Styling a Dora the Explorer birthday party


My baby just turned One and she is obsessed with Dora the Explorer! Dora and Backpack are some of her very few words and she goes nuts every time she sees Dora. So for her first birthday I decided to theme it as a Dora the Explorer birthday party! I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Etsy, trawling for ideas, and I found some amazing businesses to help me make it perfect.

Room for Chocolate designed me these beautiful, personalised chocolate bars, which everyone was hugely impressed with! The chocolate was delicious (proper chocolate, none of this compound business) and I think Room for Chocolate’s creator, Ali, is going to be my new best friend! Anyone who spends their life dealing with chocolate is someone I want to hang out with! Ali does a whole range of sweet treats for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, kitchen teas and so on. So if your looking for personalised treats, Room for Chocolate should be your first port of call.


Then there is the Dora the Explorer printable party kit. I fount this through Pinterest and I just love them! They are a free download from Sherry K Designs and she has an invitation, bunting, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers and a bunch of other things.


For the party table I really wanted to personalise it, as well as have a keepsake. I wasn’t sure what to do and then I found these gorgeous ‘Turning One’ frames by Smudge Design. You provide the personal information on your child and Jen, the designer, will design this beautiful keepsake. You can choose your colours to suit and I’m getting one every year now! Eventually she will have a whole wall of them that shows her growing up.


Finally, to top the party off I found an amazing Backpack gift bag template (yes, Pinterest again!) It was a bit of a challenge getting hold of it as it is created by a Dutch company called Traktati Corner and the whole website is in Dutch! However, if you scroll down you’ll see the option to buy the template for $10. Just click, pay by PayPal and they email it to you- it’s super easy to assemble, I just printed it at home onto purple card and got the kids to fold and tape them. They were a huge hit!


8 thoughts on “Styling a Dora the Explorer birthday party

  1. Coco

    Could you please tell me what the finished size of this favor bag is? Could I enlarge it to make a larger bag?



  2. Michelle

    Hi, should we receive the template immediately after purchasing it? I did go through the whole process and now am unable to download the template. I guess I should have come up with my own template, but this seemed easier … until now that I’ve paid for something that I didn’t get.

    Thanks though!! If anyone else is considering purchasing the template for the backpacks, it doesn’t seem to be as straight forward as it should be.

  3. Kenya Johnson

    That website is very confusing. Is there anyway you can send me the template? I am planning my daughter’s party in a few weeks and have been having a hard time finding a template.


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