Taming Crazy Hair with Bhave

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I have thin, straight hair that’s never needed more than a quick wash daily, no brushing or drying is really needed- so when I ended up with a daughter with thick, wild, untameable hair I was totally out of my depth. When she was little I was introduced to spray detangler to keep it calm and manageable but now she’s 14 it’s all up to her to take care of- so she was very excited when I introduced her to Behave hair products.

The Bhave pack came with shampoo, conditioner, deep intense conditioning masque, leave-in creme, a hairbrush and a zip up tote. It’s such a cute pack that makes a great gift.

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Because she is the one using them I asked her what she loves about them- she said, “I love the smell, how it smoothes my hair and makes it soft and silky- it’s like a shampoo ad! The hairbrush gets out my tangles faster than any other hairbrush I’ve used and the handbag is cute, stylish and easy to take with me.”

What more can you ask for really?!!!

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Another reason we love Bhave is because it’s Australian- created by two women who know what it’s like to have crazy hair! Bhave is the first Australian brand to introduce the benefits of a patented raw natural keratin technology into our hair care range. This gently extracted, fully bioactive keratin protein is naturally derived and gently extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep, keeping critical amino acids and proteins intact.

So if you need some help making your hair soft and silky head over to www.bhave.com and check out their range and styling tips.



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