That time I turned 40 – and threw a 90’s party!

Guys, it’s finally happened. I’m officially 40. I know, time flies! Well, I may be 40 but I feel like I’ve achieved a fair bit. I have got married (twice), raised two kids basically to adulthood and had a third, had a very varied career, built up this blog, traveled, built a house and met so many amazing people along the way.

To celebrate I thought it was only fitting to throw a 90’s party to celebrate. After all, that’s when all us 40-year-olds were in our prime, right? Well, I’ll tell you now, it’s been a good 25 years since I’ve seen that much flannelette in one place!

We have a big garden and we hold so many events we own our own marquee. I appointed two of my friends as the decorating committee and they didn’t disappoint! They made bunting of all the popular CD covers of the 90’s and printed out loads of fan and movie posters from the 90’s (including Edward Furlong in T2 as my all time 90’s fave!)

Meanwhile, my other very talented friend and I headed to Woolworths with two trolleys and a mission to shop. My friend Linda (from Ever So Sweet) is just so talented with grazing platters and she put together the most amazing (and very un-90’s) grazing platter for the party. We also did a dessert grazing platter full of fun lollies and cakes we used to eat in the 90’s. How amazing did it look?

Because I knew the party would go late we also served up parties pies and sausage rolls, fish pieces, and some other hot food.

Then we hit up BWS for the alcohol. We were on a mission to make our favourite 90’s punch – bin punch! Basically, you fill a plastic bin (we bought a new one I swear!) with juice, lemonade, champagne, vodka, and fruit. It was a hit on the night for sure! I also bought beer and wine and some Lemon Ruskies for the 90’s nostalgia lol!

I’m normally the cake maker in the family but my sister really stepped up to the challenge and created a spectacular cake by hacking three Woolworths mud cakes and creating a chocolate drip cake that looked and tasted amazing!

90s party

Everyone dressed to the theme – So much flannelette, so many band shirts and I’d forgotten all about crushed velvet! Everyone looked amazing and it was so much fun. I made a massive Spotify playlist with all the best songs of the 90’s to play all night.

I think we will have to do it again next year!



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