Top 10 Quick and Easy Finger Food Ideas for Babies

Finger food ideas

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When your baby starts on solids it’s a whole new world. All of a sudden you have to start thinking about what to pack for them to eat, how much food you’ll need and what is quick and easy but also nutritious. There are a lot of foods you might feed them at home that you wouldn’t dream of taking out to feed them in a pram or car- anyone who’s tried to feed their baby a mango on the go will know exactly what I mean!

So to make things easier for you we have put together 10 easy baby finger food ideas for you- so you know just what to pack when you are running out the door!

1. Finger sandwiches

Using good, nutritious bread, make sandwiches with avocado, vegemite or cheese and then cut them into fingers. These are easy for baby to hold and not too messy.

2. Roast vegetable strips

Roast strips of carrot and sweet potato and let them go cold. They are great to munch on and are healthy and easy to transport.

3. Heinz Organic Mini Rice Cakes

These are perfect for the lunch box when you need to sooth a hungry baby quickly! They can be eaten from 10 months and they are perfect for the car or the pram as they aren’t messy. They are made with whole grains and have no preservatives or added salt. You can also spread them with cheese, avocado or anything else you fancy!

4. Beef strips

Roast beef, cut into strips and served cold, is a great source of iron and protein and really helps little gums when baby is teething. Just supervise this in case chunks break off- but I was always a winner in my house!

5. Cheese sticks

Sticks of cheese always go down well in our house. Easy to eat and full of calcium and protein.

6. Heinz Oat Bikkies

Easy to pop in your handbag when you do a quick dash to school pick up or the shops, Heinz Oat Bikkies come in packs of 20 and come in honey and banana flavour. They are preservative free and contain multigrains as well.

Heinz finger food

7. Fruit

Probably my favourite finger food for any age- it’s natural, healthy and comes in its own packaging. An apple will last them forever!

8. Cucumber strips

Another favourite- it’s cheap, easy and super fast. Cut the cucumber into strips (I leave the skin on) and they love it. Another upside is that it’s virtually no mess so it’s win, win!

9. Heinz Yoghurt Muesli Fingers

Another convenient snack to have on hand, the Heinz Yoghurt Muesli Fingers are great for chewing on for those little teethers. They have fruit and yoghurt, as well as whole grains.

10. Sultanas

Once again these are a healthy option but I also love that they are fantastic for fine motor skills as well. A handful of these on a high chair tray when you are out for lunch will keep your little one occupied for hours!

Hopefully these baby finger food ideas will help you get out of the house quicker and have you feeling more confident with their food. The biggest thing I want to stress is variety, but also regularly serving food- because while a month isn’t long for you to go without eating a particular type of food it’s a lifetime for your baby and it’s a good chance they may reject it, when the last time you gave it to them it was their favourite!

Make sure you introduce a variety of tastes and textures so your baby loves to try new things. Finger food for babies can be fun when you watch them exploring different flavours.

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