Styling a Bedroom with Fantastic Furniture


We had a really cute range of manchester to choose from to road test the new range from Fantastic Furniture and the “Hootie bed pack” was a standout choice for my little nature loving twins.

With a beautiful and bright print on one side and a very “on trend” more subtle print on the other side the manchester fitted in well with our bedroom decor. Also included was a really fun plush toy that fitted nicely as a display cushion on the beds.

Not only do they look fantastic they also feel like a heavier cotton has been used than the usual standard for kids and felt really lovely and full of quality.

Let’s discuss the boring stuff:

Washing and Tantrums.

I popped these babies in a cold wash and then whacked on the washing line on a nice windy day and they turned out as sparkly and lovely as the day we opened the packet.  Unlike other brands we own no ironing was required (WIN).

There may have also been a tanty from “dramatic twin” when noticed her beloved bedding was missing in action (not a win for mummy).


These bed packs have had extensive testing by my two year old twins and have survived many a bed jumping competition, Barbie stand off and a few games of hide and seek.  I can confidently say they not only passed the durability test but I might have to rush out and buy more as strict instructions have been given for “NO NO NO wash mummy”…

We love our Hootie bed packs gifted from Fantastic furniture.

You can also check out the new range here for boys and girls

To celebrate the release of the new ‘Esk’ Fantastic Furniture Kas Bedding range we are giving you the chance to win a boy’s or girl’s single bedding set! To win enter below.


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7 thoughts on “Styling a Bedroom with Fantastic Furniture

  1. Shiralee Kidd

    These Bed covers are great!! My son is watching over my shoulder and saying “ROAR I like the dinosaurs” and I know my Miss almost 6 would LOVE the owls!!
    Thanks “STUFF MUMS LIKE” for a fantastic giveaway GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

  2. Amanda

    Love them all but my dear son who is turning 5 would love the skulls he is in need of a new cover as he. Has only had hand downs xxx great prize good luck all

  3. Laura

    Oh my daughter turns 4 in 6 days!!! And she is cupcake crazy! The covers are so cute you could almost eat them! X


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