Thinking of a third baby? Think twice!


Dear diary…
When friends ask should they have a third baby after just having number two they often ask what life will be like.ย This is my standard reply…

It’s not all picnics, sunshine and bubbles…

Dinner time is a cross between the Hunger Games and Survivor. Getting out of the house is like an Olympic event. Any pride you have in your home is gone with “child art” in every corner.


Conversations with your husband are a distant memory. Date night does not exist as NO ONE will look after your feral kids. A nights sleep is something you hear about on TV. All you do is cook clean cook wipe arses, pee, wipe texta and shit off the floor. You can shift 5kg in a busy month by forgetting to even have dinner. No one visits your house as its crazy. The husband likes to pretend it’s all normal then escapes off fishing for 6 hours.

You don’t go to the mall ever (unless it’s xmas at 10pm). Shoe shopping is a whole new term (I.e not for you) holidays… Unless it’s a car trip in your massive car you won’t go – a plane trip would kill you. Every venue you go to must have a wall, gate and fence. Beach trips are spent sprinting up and down life saving. Breakfast “out” is a takeaway coffee.

You are on 1st name terms with the SDRO as you park closest to everything regardless if there’s a space – Someone keeps stealing your toll beeper & it’s hard to drive with the Wiggles on 99% of time. You get used to the look of pity from doctors when attending appointments. You can only accept calls/make adult conversations at 4am or in nap time. 90% of your dinnerware is plastic.

When you paint your nails you have to paint 3 other sets – aka no point. Everything in your house can only be accessed by climbing up on a stool to grab it. You install locks on your wardrobe and then lose the keys. Sticky taping the drawers together will not stop robbers.


You know don’t want to ever ever sit near a sick person as things like gastro means you are cleaning up x 5 vomit while you lie in your own. When you go to playgroup you only make the last 7 minutes as you ran out of petrol, needed a coffee, lost a shoe and had to find a bra in the boot.

I hear the term … You will never regret having a baby. It’s so true. It’s crazy but lots of love and fun. I would even consider maybe having another… maybe…

L x

16 thoughts on “Thinking of a third baby? Think twice!

  1. Mia

    I’m not sure if this was based on MY life or the writers, either way they are one and the same. My life to a tee! It’s crazy, busy and overwhelming at times but we love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Holly

    After my first, I suddenly wanted 3. But at the start of my current pregnancy, feeling like hell I changed my mind. I might change it again but for now 2 seems nice. I’m one of 3 as is hubby but he was way before his siblings and I was way after mine so always a huge gap to make it easier (maybe lol). You always hear life is chaos with 3!

  3. Elizabeth Metz

    Our third child was a much wanted addition to our family. The third one just fits in, you are so much more relaxed and the older two get so much out of being the big sibling. No. 3 turned 21 last week and there has never been a moment of questioning our decision to have 3, so much so that No 4 joined our family 6 years later. It was hectic, my house was never clean or tidy at the same time, we have never been financially well off, I have worked full time for pretty much all of our childrens’ lives, but we are so proud and happy of the amazing human beings we have brought into this world, and the love and close bond they share with us, each other and their extended family.

  4. Amber

    #1 is 6 & I looooonged for a sibling for him. In fact, I wanted 4 kids. I repeat that word “wanted”. I’m sure that I am very happy with 2, & 1 hasn’t even been delivered!

  5. Cara

    I have 4 children. The secret to sanity is the age gap between them. The perfect gap in my experience is 3 years. Only having one baby under 3 at any time is easy, you have time to enjoy them, the older kids can dress/feed/toilet themselves. I work so it gives me a gap to get back on top of my career too. Kids are expensive so it spreads the financial burden out over more years, and at the other end of the spectrum, I won’t become an empty nester all in one go, my brood will dwindle gradually. Achieving this gap is difficult though, the gaps between my kids are 4 years, 20 months, 8 years.

  6. Cathy Conway

    My mother had 8 children with 2 years the gap and yes the house was a mess there was constant washing we went on holidays to close places so we weren’t in the car for a long time you just take the essentials not the whole house and you have to be able to just accept that some things don’t get done but loads of love gets you through and we are all well adjusted adults caring and close siblings….. you have to really love to mother with great love …

    1. mmLynsey Post author

      eight children!!! Wow!!! she’s the real super hero. Good to know I won’t have scarred them for life! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Tracey

    i have 5!! There is only 8yrs and 3mths from first to last and I started with 3 under 3!!
    They are all very close. They are all also adults now, with 2 of them having had there own first child. I can’t tell you if it was very hard as I just ‘DID’ it. Looking back at the craziness that was my life for so many years, I wouldn’t do it any differently. I’m pretty sure our family wouldn’t be the way it is now if there had been bigger age gaps between and 21yrs of school (they all went to yr12) was way enough for me!! Sometimes things were hard, money was tight and life got complicated.
    I wouldn’t change a thing!!!
    No matter how many children you have, they are all a blessing and enrich your life. They made me want to be a better person and still to this day complete my life and make my soul whole!! if not my mind a little crazy!!
    Good luck to all parents and children, love each other and yourselves!!

    1. mmLynsey Post author

      Oh wow! You’re superwoman! I can’t even imagine! Its the three close together when they are small that is so hard. I had all three in 14 months. But yes they are totally a blessing (especially when they are asleep lol!) xx

  8. Tracey

    Goodness it’s your choice to let your kids run riot .. the best time to disipline them is when they are very young and I’m not talking hitting etc .. I had 3 under 4 and altho at times the youngest wanted me to pull my hair out until he started school… they have have all grown up to be very responsible adults that I’m very proud of. While I only went thru the terrible 2’s with one … I had no problems with teenage years. I respected my children as did they me.

    1. mmLynsey Post author

      I hear you- it can be tough though. I’m sure they will turn out great- its just these tough early years!

  9. chantelle

    Wow, I have one child and soooo long for at least one more but 3 would be wonderful and I would want them really close.
    My mother in law had one then twins boy and girl then triplets two identical boys and a girl all under 4.5 years. I take my hat off to her as I couldn’t imagine how she did it with 6 kids under 5.

  10. Amber

    I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with #3 and you have just confirmed all my worst fears! My other two will be 3 and 2 when this baby is born. Oh man. I “thought” i was going to be OK haha. I am terrified now although still super excited!


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