What Dads Really Want for Christmas

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David, from Big Kid Little Kid, tell us what dads REALLY want for Christmas…

Do you want to know a secret? Dads love Christmas.

We often pretend not to, putting on the old dad-bravado. But when you’re not looking we sniff the scent of pine on the air as the tree goes up, and giggle as we tack our stocking to the mantle. And we shake the presents. Not just ours. We shake everyone’s present because it brings back all of the joyous memories of childhood Christmases.

Now I’m not a stoic dad. I’m a giggle-dad at the best of times and a total child the rest. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

But not in a mum way. That’s all lists, hard work and responsibility. Nope, I love Christmas in a kid way. I put up the felt stocking that my Aunty Beryl made for me when I was born (I used to wear it as a thigh-high boot… is that revealing too much?) and I always make a special spot at the very front of the tree for my wooden Garfield the cat ornament.

The whole point of Christmas for me is to let go of the stress of life for a couple of days and just remember what living is really about; family, fun and gingerbread.

Do you know what I hate about Christmas? Dad presents! Generic gadgety-crap dad-generalised crud in a gift-wrapped box.

Just search Google for “Christmas presents for Dad”; it’s all ties, beer and Holden-themed bar mats. Google seems to think that I’m the father from Kingswood Country. “Pickle me Grandmother!” and all that.

I don’t need or want a nose-hair trimmer (I’m terrified of the day that I do…). Ties are for weddings, funerals and real estate agents. I don’t need another watch since I got a mobile phone.

Seriously, a key finder?

Why is it that only kids have fun presents that they’ve waited all year to get? I’d love a new X-Box or giant Transformer dinosaur robot. Hell, I’ll even take a Frozen Tickle Time Olaf. If it’s as funny as Tickle Me Elmo, there are hours of laughs in store.


The best tip for buying dad presents is to look into their past. Boys are so passionate before they become men, and are expected to develop a nonchalant attitude to everything. So in our childhood is where you will still find the things we love most.

For a sports dad: what local football or basketball team did they play on? Can you track down an old newspaper article on the team or maybe make-up a version of their jersey?

For a car dad: what was the first car they owned, or the dream car that they had photos of stuck on their bedroom wall? How about a Matchbox car of the same model or a cool framed poster of it?

For a booze dad: it’s all about finding the independent brews. Track down a brewer or distiller from near where they grew up, and get one of their top end tastes that dad won’t find at the corner bottle shop.

For a DIY dad: he doesn’t need another Bunnings gift voucher. Why not find out what got him hooked on building and fixing things in the first place. You’re probably going to be looking for old Meccano or Lego sets, or maybe model aeroplanes.

For a joker dad: find an old comic book and look at the back cover to get an idea of the lame-o but old-school tricks he played with as a kid. X-ray glasses and the old mousetrap Wrigley’s chewing gum packet.

For a foodie dad: what were the dishes that his Mum used to make for him? This could be a cheap present that needs a hands-on in-the-kitchen approach. I can guarantee that desert is the best place to start.

For man-child dad: That’s me! Find out which video game he used to spend days trying to get past the first level, or the action figure collection he stupidly gave away when he turned 13. You’ll be tracking down old Nintendo games and He-Man figures on eBay.

David is house husband (aka. best job in the universe!) whose days are spent playing with toys and games, cooking up culinary monstrosities and reading about super heroes. That’s in his spare time, actually. The rest of the day he’s looking after his hilarious son, Little E.

In his previous life he was an over-educated, over-inspired cinematographer, and director of independent feature films. Now he uses all of that creative and logistical management experience to look after a toddler. But he know how to take pretty photos of him.

He’s set himself a mission to become an Awesome Dad. You can join his adventures over at www.bigkidlittlekid.net


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