Styling a Garden Party with Sipahh


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Party season is on its way and I can’t wait! I’m well known for being willing to throw a kids’ party at my place for any occasion. In 2015 alone I had a massive birthday party for Tully, an Easter party, a movie party in the winter just for fun, a kids’ disco, a Halloween party and a Christmas party. I will find any reason to hold a party so when Sipahh asked if I would be interested in throwing a garden party to try out their flavoured milk straws I was all over that in a second!

Sipahh has a range of flavoured straws that can be used in cow’s milk or any other type of milk for those who can’t have dairy. They have less than half a teaspoon of sugar per straw, so way better for you than a milkshake or soft drink. They make a great party drink idea.




So Sipahh sent me over the cutest little pop up milk bar, some party decorations and more Sipahh straws that I could count- the party was on! As my two-year-old nephew lives upstairs we invited some of Tully’s friends, aged around 3-5, and a few little friends as well.


We set up the garden as a garden party, with our cute garden bench, some vintage toys and our milk bar and bunting. I found some mini doughnuts to put on the top of the milk bottles (because it’s always something I wanted to do!) and got some mini cupcakes. The bigger kids dressed up (because it’s any excuse for dress ups over here!) and off they went!


©-elana-clark-photography-3802 ©-elana-clark-photography-3809 ©-elana-clark-photography-3794

They were so excited for the straws- a few of them wanted to try multiple flavours at the same time! Little Leo loved it so much he tipped his milk up and all over him because he was so eager to get more!!!


©-elana-clark-photography-3814 ©-elana-clark-photography-3880 ©-elana-clark-photography-3887

©-elana-clark-photography-3828©-elana-clark-photography-3861Since the party Tully has been so keen on the Sipahh straws that she has started having milk again at suppertime. We originally introduced suppertime to get her to have a cup of milk as she’s not that keen on cow’s milk, (probably because she was breastfed until she was over two!) She has been off it for a while now but since we have had the Sipahh straws in the house she’s all over it.



Now that our party is over it’s time to plan for the next one! Next up is my nephew’s circus party… and our little milk bar will make a very cute concession stand at the circus!

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  1. Lisa

    I’ve been a fan of Sipahh for years, I’m very happy that they are now online and you can buy 10 packs in your favourite flavours. They sent me some straws for a party 18 months ago, before they got the milk stand. Kids LOVE them! We had children trying every flavour and went through a lot of milk. So much better than soft drink!


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