Win a Foogo Easter Survival Pack

Easter survival pack

Hands up who is making the journey somewhere for the Easter long weekend? I’m heading north for a four-day camping weekend with some friends. The camping will be fun but I’m not looking forward to the drive! Every trip requires a massive survival pack just to keep Tully happy.

There are the eleventy billion snacks, the iPad, the drawing pad, the textas, the My Little Ponies and the Disney Princesses. It never ends! I’m guessing you all have the same problem so we are excited to give you the chance to win a Foogo™ Easter Survival Pack thanks to Thermos®. We have TWO to give away!

The amazing Foogo™ survival pack for mum, includes 6x durable vacuum insulated Foogo™ products that will keep beverages and food fresh for 6-10 hours, and food warm for up to 5 hours.

The packs also have beautiful cosmetics, facial wipes, body wash, body scrub, a Thermos travel mug and a cooler bag; while you’re keeping the little ones happy with sippy and straw cups, Thermos food jars, teethers and bibs. Everything you need when you’re on the road.

Easter Survival pack

Each pack contains: 

Blue Foogo™ Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle – $27.99

Pink Foogo™ Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle – $27.99

Blue Foogo™ Vacuum Insulated Sippy Cup – $29.99

Pink Foogo™ Vacuum Insulated Sippy Cup – $29.99

Blue Foogo™ Vacuum Insulated Food Jar – $29.99

Blue Foogo™ Vacuum Insulated Food Jar – $29.99

470 ml Thermos Sipp Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Flask – $49.99

470 ml Thermos Sipp Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug – $44.99

Thermos Raya Premium 24 Can Cooler Bag (Green Stripes) – $34.99

Sophie The Giraffe Teether -$27.59

WOTNOT Biodegradable Baby Wipes – 80pk – $16.94

EasyRinse Bibs – 2 Pack – $34.99

Josie Maran Cosmetics – Mini Coconut Water Cheek Glee – $18.00

C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub – $24.99

Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance – $25.00

Bobbi Brown Mini Bb Cream – $22.00

Beauty Essentials – Flamingo Mini Wet Wipes – $2.95

Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk Rich Moisture 100mL – $2.49

TRESSemme Travel Conditioner – $2.99

TRESSemme Travel Shampoo – $2.99

Plus postage and handling – $40

Valued at $479.85 each 


Easter Survival pack

To win one of these amazing packs all you have do is tell us below your funniest travel story.

(T&Cs- This is a game of skill. Open to Australian residents over 18 only. Competition closes 11pm Sunday 13th March.) 



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48 thoughts on “Win a Foogo Easter Survival Pack

  1. Hayley Moore

    Not fully hilarious but when I was 21 I caught my first flight to Australia ( to study for a year) I was worried as I was a little late for checkin (15 mins or so) and arrived at the desk, panting and apologizing for being late. Turns out I was actually 24 hours and 15 minutes late! Luckily, after some tears, they got me on the plane and gave me a seat with extra legroom as I was so upset!

    1. Hayley Moore

      We do all laugh about it in my family now and when ever I say I am running late people ask by how many days ?

  2. Deborah

    We used to travel between Sydney and the mid North Coast when we were kids for our holidays small Volkswagen fully packed to the brim my sister aged 8 somehow got out of the car and went to the bathroom when dad pulled up to get petrol no one noticed she was missing till about 10ks up the road naturally I got into trouble over this incident lucky she was ok and we laugh about it now

  3. Emma Fewtrell

    I travel between QLD and NSW quiet often with my two little people. When my little girl was 8 weeks old we begun our trip in QLD and had 12 hours driving to reach our destination ( with out feeding stops) an hour in she began to cry we stopped fed and back in the car she cried and cried during the stop I had lost her dummy. It was a Sunday and nothing was open for me to replace it, she only had one she liked 🙁 we travelled a long 17 hours with a very unhappy bub. Arriving at our destination we found the dummy tucked up under her seat.

  4. Qui Truong

    When I was about 8 years old, my dad and step-mum took me to Majorca for a holiday. I hadn’t been abroad since I was 4 so it was pretty new to me. On arrival to our hotel and our room, I was messing about in the bathroom and my dad heard me pipe up “Why do Spanish people have such little sinks?”, just as he caught me washing my hands in the b-day……

    1. S. Brown

      My sister and i were packing up our hotel room (somewhere in South America) to move on to the next place. A friend we’d made came in to say goodbye. He helped us with final checking and in doing so, found some creme behind the bedside table. He placed it in an obvious spot. We ignored it, continuing to pack. A few minutes later with everything packed, the creme was still sitting there. “Is this yours?”, my sister asked our friend. “No, i thought it belonged to one of you two!”, he said. We then has a closer look. It was clearly a medicated creme, specifically for females. He’d been too embarrassed to ask us about it directly! We all cracked up laughing,

  5. michelle

    My dad was using the bidet for the first day, he couldn’t read the writing and he pressed the button where the water spirited out. He was unaware thinking it was flush and it sprayed the front of his pants. Looking like he peed his pants for the whole day.

  6. Callie

    We grew up in the country so when Mum and Dad decided to take us to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast when we were kids it was the first time my Dad had driven in the city and in traffic and on a freeway. We missed a turn and had to take a few exits but finally we were heading in the right direction until this big red sign loomed ahead reading WRONG WAY! Yep, Dad was driving up the double lane freeway on the wrong side. Luckily we were in a 4WD so Dad drives down the big drain dividing the lanes and up onto the correct side. I never heard so many people use their horns before! Scary at the time but quite funny to tease him about now!

  7. Kate Walsh

    I learned a little bit of Spanish while I was travelling in Mexico. One day in a market, I was attempting to converse with the locals. I wanted to say I was very hungy, ‘Yo tengo mucho hambre’, but instead said ‘Yo tengo mucho hombre’, which translates as ‘I have many men.

    To correct my error, I then tried to say that I was very embarrassed, but instead said “Yo tengo muy embarassado” which translated as me being very pregnant. What do you expect with so many men! The locals were rolling around on the floor with laughter.

    Quite right too. So remember, the next time you go on holiday, keep your mouth shut, don’t eat any food, and stay locked in your hotel room – then you’ll never make a fool of yourself!

  8. Lauren Dean

    Going overseas with my Mum, we were on a train and people were staring and pointing at me, i thought i must of had something on my face or something. Went into a shopping mall and the same thing happened pointing, staring and “wow there she is” in the end i found out that they thought i was on a well known tv show (which i wasnt). It certainly made the trip more exciting and funny watching people 🙂

  9. Annette campbell

    While I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, my Mum laughs about the time 3 of my siblings simultaneously started vomiting into the same bucket on a car trip. Gotta laugh or you will cry I guess!

  10. Rosemarie De Bari

    Grasshoppers neraly ruined an Easter trip for me! It had been a terrible season for hoppers, so I prepped myself with everthing I thought I’d need. THREE times my radiator overheated on the 1.5 hour trip to the coast, with grasshoppers blocking the grille and cooking. The smell was atricious. I also had to stop every 15 minutes to clean the windscreen as visibility was terrible. So it was a very long and arduous drive. Who would have thought such a small insect could wreak so much havoc!

  11. Mikaela C

    I tried plugging in my Australian phone charger into a power point in my Bali hotel. I managed to cut the power to the whole hotel in the process!

  12. jacob

    I spent 6 month in mexico, I am a fussy eater especially when travelling i like to stick to the basics.steak vegies chicken. So the first week i found myself in just out of mexico city looking at a menu i recognising nothing so finally i called over the waiter and asked “chicken“ he said “ce“ and pointed to a dish called koi so every were i went in mexico i ordered the koi, koi, koi it was great like fried chicken so i managed to get some friends to join me for my last month in mexico. I took them to a resturant I knew. “you guys need to try the koi here“ Matt who had spent time in mexico before turned to me and said “we are not eating guinea pig!! I was mortified for the rest of the trip i only ate rice.

  13. Lauren

    It was year to be risky,
    Fella la la la la la cruise.
    loved up sights = frisky,
    Spent it in cabin oh so sickly!

  14. Sharon Markwell

    My brand new duty free Oroton sunglasses fell into a hole-in-the-ground loo in Penang. The question is, did I retrieve them or not? I will let you decide.

  15. Lucia Saal

    My funniest travel trip was when I moved states. I had a small dog and a cat. When we were close the cat had simply had enough of the 23 hour car ride. I stopped at a traffic signal and she began meowing loudly and banging her head against the window!

  16. Tara

    In November last year, we were visiting my husband’s relatives in New Zealand with our two year old daughter. Whilst driving through the north island we happened upon a little town called Matamata which is home to some of the scenes from The Lord of the Rings movies. We decided to venture over to the hobbiton movie set and join a tour of the hobbit holes with our toddler in toe. It was such an amazing experience. Everything on the set is perfectly tailored to the size of a two year old; the tables and chairs, the doorways and windows, bench tops with kitchen sinks, gates and fences, even small scaled washing lines with hobbit-sized clothes pegged out to dry. The best part was that you can touch everything, all the props are real, down to the little wooden cooking utensils. So our daughter could fully immerse herself in this fantastical world perfectly tailored for her stature. The staff were great, with the tour guides referring to her as “little hobbit”. She was delighted to investigate all the hobbit hole homes threaded throughout the hillside farm in which the set is located. And the photos from that day are hilarious, each shot capturing the joy on her face as she interacts with this fantasy world come to life. For anyone travelling to NZ (with or without small children) I would highly recommend paying a visit to Matamata. The Hobbiton movie set is enchanting, but the photos of my tiny daughter appearing to be the size of an avarage adult still have me in stitches!

  17. Samantha Clifton

    I discovered while travelling that the best way to deal with kids arguments – putting all the windows down sends hair, pencils, papers and electronic goods flying. They then only need a warning.

  18. Susan

    It happened when the twins, both girls, were two
    And we’d be driving the whole day through
    And crossed the middle of Australia long
    With a mega-long lasting sing-a-song.

    We had found a spot, such a quiet spot; In heart of Mallee land
    Short tangled trees, some bent with rot; Steeped in the dirt red sand.
    A pic-nic spot with a walk to take; It looked like all was grand.
    And then the shock, the terrible shock; The “something” we had not planned.

    It oozed from the edges of both nappies, yeah,
    Pale brown and yellow it was runny. no fair!
    On seats and on hands, smeared on the window
    And not a peep from the angels to hear!

    On with the job of cleaning up (with limited water around)
    But first wake the darlings sleeping so sound
    A task not too easy we found;

    We stirred both the twos from their long doze
    And they doubled with screams loud and clear
    It was plain they wanted to sleep alright
    And this one they thought worth a fight.

    Get them out, somehow, the main task at hand
    “Let’s have a walk in Mallee walk land!”
    But that didn’t work, for the reply was clear
    “Mallee walk naughty”. No Mallee walk here.

    We couldn’t help but laugh, and see the funny side
    The logic was simple, couldn’t be denied
    The Mallee walk was so naughty, for spoiling their sleep
    The funniest moment forever we’ll keep.

  19. Rebecca S

    Last year we went camping with some friends along the river Murray. We were quite excited about trying out our new 3 room tent, took 2 hours to put it up but it was worth it. Our friends arrived shortly after and started to put their tent up, until they realized they’d forgotten the poles!! What made it even funnier was the fact the guys wife had got all the tent gear out for him and he just had to put it in the car. So where were the poles? Sitting on their front porch! Needless to say this is an ongoing joke between us now. They were just lucky we had an extra room in our new tent for them to sleep in.

  20. Chris

    On my first trip to Korea, my friend dared me to eat raw octopus… Well, LIVE octopus really!!! The dish arrived, and within minutes, the whole restaurant was in fits of laughter with me trying to pull this octopus off my tongue and my friend literally rolling on the floor in fits of laughter!
    It certainly wasn’t my most glamorous travel moment but definitely the funniest! I am most thankful that this was before the smartphone ages otherwise I’m sure the video would’ve gone viral!

  21. Penelope Ong

    While sitting on a taxi on a highway in Malaysia, I saw two motorcyclists on their motorcycles having a little chat with one another. This was while they were moving at at least 60km per hour. The funniest thing is it’s pretty normal according to the locals.

  22. Joni

    Travelled to Perth with my husband and stayed in a cheap and nasty hotel which was super dirty. We should have moved out but were too young and naive. We both caught terrible dysentery from the dirty swimming pool and were up all night vomiting and with horrific diarrhoea. It was the night before we were due to fly home and we were supposed to be up early for the airport taxi. We had to take it in turns waiting for the taxi, running in and out to use the wc and back to the taxi rank non stop. I got on the plane and had to run to the WC as the meal trolley was coming down the aisle. I ran into the WC and when I got back they’d skipped my meal as I wasn’t there and I was sooo hungry. They had nothing left to give me but 2 Jatz and a slice of cheese. All hubby could do was laugh…

  23. Daniel

    My funniest anecdote was when I was off to Europe for exchange. My mum was worried about me getting pick pocketed so she gave me underwear that had a zip pouch to keep my wallet. The only issue was that it was frilly female underwear (I’m a male). The second thing she gave me were warm socks given that it would be winter in Europe. These socks were woolen and had pictures of sheep on them. I still wore it anyway to make mum happy. I’m a bit worried as to what the screening machine picked up.

  24. Amanda

    All I will say is camping in a shared tend with a case of gastro never ends well………the rest I will leave to your imagination!

  25. Vanda B

    I dread telling this tale but for our second wedding anniversary my husband booked a surprise mystery flight which took us to Melbourne for a day. Unfortunately the ham and cheese croissants we ate on the plane must have been older than the plane so we were quite green around the gills when we arrived. As the day progressed, our bodies started to violently reject said croissants, me via the same entry they went down and my husband through the back door. Our visit to Melbourne turned into a tour of public and cafe toilets but at one point we found ourselves in the middle of a triangular intersection next to a concrete phallus at the precise moment that my body wanted to evacuate the last remnants of the offending croissant. This was quite a predicament and not wanting to yawn in technicolour in front of 3 lanes of traffic, my husband would alert me as to when the lights turned red and I could hurl the last remnants of my stomach into the flower bed next to the concrete phallus with the least amount of onlookers. I don’t remember much else about that day but we did return to Melbourne for a longer and more enjoyable trip some years later and BYO’d sandwiches on the plane.

  26. Linda schicht

    Off to thredbo we go ,to have a wonderful day at the snow.only to find that while driving along and singing aloud,that my husband had hit the call work ,on his phone and had me on speaker phone. Lol.

  27. Lisa Thomson

    My 3 year old son threw up in the car, so we quickly pulled over to the side of the road into some long grass. Got out and thought how do we clean this? My son was fasinated with his effort describing details to me, like “oh look there’s my blueberries I just ate.” Hubby and I unstrapped the car seat with our son still in there and removed the seat and son from the car in one go whilst the busy freeway cars and trucks wizzed by wondering what were these weird people doing carrying their son in a car seat. Unstrapped our son and pretty much tipped him out of the car seat forward telling him to get out. We so didn’t want to touch anything. We used up 2 bags of wipes cleaning everything. The car seat cover was removed, we did the best we could with the straps. Our son was now standing in long grass nude whilst we found something for him to wear. 45 minutes later In went the car seat minus the cover. In went our son in undies, sitting on his dressing gown so he didn’t stick to the plastic seat. Everything was covered in vomit and grass seeds now, shoved into whatever bag a could find that I could zip up and contain the smell. The smell was horrible for the next 1 and 1/2 drive, was a breezy window down trip. All we could do was laugh about it what we had just done and how we did it.
    I still laugh about it now. Travelling with kids!

  28. Belinda M

    We were all prepared for our big trip with our 6 month old, only to arrive and find out Daddy hadn’t packed the baby formula, he’d only packed enough for the car trip. We spent our entire first day of holidays travelling around ALL the supermarkets trying to find the right formula. We never knew there was so many different types of formula and we had to go to 6 different stores before we found ours!

  29. Erin Rennie

    We travel a lot with our kids and we have created this little challenge for when we are in tourist hotspots – We take it in turns to choose a random place or object and then very loudly act ridiculously excited to be there/see it and start taking photos. Then we count how many tourists copy us and take pictures themselves. Our middle daughter is the leader so far with 9 other people taking photos outside a random pizza shop near Bondi Beach! A harmless bit of fun but has us in hysterics every time.

  30. Erin Rennie

    Oops I just noticed this has closed. So annoyed at myself as I meant to enter last week but thought I had plenty of time (I thought it closed on the 20th…..) Can you please delete my entry. It is a genuinely true story and I would be disappointed if anyone copied it for any other purpose especially as I didn’t even get to use it as an entry. Thanks. Loving your site btw!

  31. Alicia

    We were travelling to Vietnam from Melbourne with three kids aged 4, 2 and 1. We missed our transit at Ho Chi Minh and were so exhausted and tired we thought we would catch the next flight. Little did we know that they were holding the flight for us. How very embarrassing to keep so many people waiting.

  32. Rachel Dillon

    My dad thought it would be funny to make the car jerk as he was driving along in the country with us in the back I dont think he put much thought into it as I use to get car sick all the time. So yes he put his foot on the brake as i projected vomit into the air onto the back of his head and the windscreen, as you can guess he never did that again.

  33. Amanda S

    A few years ago my son was a two year old escape artist. We took a driving holiday around Tasmania and soon discovered that motel rooms were easy enough to lock people out, but not so easy to keep little ones in. One day as my hubby was in the shower and I was getting changed, my son made a run for it and escaped. Knowing that there was a busy road just outside I had no choice but to leg it after him in just my undies. The final insult was that the door dead locked behind me and I had to wait until my hubby was out the shower to get us both back in.

  34. Bella Ki

    While travelling to Turkey, we went on a taxi and were asked where we wanted to go in the taxi and we said “Ummm” and that word apparently means a lady’s private parts. We had no idea until our travel guide and translator told us! Needless to say we were embarrassed to the point we had to catch another taxi!

  35. Belinda Bee

    Going through airport security in France, they spotted something in my large hand bag and upended it’s contents for all to see! To my horror, out rolled like 15 tampons onto the floor! not only that it contained souvenir novelty knickers bought for a friend which were held up high and inspected! the offending item?…a metal loom band hook thingy my daughter put in my bag without telling me! 🙂

  36. Laura Scriven

    Left home on an Easter Thursday night,
    Got lost due to lack of light.
    We all slept in the car,
    It’s left a holiday scar!

  37. emma

    In a country hotel after travelling so far
    We were excited to find a spa
    Never seen one before so we didn’t know
    What to do when it started to overflow
    Scooping up bubbles in the toilet and sink
    Could have let out the plug but just didn’t think
    Finally dad burst in and drained the bath
    but 30 years later it still makes us laugh.

  38. Rowena McCarthy

    That perfect moment you get married and set off on your honeymoon on a perfect high
    Only to get to the airport and realise you left all your tickets and travel documents at home, only after ten years does my hubby think this is funny now!!!

  39. Bronwyn Yudkin

    The holiday from hell. My family and I were travelling to the Flinders Rangers, car packed ,my husband said . We leave reach our beautiful destination only to find, we didnt pack the tent. Five in our sabaru was an experience…

  40. Veronica

    When we travel and I want to take photographs, my husband says to me ‘make sure you have the camera on speed sports settings’, as he doesn’t stop and I have to take the photos on the go. Now he tells me, ‘if you want a better look’ wind the window down. Oh I am so over his funny photo punts, for once I wish I could catch a proper photo.

  41. Michelle W

    in 1991, I was on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane with the Indian cricket team. Kapil Dev said to me: “You look very pretty in that dress”. Three hours later when I was met by my boy-friend in NQ, I was still smiling like an insane person.

  42. Vija

    I don’t know why, but passing wind, creates a giggle feast. The first time my dad past wind in the confined space of the car, we laughed our heads off. It wasn’t a smelly one, so all was good

  43. Margaret Hollis

    Friend and I recently arrived in Australia, drove from Port Macquarie to Sydney-well, actually limped into Sydney with a very noisy muffler, left car with relatives, went to airport for flight to Victoria, seats double booked, eventually arrived in Melbourne, had to get to Echuca for a wedding, no buses

  44. Bel

    It is funny now, not at the time… when I was a kid I went on a driving holiday with my best friend & her family in their brand new car, & proceeded to vomit my morning beverage of green cordial all over the back seat!


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