Roadtest: Vanchi Nappy Bag

DSC_0877 When I had my baby my very lovely big sister handed down a lot of very useful items that she no longer needed, it was fantastic as we saved so much money. Within all of these items was a nappy bag. It was red with white polka dots and made of plastic. It ‘did the job’ but it drove me nuts as there was no order to it. You just opened it up and there was one big section where everything was thrown inside. It was bulky and annoying to carry. I used it when bub was a newborn but then I could never be bothered to take it with me unless I was going on a day trip. In my lounge room I had four different bags for different occasions. I was constantly swapping between them but then when I was out and I needed something for my baby I never had what I needed! You will probably guess how excited I was when I was asked to road test the Indie Holdall by Vanchi.


DSC_0872 The Indie Holdall by Vanchi is made from nu Leather which is a man made, animal free product, which is also earth friendly. I received a caramel colour but it is also available in tan. As all good nappy bags do it comes with free extras! A snack container (mine is currently filled with rice cakes), an insulated bottle holder, a portable change mat (light weight and a great size) and a plastic zip lock bag that is fantastic for dirty bibs and soiled clothes. The first thing I did when I received the nappy bag was take everything out of my four bags and put it all into the Indie Holdall. Inside there are four elasticised pockets. I put spare clothing in one, nappies and wipes in the other, emergency food pouches and a bottle and formula. This is great as they are all very easily accessible without having to rummage through the middle of the bag.


Inside the bag there is a detachable pocket in which I can keep my bits and pieces such as wallet, lip gloss and sunglasses. There are also plenty of zippered pockets around the outside of your bag for quick access to your mobile phone and keys. I had my bag packed and looking beautiful. I then decided to pull out my travel formula holder to put a name sticker on it. Big mistake. The lid wasn’t on properly and I spilled sticky powdered formula ALL THROUGH MY NEW BAG! I freaked out. I took it outside and one by one pulled everything out and shook the formula on to the grass. I then got my baby wipes out and used them to wipe out the inside of the bag. Lucky for me it is made of water resistant material and it came off without any issues. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and no sticky residue has remained inside the bag… thumbs up Vanchi!!

Head over to the website to check out their range and fall in love like I did.

You can also enter our competition to win an Indie Holdall by Vanchi in caramel below!

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41 thoughts on “Roadtest: Vanchi Nappy Bag

  1. Deborah

    Absolutely beautiful I could only dream of buying a nappy bag like this love the colour it would fit so much in it great size

  2. Belinda

    Have a very ‘baby looking’ nappy bag for two toddlers, which because of it’s looks, I keep hidden and end up taking my handbag aswell! Would make life much easier to take the one bag, which is more ‘grown up’ looking and know I have everything in the one place!

  3. Anna Xynidakis

    As I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd child, everything that I will use will be 2nd hand, from Bub number 1. This beautiful Vanchi Nappy bag would be a little luxury for baby & me!

  4. Summer Hinaki-McDade

    Everything about this bag is bag-o-licious!! I had a cheap back pack from BigW for my nappy bag if you coild even call it that! Winning this, would be such a great help in keeping organised! Thanks for the chance.

  5. Emily

    Just when I thought I was out of the nappy bag stage I have surprise baby #4 on the way and now nappy-bag less !! I love that this one doesn’t look like a nappy bag, and has so many ‘extras’ that are stylish and gender neutral. I’d love to win this, it is just beautiful !

  6. Elaine

    I would love to win one of these – not for me, but for my bestie, who is due to have her first in March next year. She has always been one of the most supportive people in my life, and is an amazing auntie and godmother to my son, so being able to give her something this nice would be amazing.

  7. Tania

    I need this bag! It looks amazing and the one thing I have never had is a real nappy bag. I’ve always juggled with regular bags or a combination of bags and with 2 kids in nappies its a nightmare.

  8. Chev

    Simple classic looking bag, seems like it works fantastically for you and fit well with your pram! would love the opportunity to try one, the only nappy bag I have is half the size and there is no order to it!

  9. Rhonda Phillips

    This Vanchi would be the perfect nappy bag, looks stylish and has all the compartments you need to get your things organised!

  10. kylie S

    Would love this nappy bag! Mine is about to fall apart and we have a new addition coming next year and this would come in extremely handy with a toddler and newborn to pack for!

  11. manisha

    “As a mum,I have forgotten what does stylish means,never find things I need,so frustrating some times to keep up,it’s a perfect bag not only to help me sort out my mess but also add some charm to me.”

  12. Lisa Abejja

    I would love to win this gorgeous bag !! I’m tired of my nappy bag looking LIKE A NAPPY BAG !! I want to have some class and sophistication back in my life ! I’ve been a mama now for 18 years, my youngest is 18 months, nappy bags have been a constant in my life for so much time lol

  13. Alexis

    Definitely would come in handy for not only nappy but everything my daughter could possibly need on a day out. Right now the bag I have is the black hole of Calcutta and it is impossible to find anything I need when I need it. I basically have to take everything out to find what I need. It drives me insane!!!! I really need this bag. It would save my sanity!!! Help!!!!

  14. kylie cooper

    Having 9 kids (3 under 5) this bag is perfect no more kid clutter in my handbag (its that nice I would use it as my handbag!

  15. Bernadette

    My daughter has just had a baby and a descent nappy bag is one thing she has not been able to find and this one is about the best I’ve ever seen.

  16. Charlie

    It would be so nice to have a lovely looking nappy bag like this that is great quality and doesn’t fall apart like my current one!

  17. Claire

    I desperately need a new nappy bag and this one is gorgeous! My son decided to poop on the one I have and now its all gross!

  18. Fiona

    This bag is gorgeous and as this will be my last baby so I want to go all out this time! I also love that it is an animal friendly product 🙂

  19. Wendy Hatton

    Such a perfect size (fits pusher so nicely)and those extras are super handy. I can feel a picnic in the park coming on!

  20. Tara-Lee Bush

    I would love the opportunity to own a bag as stunning as this! I’ve never owned an actual nappy bag and always have either had a backpack or duffle bag as my nappy bag, so to get to carry around such a stunning nappy bag would be so amazing!

  21. Jen

    This bag is sooooo me!! It even matches my work handbag. Our nappy bag is definitely on it’s last legs so an upgrade would be awesome!

  22. Nadine maher

    It’s amazing how having a stunning bag on your arm can make you feel a million dollars, and every mum deserves to feel that good!

  23. Georgia Morgan

    I would keep this bag as my current nappy bag is looking very worn out, then i would hand it to my sister who will hopefully fall pregnant soon!


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