Tween TV Guide- What to Watch in the Holidays

It seems like we are living in the golden era of TV shows. These days the quality of TV shows is reaching new heights and perhaps for the first time, viewers anticipate new TV shows more than movies. With the convenience of on-demand viewing, watching TV has never been so much fun. Children’s programs are no different but with so many choices available, sometimes it just becomes too difficult to select what to watch.

Here are a few suggestions for your tween tv guide that my kids and I have enjoyed:

Tween TV Guide- ABC me

Annedroids: I love, love, love this show. Not only because it has great direction and storyline but also because it casts a young girl who uses science and computer programming to solve problems. She presents a positive role model for young girls and is engaging enough too.

Danger Mouse: This is a really cute and funny show about a British spy. Parents from 80’s would remember this from their time and it’s a treat to watch this new one with children.

The New Adventures of Figaro Pho: This really cool show centres on a little boy who happens to suffer from a lot of phobias. In each episode, he tries something out of his comfort zone to overcome his fears. I love this show because it handles phobias in a simple way that children can understand and offers simple yet powerful solutions. It is a show without any dialogue yet it’s so engaging.

House of Anubis: This is a good clean mystery show revolving around a bunch of teens at a boarding school. There are some scary moments but not too much. A bit of romance and comedy too.

Little Lunch: This is one of my favourite TV shows. It’s Australian and for that reason so much more relatable. The story revolves around a bunch of awesome kids who always have a little adventure during their recess. It’s funny and clever.

Operation Ouch: This is perhaps the best show on TV to increase your knowledge about human body and it’s workings. Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand are just great in each episode as they tackle hospital emergencies and experiment on their own bodies to see what great things they can do. Even adults can learn something new from every episode.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Growing up in the 90’s, this used to be my favourite show and what a delight it has been to watch the new one with my children. It is a story of good versus evil but the charm of this series lies in its humour. This new one has not disappointed me and my kids are hooked too.

The Legend of Korra: This show is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender and is influenced by the Japanese style of animation called anime. Set in a fictional universe, different people can control different natural elements but an avatar can control all the elements and is responsible for maintaining balance in the world. The production quality of this show is great and it touches on themes of political unrest and even terrorism.

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir: This is a really cute show set in Paris. It revolves around two high-school students who are also superheroes in disguise. It is a simple good versus evil storyline but the characters and the backdrop of Paris make it really interesting.

Tween TV Guide- Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events: This new adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s books from Netflix is a treat to watch. Those who have read the books or have watched the movies will know that this series is quite sad and nothing good seems to happen to the lead characters until the end. However, this is one of the reasons I love it so much, because it teaches children how to solve their problems even when they seem to have come to a dead end and to never lose hope. This new TV adaptation is really good with Neil Patrick Harris playing the role of Count Olaf effortlessly. We can’t wait for the next season. This is definitely for children nine years and older. It’s a spooky series from the 90’s based on R.L. Stine’s books. Each episode is a new story and ends with a twist you can’t possibly imagine.

Goosebumps: This is definitely for children 9 years and older. It’s a spooky series from the 90’s based on R.L. Stine’s books. Each episode is a new story and ends with a twist you can’t possibly imagine.

Tween TV Guide- Go!

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Scooby –Doo has had various revivals since it was aired for the first time in 1970’s. This fairly recent one keeps the mysteries coming as four teenagers along with their dog Scooby try to save their town Crystal Cove. It is a family favourite in our household.

Batman: The brave and the bold. If you have a superhero fan in your home you can’t go wrong with this new adaptation of our favourite superhero. In this series, Batman teams up with other superheroes in the DC universe to fight against the bad guys. This show is geared towards children rather than adults.

These are some of my favourite shows to watch with kids at home across various channels and I hope you enjoy some of them during school holidays. One of the perks of having children older than 6 is that you don’t have to watch Peppa Pig 24/7.

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