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When I got married my husband joked that I better not spend all day in my gym clothes. I was like Ewwwwwww who does that!! Fast forward 5 years and 3 kids and I don’t spend all day in them but I do love to chuck them on for pre school pickup and pretend I’ve been to yoga. Ok I do admit I do a little tiny bit of exercise in-between.

I was sent a Left Coast Sister to review from hipssister.com.au

I’m not a carry everything around kind of girl. In fact I don’t even own a wallet. I am that mother who is always clutching her iPhone and has spent more than I can admit to my husband on new screens from dropping my phone. Or flash back to Christmas where I managed to drop my phone in the ocean. I still can’t talk about it.

Today I’m wearing my HipsSister which holds my phone, keys and bank card for when I’m dashing around or power walking with the twins up those hills.

The HipsSister mantra is “live life hands free” and I must admit I’m loving it! I picked a carbon grey left coast sister as I wanted it to match my dark pants. They come in a massive range of colours and really easy just to slide on.

You can wear one walking, running, traveling, shopping, driving, at the gym – the possibilities are endless!
Now don’t just take my word for it… Even OPRAH loves hers. Go on google Oprah and HipsSister…


HipsSisters are available to buy with FREE SHIPPING at www.hipssister.com.au

The lovely people at HipsSister have one to giveaway to a lucky Stuff Mums Like fan! Just tell us below what activity you would wear your hipsister if you won!

T&C/Prize value is $49.99 with shipping Australia wide. Closes 25/2/15 11pm AEST. This is a game of skill. Winner will be chosen from answers.

14 thoughts on “Wearing a HipsSister

  1. Hayley

    How awesome is this, I would love it for when I am pushing the baby about on her bike, cycling with her on my bike, hiking with her on my back or just using the pushchair or for just having an extra set of hands!!

  2. Kate

    These look amazing! I loathe carrying a bag, so it would be perfect for me to do the school drop off – I walk one child to kindy, 4 children to school and then go change home readers every week day- and I have left my bag on a random desk / port rack / toilet so many times and had to run back to school after that marathon effort.

  3. Bella

    Wow accessories that makes a Mama’s life bliss! I adore items like these as I’m constantly on the go with my active toddler, I don’t have time for handbags, I shove my phone into my nappy bag and get going! My goal (as I think is important) is to “try” & keep fit to keep up with my daughter, who over the next few weeks will find her feet again after being in a full leg cast for what seemed like a lifetime for us! A hipsSister would be perfect!,

  4. Aranea

    I could and would use a HipsSister all day! Oh sure, it would be awesome for my running, but running around after my non-stop boys is when I really need to live hands free. I would use my free hands for minding special rocks, holding on to beautiful weeds hand-picked for me, tickles and fist bumps!

  5. Claire Thrower

    Love this design, finally a fashionable way to store my things without having to resort to a bum bag, i go to the gym and i have to put all my things down from station to station this would be amazing, and when i go walking i have a small bag at the moment but this is so much better.

  6. Rebecca

    Ooh what a great idea! I am someone who never manages to answer their mobile because my phone doesn’t fit in any of my pockets. Problem solved! I would wear this everywhere.

  7. Rachelle Mulindwa

    This is such a great idea..would be so helpful running after my active two and a half year old as would only need to wrap my baby, put this on then I’m all hands free.

  8. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    Joining a running group we run twice a week starting at 6 am. It is still pitch dark then so a torch is still needed to make our way safely to the gathering spot after leaving the car. So car keys, torch and my sunnies would have a new home whilst I run with the girls of a morning. Some of the girls are planting the keys in the bushes in the hope of hiding them until they return. I haven’t felt safe doing that so this would really free me up and give me peace of mind, allowing me full concentration on the task at hand.

  9. Sarah

    If I had a hips sister I think I’d wear it everywhere! I’m currently reclaiming gym clothes as every day wear but they have no pockets! I’m ready to go bag free and join the hip sister brigade!!!

  10. Mazz Hawkins

    I was just trying to figure out how, once baby number two comes along, I’m going to push the pram, wrangle my toddler and do the shopping. This little convenient “hip bag” gives me hope! How ingenious (and so much cooler than my 90s sparking bum-bag!).

  11. Karly

    We live on acreage in Brisbane and when I’m outside pulling out weeds or watering there is just no where to put my mobile. Either it gets all sweaty under my bra strap, or I end up leaving it outside on top of the wheelie bin until it gets dark and I search the house for it only to realise it’s not actually in the house….
    On the days I don’t bother taking it outside I inevitably miss important calls.
    And school pick up is on the list too (we started using the drop off zone last week in the mornings – bliss!)

  12. Elke Watmore

    As mundane as the activity may be. The HipsSister would be wonderful to have while cooking the dinner. Someone always decides to call me while I’m doing my best Jamie Oliver impression and the search for the phone begins!!
    If it’s attached to my waist our dinners would be closer to being 30 minute meals!


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