Dear Diary… My Juju cup initiation didn’t go as planned


Pour yourself a vino girls and take a seat. You are going to need it for this post…

I woke this morning with a spring in my step, I jumped in the shower, I shaved, I did my hair and make up and I chose my outfit for the day… today was no ordinary day…TODAY was the beginning of the rest of my life- it was JuJu cup day!

I put on my ‘normal’ clothes (no ‘Lady visit’ clothes for moi), I was happy and beyond excited that this meant no more surfboards, no more irritation from the glue…I was free!

I eagerly read and re read the instructions, and inserted it with no effort. It was comfortable and I was happy. Oh so happy…

I knew I wasn’t going to attempt to ’empty’ it while I was out so when I came home I said to hubby, “’I’m off to have a shower and remove my ‘Lady cup’.”

Ten minutes later I’m yelling from the top of the stairs for him to come up- I need his help!

I’m in tears…

He looks at me and says, “What’s up gorgeous?”

“Its stuck and I can’t get it out!!!”


I’m really upset and I know the tears are not going to help me relax…
My beautiful calm husband is down the business end and he is trying with everything to get it out…

“I’m going to have to go to Gosford Hospital!”

I can’t believe I will have some Intern, and knowing my luck it will be a guy, sticking his hands in my vajayjay and I’m not even bloody pregnant…
More tears now… I breathe in and out, in and out; I start to push like I’m having a baby. I’m pulling, pulling, pushing, and pushing…


I’m now so excited, it worked, IT WORKED…!

I said to hubby, “I’m so sorry you had to deal with this’ thank you, I love you…”

He looks at me and said, “I would do that ten times over to not see you that upset again.”

I shower- I’m still shaken by my near miss…
but practice makes perfect…
and yes, I will go there again…!



Have you tried the Juju Cup or something similar? How did you go?


Annie Kent is a mum of two, Queen to her King, mother of two princesses, Shopaholic and an obsessive cleaner who is known to vacuum her walls! She also gives the best spray tans on the Northern Beaches. Visit her at

3 thoughts on “Dear Diary… My Juju cup initiation didn’t go as planned

  1. Megan

    I had the exact same experience! But no husband to call lol. I had to call my daughter to get my phone so I could google instructions. Easy to get in, but there’s a definite knack to getting it out! On day three now and I’ve gotten much better! I can definitely see why it takes a few cycles to fully get use to using it….
    I still love it though!


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