We Battle Stains with the Vanish Gold 30 Second Challenge

Vanish challenge 2

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Wine, grass, dirt, tea, coffee, lip gloss, beetroot, chocolate, red wine… It all stains. It all takes ages to remove.


My twins are toilet training. I’m not ashamed to say I blackmail them. I mean think about it… toilet training twins who eat and drink at the same time is a nightmare. One of my secret saviours is a little pink lip gloss. They get to put on lip gloss if they do a number 2 in the toilet.  That damn stuff goes everywhere. I cringe inside watching them jumping with joy while smearing it EVERYWHERE and all over their clothes.  Often in the past I have steeped those ballet dresses (Collette Dinnigan you know…) in the laundry for DAYS.

I got my hands on some Vanish Gold in the hope it would change my stress factor when dealing out the lip gloss.

These ballet dress have been through the Vanish Gold 30 second challenge:

Vanish challenge

As you can see the results really stand out.  I may even require less red wine to get through the toilet training months…!

If pink lip gloss is not selling the amazeballs factor then let me ask you this… Do you own a Thermomix? Did the beetroot salad made in the demo put you over the line to shell out $2k on a blender?  I BET you didn’t think at the time BEETROOT is the devil of all foods.  Well it really is. I BET after seeing it smeared all over those shirts or bibs there is a few who never purchased the devil food again.

Well check my before and after:


Dig Mr Thermie out of the cupboard and eat that beetroot salad you paid $2k for. Vanish Gold has your back.

Are you hooked yet? 1 minute of mixing Vanish Gold and water, then covering the stain with them, scrubbing together and rinsing literally brings my clothes back to life.

I would like to pretend I’m very scientific and tell you how the magic works but I’m not. For all you smarty-pants there actually is some science to getting these stains out. Vanish Gold has a Super boosted Oxi action formula, each dose is bursting with stain removal power. It instantly releases millions of bubbles to lift and dissolve stains away in just 30 seconds.

But don’t just take my word for it- why not do your own Vanish Challenge? Visit www.vanishstains.com.au/vanishgold

Check out ours below- we had so much fun making it!



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