The lazy mum's guide to laundry

The Lazy Mum’s Guide to Laundry

The lazy mum's guide to laundry

“It’s the job that never ends, it goes on and on my friends. Some people started doing it, not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue doing it forever just because, it is the job that never ends…” This is my laundry song, because it really does never end! From the moment you have all your washing done you’ll turn around and there will be one lone item in the washing basket, just mocking you.

So, if you are over the laundry as I am I have 5 tips, so you can get it done and get it done fast!

1. Don’t separate colours

Separating is for chumps, people! It’s not necessary and it’s a time drain. Was on cold (or 30 degrees) and unless you’re making your own home tie dye nothing is going to run into each other.

2. Separate those towels

Towels don’t belong with your clothes! If anything is going to run it’s a new towel, plus they leave lint on everything. Wash them on their own and make them the last wash of the week. They aren’t urgent.

3. Invest in a massive washing machine

It’s simple maths, the bigger the machine, the fewer loads are required. I’m obsessed with my LG TwinWash– it has a 16kg washing machine and then a smaller 2.5kg washer underneath. That’s 18.5kg of laundry capacity per load!!! I’ve gone from eight loads a week to two loads of clothes and one of the towels. It’s saving me half a day of washing. I’ve got a review here if you are keen!


4. Combine line drying and using the dryer

I hang out all my sheets and towels and my clothes and then I use the dryer to dry the kids’ clothes, the school uniforms, and the active wear. My LG TwinWash turns into a 9kg dryer, so I combine that with my line and my drying rack so that there isn’t a lot of waiting for things to dry.

5. Train the kids

This is my best tip for the lazy mum… train up your children! I’ve got the teenagers operating the machine, hanging out clothes and sorting and folding. The sorting and folding is the worst part, so everyone now gets their own basket of clothes and it’s up to them to fold their own things!

There you have it, follow these tips and you’ll have your laundry sorted for life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I can see a basket of laundry watching me…

Any other laundry tips for me?

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