great!

Christmas Pavlova – Chocolate Loaded

Christmas Pavlova - three ways

Do you love a pav but you’re not so keen on the fruit? Then check out our loaded chocolate pavlova! Pile it will all your favourite chocolates. We love Maltesers, chocolate sticks, chocolate Freckles, Jaffas, Twirls and everything else chocolatey and delicious!

Check out our video to style the perfect pavlova. How do you like your Christmas pav?

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