Support Barnardos with ALDI by Doing the Dishes!

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Parenting is hard… and some do it tougher than others. Every once and a while there are parents who step up and take on even more – for the benefit of others. Barnardos Mother of the Year, Gloria Nascimento, is one of those amazing women. Gloria was awarded the title of Barnardos Mother of the Year for her volunteer work with child and teen cancer patients. She showed great empathy and built strong relationships with these children, all the while dealing with a sick daughter of her own. Gloria is continuing to help children who are at risk, thanks to the support of ALDI, which has been partnering with Barnardos since 2003. Together, Gloria and ALDI have designed a limited edition Tandil Ultra Tropical dishwashing liquid – and 10c from the sale of every bottle will be going to Barnardos – with a goal of reaching $25k.


Get behind ALDI and Barnardos by sharing a picture of a dinner with friends or family on ALDI Australia’s Facebook page and use the hashtag #Tandil10 to help raise awareness about the campaign. You could win a giant ALDI hamper!*

Money raised will help Barnardos provide vital services such as: 24 hour support for children and families who are struggling to cope with issues like poverty or mental illness; support for children’s education so they do not fall behind their peers and drop out of school; shelter for teenagers at risk of homelessness; or counselling and support for children who have been through extreme trauma in their young lives. Celebrating its 20 year anniversary, Barnardos Mother of the Year is Australia’s biggest celebration of mums. Nominate an inspirational Mum you know today. She could be your own Mum – birth, foster, step or adoptive – your wife, partner, sister, daughter, aunty, friend or someone special in your local community. Nominating is easy and there are great prizes up for grabs. For more information on Barnardos Mother of the Year visit

*to be eligble to win, participants must comment on the competition post and include the photo and hashtag #Tandil10

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