Foam party

Tully turns 10! A Squishmallow Foam party

Foam partyTully’s catch phrase is, “look at its cute little face!” She’s obsessed with Squishmallows, kawaii, and any toy with big eyes. Because she was turning 10 I wanted to do a big party at home in April, but, thanks to covid, an overseas trip to see her family in Scotland and then a surprise bout of chicken pox, it was June before we could have the party!

We haven’t done a big home party since she turned seven and we did the epic Harry Potter party, so she was very excited for her big, double digits birthday! I feel like they have grown out of doing a lot of activities at a party and they want to hang out with each other more. They don’t need as much structure, but I wanted it to have a WOW factor and be really memorable. So we decided on a foam/pool party! Tully also wanted a sleepover, so she had a few friends sleep over after the party.

Party Entertainment – Foam Pit

I researched foam party suppliers and found the amazing Bubbling with Energy, who provided an inflatable foam pit and an epic foam cannon that was a massive hit! They were so helpful they were even willing to reschedule three times when I had to keep changing the date!

The team delivered the foam pit about a hour before the party, set it up and inflated it and showed my husband how to use the foam cannon. Even through it was much colder outside than I’d originally planned (in April) the kids didn’t care at all! They had an absolute blast! Check out how fun it was!

foam party

foam party foam party foam party foam party foam partyfoam party

The Food and styling

The food and styling was all about cute faces and pinks and purples, with some glitter thrown in. To make it easy, I ordered everything I needed from Woolworths and used their 1 hour delivery option (when you are an unlimited delivery subscriber). It meant I could start making a list on their app days before, so I didnt forget anything, then I just placed the order when I woke up and it arrived in an hour, ready to start baking!

I started with the cake – I wanted to do something easy and colourful, and I wanted to make cute fondant squishmallows for the top. However, I hate paying $10 per fondant colouring when I only need a little (and colouring it myself is the worst. So I had the solution to order the create my own cake option from Cake 2 the Rescue. I got the cake mix and small pieces of coloured fondant (their cake mix is the best!), and it was the perfect amount.

I baked 4 layers of cake in different colours (and then realised I totally forgot to photograph the inside for you!) and then matched the icing colours outside. So the cakes went aqua, blue, purple pink, as did the icing.

squishmallow cake

For the other food I baked some mini doughnuts using cake mix and decorated them, and I bought some premade macarons (just from Woolies) and decorated them using royal icing to give them cute faces.

Kawaii macaronsKawaii macarons

The other big hit was my chocolate dipped strawberry penguins and my cute sushi cupcakes!

strawberry penguins

sushi cupcakes

I supplemented these home made treats with some lollies, popcorn and Oreos. I chose the Oreos as they are vegan friendly, and one of Tully’s friends is vegan.

Squishmallow party

For lunch I ordered a sushi platter from Sushi Izu, which is in our local Woolies and is really affordable. I also served mini frankfurts in rolls, sausage rolls and a fruit platter. And they ate it all!

sushi party

Party Bags

Because I’m so incredibly extra the fantastic team at Banter toys sent me a squishmallow for every kid, and they lost their minds!!! It was so exciting for them. I also gave them lolly tubes, using these cool packing cylinders that I labeled with each kids name. Everyone loved them and they looked great.


Squishmallow party

Squishmallow party

Squishmallow party


Foam pit and cannon – Bubbling with Energy

Food – Woolworths

Cake – Cake 2 the Rescue

Squishmallows – Banter Toys

Cylinders – The Packaging People

The Sleepover

Did I mention that I am way too over the top? I know I am! I cant help it lol. So for the sleepover I wanted to give them little sleepover bags. So I bought some bags and used my Cricut to make iron on name labels for the bags.

I then gave them a pair of pajamas, a face mask, and eye mask and a nail polish. It was so cute and they loved it!

Squishmallow party

Squishmallow party


Purple bags – Spotlight

HTV vinyl – Brightstar Crafters

Pajamas – Big W

Eye Masks – ebay

Face masks and nail polish – Kmart

(Disclosure statement – The foam pit and cannon and the Squishmallows were gifted, and Woolworths provided me with a gift voucher for food).

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