Winter Fun with Timber & Tamber Rain Boots


The weather has really turned to winter here in Sydney over the last week or two. It’s gone from warm, still, 20 degree days, to icy wind coming directly from the snow fields. However as you know with toddlers and kids, the cold weather doesn’t stop them from wanting to go out and play! Tully is an outdoor kid- Scottish to the core! She loves the cold and being out and about (as a baby we had to rock her in her pram in the freezing cold just to get her to sleep!).

She loves being in nature. She would happily spend her days playing in trees, walking in the bush, picking flowers and splashing in rock pools. She prefers it to parks and play centres because, as she tells us all the time, “I don’t like people!” (she gets that from her father!!!). So when I discovered those gorgeous Timber & Tamber rain boots (or her “wellies” as Tully calls them) I knew they were perfect for her wandering, exploring ways. They are high enough to keep her dry when she splashes through the occasional puddle, and so, so pretty!

DSC_0862 DSC_0925

Timber & Tamber rain boots are created by a small Australian business called The Secret Door Co. The gorgeous bows on the French Bow Boot (pictured here) are all handcrafted with love by business owner Elise- these rain boots are her passion! The company is dedicated to using high quality materials, while limiting waste and environmental impact.


They are the perfect mix of functionality and form. Tully absolutely LOVES hers- she wants to wear them everywhere we go! Every time she wears them out people comment on their whimsical feel- it’s like she’s a little French girl!

Timber & Tamber rain boots come in three styles and four colours. They retail from $58-$87 depending on the style.

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To celebrate their relaunch we are giving you the chance to win your very own pair of Timber & Tamber rain boots! To win enter below!

(Competition available to Australian residents over 18 only)


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