vuly play swing set

Vuly Play Swing Set Review

vuly play swing set

Ever since I saw the Vuly Play Swing Set I knew we had to have it! We live in a house full of kids. I love downstairs with my three kids (6,18,19) and my sister lives upstairs with her two kids (1,4). Ad well as that, our house is the social hub for all our friends. We are always hosting BBQs, parties, and get-togethers. So, our house is always overflowing with kids of all different ages.

We’ve has a playset in the garden since Tully was a baby and she’s six now. All the kids are really outgrowing it and when I saw the Vuly Play Swing Set, I knew it was just what we were looking for.

Vuly Play Swing Set Review

We have a Vuly trampoline, which we love, but Vuly has really outdone themselves with the Vuly Play Swing Set. They have taken a backyard essential and revolutionised it. Gone is the standard flat swing, gym rings, see-saw swings of the old days and it its place is a swing set 100% customisable for your family. There are so many options and ways to customise a set to suit any size garden, and now they have upped their game even more with their new cubby house attachment.

vuly play swing set

The Vuly Play Swing Set Frames

You can purchase various size frames (1 swing, 2 swings or 3 swings, or more if you get the cubby house too), and then choose the swings you want on your frame. You can extend the frame too, so if you start with a one swing frame, you can expand it up to three with the attachment pieces.

The Vuly Play Swing Set Attachments

 The Vuly Play Swing Set comes with several attachments. There are a number of swings and then other play packs available. A number of these have just been released, since we got ours, so I haven’t tried them all out. I’ll start with the three we have and continue on.

Nest Swing

vuly play swing set

This is a smaller version of those giant nest swings you see at the local park. We have this one and it’s great fun. It works for all ages, even baby Trixie, who is only one, loves it. One of the great things on almost all the attachments is that you can adjust the height really easily, thanks to their special carabiner system.

Yoga Swing

vuly play swing set

This is the number 1 favourite with my six-year-old. She will spend hours on the garden practising various gymnastics. It’s a large strip of fabric that can be a swing, a hammock and used for gymnastic and yoga poses.

Spin Swing

vuly play swing set

I think this is really the crowning glory of the Vuly Play Swing Set. It’s really unlike anything that is on offer with any other swing set and it is loved by everyone here from the kids, to the teens to the adults! It’s like a cross between a skateboard and a surfboard, with handles.

We love this combo, there is something for everyone. However, if you prefer more of a regular swing combo you can also get a standard seat swing and a baby swing.

vuly play swing set

Since we got our swing set a whole bunch of new attachments has just been released, including the baby swing. Here’s a roundup of them for you:

Wrecking Ball

vuly play swing set

Channel your inner Miley Cyrus and come in like a wrecking ball!

Hanging Cubby

vuly play swing set

This is top of my list to get next. It’s a hanging pod with its own light. My daughter would spend all day in there listening to Harry Potter if we had this. It looks so cozy!

Monkey Bar

vuly play swing set

A new take on the old gym rings, you can use it to work out or practice some tricks!

Bounce swing

vuly play swing set

This is the second one I want next – it’s a disk the kids can sit on and it has a bungee cord instead of cables, for added bounce.

As well as these new attachments, Vuly has just introduced a new cubby attachment that stands alone or attaches to the frame and acts as a middle anchor point to extend your swing set from three sings to up to six swings! (My dream!) This cubby retails at $999 and comes with a sandpit and a rope ladder as well.

360 Pro Cubby House

Vuly has also added gym and athletic equipment to turn your Vuly Play into an outdoor gym. You can get a basketball hoop, a soccer goal, and a punching ball. You can also get a waterproof speaker, sun cover and water mister for extra fun!

Our Verdict

There hasn’t been new outdoor kids’ equipment that I have wanted as much as I wanted the Vuly Play Swing Set as soon as I saw it. I knew it would be a hit at our place and I wasn’t wrong. It has got the kids back outside again. They were tired of our old, shabby playset and this one has them out swinging, climbing and practicing their gymnastics for hours at a time.

vuly play swing set

I have nothing negative to say about it – I love how easy it is to swap swings off and adjust the heights for different kids. The frame is super thick and sturdy so even the adults are having a great time. It isn’t cheap but it is a long lasting investment you won’t regret.

If you have kids and a garden, you need a Vuly Play Swingset! You can find them at

*We were gifted the Vuly Play Swingset for review. All opinions are our own.

2 thoughts on “Vuly Play Swing Set Review

  1. Rachel Woods

    Hello! We’re about to make a Vuly purchase but I’m not sure which swings would be most suitable for our almost three-year-old. Is the 360 spin swing too big for toddlers? And the wrecking ball? I like the cosy look of the hanging cubby but not sure how much he’ll stay in it as obviously too young to curl up with a book in there ☺️ Which ones would you recommend for a three year old? Ta

    1. mmMaraya Post author

      Hi! For a three year old I’d recommend the yoga swing as it’s so versatile. Everyone loves it when they come and play. The basket swing is great and then maybe just the standard swing to start with? Then you can add on. The 360 spin is definitely too hard for toddlers. My 6-year-old can only just do it. It’s more suited to bigger kids. Let me know what you choose!


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