WIN a Kiinde- the new way to breastfeed and express


Have you seen the Kiinde Twist yet? I wish it was around two years ago when I came home with my new baby. All that pumping and storing and feeding is tough and this idea really takes the fuss out of the whole process.

My sister has just had a baby and she is trying out the Kiinde Twist system and she loves it. Because we are huge advocates of breastfeeding at Stuff Mums Like (well we should be- we are still feeding our two year olds!) we are giving you the chance to win a Kiinde starter kit- so that you can breastfeed but still get out of the house occasionally!

o   Kiinde Twist Starter Kit includes:

§  20     Pre-sterilised Twist™ breast milk storage pouches  with twist-locking caps

§  10   Direct-pump adapters

§  2      Squeeze™ natural feeding bottles

§  Slow-flow Active Latch™ nipple with case

§  Medium-flow Active Latch™ nipple with case

§  Fast-flow Active Latch™ nipple with case

§  Keeper™ breast milk holder and organizer

§  Nipple brushes


To WIN tell us below what you’d do on a night off from breastfeeding!

*this is a skills based competition that runs from Tuesday 22/4/14- Thursday 2/5/14. Open to Australian residents (exc ACT). Entrants must be over 18.


Kiinde are inspired by the challenges of new parenthood and by the need for truly innovative products to simplify daily tasks for busy parents. Kiinde supplies the simplest range of products to collect, organise, store, prepare and feed breastmilk and is now available in Australia from select retailers and


The Kiinde Twist™ Starter Kit is a revolutionary new twist on infant breast milk feeding. The Twist™ feeding system allows you to directly pump from ANY pump into breastmilk storage pouches with leak-proof, twist-locking caps. You can then label, organize, store, warm, and feed from that same pouch – without ever having to transfer precious breast milk from bottles to bags.

RRP $79.95
Available at select retailers and at


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84 thoughts on “WIN a Kiinde- the new way to breastfeed and express

  1. Jacqui

    I’m expecting my first baby so not sure yet what I would do on a night off! I’m thinking hot bath and a massage sounds good?

  2. Tara-Lee Bush

    If I had a night off from breastfeeding, I would go on a romantic date with my fiancé 🙂 maybe a nice dinner and to a movie or even something fun like bowling or Timezone!

  3. ldoepker

    I have a date night with my husband and we have adult time. No talking about work home or baby just talk about us and what we would like to do this summer to get away. Ever year we take one week just for our self with no baby or kids.

  4. Anita Lang

    This isn’t for myself so I couldn’t tell you what the Mum would do but a Mum has been taking tablets to bring on breast milk & has been pumping for their little boy they have just adopted.
    So would love to win her a lovely gift.

  5. Jessica Finden

    On a night off from breastfeeding I would go see a movie. Oh to see a movie out of the house without having to pause it!

  6. Krystal Archer

    With a night off I think I would relax in a hot bath, actually eat a hot meal that I didnt have to cook & then to make my night complete being able to watch a movie (one that isnt a cartoon lol) with hubby without having to miss parts!!!!
    Just the simple things I miss…..

  7. Jessica Davis

    With a night off from breastfeeding – I’d be able to celebrate with my best friends at their wedding until the wee hours of the morning! Does the Kiinde also promise me more sleep if I’m crawling into bed at 3am?! 😉
    Seriously though, this product is a game changer! I don’t know how much expressed milk I spilt while trying to get the thawed milk from bag to bottle!! Thank you Kiinde & thank you Stuff Mums Like for giving us a chance to win!

  8. Lucy

    Oh the possibilities! Either dinner & a movie, or night away with my hubby, or dinner, wine & dancing with my best girlfriends.

  9. Erin Hodge

    On a night off from breast feeding I would SLEEP!! Beautiful, beautiful, uninterrupted sleep! Hehehe, kidding, kind of 😉 I’d love to head out with hubby for dinner & a glass of wine and THEN sleep! With 3 boys aged 3.5yrs, 2yrs & 4 weeks, a full nights sleep is a distant memory!

  10. Alison Dyer

    On a night off I would hide movies, invite the girls around and have a girls night – all the while worrying about my little chicken!!

  11. Amy dunlop

    With a night off from breaatfeeding I would take some time out with the hubby and let my mum look after the munchkin for one night 🙂

  12. Brooke

    On a night off from breastfeeding I would eat dairy and strawberries, my baby can’t have them and Im craving them terribly I would then go off to bed early and enjoy an unbroken sleep, Untill I would need to get up and express with my new kiinde kit.

  13. Kym Bina

    On my night off I’d like to think I could enjoy some time alone with my husband but I’m sure it would be spent worrying about my cherubs as I’ve never been away from my almost 10 month old whom is exclusively breastfed and refuses to take a bottle 🙂

  14. fyona spencer

    With a night off breastfeeding id enjoy a night with my friends, family and most importantly my sexy man and let our daughter try feeding – which she is desperate to do!

  15. Summer Hinaki-McDade

    I’d go out for dinner and a movie. Then a pamper session of sorts, take a long hot shower or soak in bath before turning in wearing a fresh new pair of pjs and clean sheets on our bed and hit the sack!! 🙂

  16. Candice Rouse

    I would start the afternoon with some couples spa treatment, then have hubby take me to dinner and a movie. It will be great ti get dressed up in some nice bras and clothes that don’t have to cater for breastfeeding

  17. Danielle Brook

    If I could have a night off from breastfeeding? This is going to sound really boring as most people would go out or have a drink etc…… I would love just to have 1 night of unbroken sleep where hubby could get up and feed and I could sleep!

  18. Lisa Serraino

    On a night off from breast feeding I would go out on a date night to gold class movies and have a glass of champagne 😉

  19. Emma tippins

    I really don’t know what I would do with out breast feeding lol having 3 under 3 I don’t get much time to do anything so it would be good to catch up on sleep. Haven’t had a full night sleep in over 3 years lol

  20. suzanne sims

    when bubs is born in july and i begin my journey into motherhood, and im taking a night off of breastfeeding, i want to make sure im front row and centre to watch my hubby a new dad feed his child and bond with her, ill probably cry but it will be beautiful!

  21. Simone Paterson

    A night out from breastfeeding? I didnt even know that was possible? lol I honestly havent thought about what I’d do as I accepted that it wouldnt happen hahahahaa I think Kareoke with a glass of wine would be my perfect night out though 🙂

    1. kaela matthews

      Eekkk posted comment too soon sorry. On a night off breastfeeding I would love to go out to dinner with my partner, some us time away from my daughter and baby would me magical, a real treat

  22. Jade

    I’d take a long bath with a glass of white wine and catch up on sleep! Dad & son bonding time for my hubby!

  23. Deanna Gardner

    I would love a night off breastfeeding so my husband and I could have a romantic night out just the two of us! Maybe dinner and a movie!

  24. Naurelle Palmer

    If I had a night off from breastfeeding I would… sleep!!! 😉 I love feeding my baby and the bond it brings but sometimes I would love to not have to get up in the night for it.

  25. Valerie Wee

    I would spend my quality time on watching my favorite TV show or have a good chat with my parents and friends.

  26. Belinda Hadley

    I’d have a couple of wines and get a good night’s sleep! Hubby can get up and feed our 5 week old 🙂

  27. Bec Statton

    A night off of breastfeeding would be a luxury. I have been breast feeding for nearly 4 & a half years now between my two girls. I don’t know where to start, I think date night with hubby nice meal out, followed by a couple of ciders. Back home to sleep and for hubby to get up to number 2 throughout the night and I have a full nights sleep 🙂

  28. Sarah

    Breastfeeding is great for bonding! I would let my partner feed our daughter so he can have that unique bond of feeding that he is not part of at the moment and I would kick back and relax with a smile on my face.

  29. Lauren Kite

    An uninterrupted meal seems pretty popular! And I must say I would choose that too. With a gorgeous red wine and some good company. Good friends or the fella. And then a fairly early night of uninterrupted sleep too. Bliss!

  30. Skye Richter

    A night off from breastfeeding i wouldn’t know what to do id be a little lost we love feeding time as its our quiet time together however these would be handy when we are out and about 🙂 Thank you for an amazing giveaway

  31. Zoe Kertesz

    If I had a night off from breastfeeding Id ask my BFF if she would watch the kids (all5) and take hubby on a surprise night out , movies , dinner, just us 2..

  32. Rebecca Perrins

    Book the 3 kids into Nanna’s Hotel & the enjoy a date night out with the hubby, that ended with a luxurious sleep in the following morning!!!

  33. Johanna Klein

    A whole night off breast feeding – wow! I would have to say that I would take my hubby out somewhere a bit flash (id make him dress up so i could wear a dress) for dinner as we missed out on doing something for our wedding anniversary this year as baby number three decided she was going to arrive early and I was in hospital with her 🙂

  34. Renae Georg

    On a night off from breastfeeding I’d have a bottle of the most expensive wine I can afford (I might share it with my hubby) and then then perhaps a spot of sky diving before a romantic dinner by myself – because hubby will be looking after the kids of course.

  35. Michelle Harrison

    I would take a bubble bath and read a good book and tell hubby where everything is for his nightly feed of bub

  36. Nikki Melin

    With a night off from breast feeding I would take my husband out for dinner to our favorite restaurant then for ice cream( our favorite) and then finish is off with a romantic movie night with popcorn and lost of conversation

  37. Abby Brooks

    I have no IDEA what I would do with a night off from breast feeding yet………I’m due in 6 weeks and have LOVED this concept and idea! As I will be having to go back to work part time 3 months after having my little one, it makes the idea of expressing a little more stream line xo

  38. Devorah Koronczyk

    With a night off, oh man, I’d have a really wild night and really let loose. I’d have a bath, and try for a solid 12 hour sleep! 😉

  39. Clare

    I would go play netball totally carefree without the fear of leaking and massive bouncing and triple bra ha ha! Then come home and have a bath and ease my muscles and then a uninterrupted sleep with a little tummy sleeping as we know that’s impossible when breast feeding! Yay!!

  40. Ashley

    I would be able to let my little girl have a sleep over at her grandparents, my new husband and I would be able to have a night away as we didn’t get a honeymoon. We would love to go to the movies, have dinner and spend the night in a hotel with room service and a spa.

  41. Paige Yang

    I would go for a movie, long time haven’t gone to cinema. After that I would get myself a massage, holding my baby for breastfeeding makes my muscle tight and sore.

  42. Candice

    I would let my husband look after our son and take my daughter to the movies as she always goes with dad while I look after bubs.

  43. Yla

    On a night off from breastfeeding, I would get my mum to look after the kids and take my husband out!
    We would go to dinner at a beautiful restaurant, followed by a visit to the theatre. Total bliss!!

  44. Amy Harrington

    What an excellent product range! With my first baby I pumped exclusively for months and storage was always as issue! Not anymore 🙂
    If I had a night off from breast feeding, my fabulous parents would mind the kids and I would go out with my wonderful husband on the first date night we have had in years!

  45. Tanya

    If I was able to take a night off from breastfeeding I would enjoy dinner and drinks out with hubby followed by an uninterrupted nights sleep!

  46. Kristy

    SLEEP….the whole night without having to be woken. I would have my husband do the night feed and I would organise to have my 4 year old baby sat so he wouldn’t be there to wake me up either as he tends to do.

  47. Louise Ash

    With a night off from breastfeeding I would open up our bottle of Moet which was a gift and have a pre dinner drink with my gorgeous husband. I would organise a babysitter and then go out for dinner and enjoy some nice food and have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband before going to see a live show or musical. I would then express when I got home and enjoy a restful nights sleep.

  48. Kerri Beck

    I would probably have a relaxing night with lots of pampering, yummy food and a few drinkies.

  49. Myrna

    I can’t have a night off from breastfeeding as I already spend too much time away from my baby. He’s my last baby and wasn’t meant to be. His father almost died two years ago and we were told that there would be resulting infertility. But the little man proved that His Daddy is amazing… Daddy is the Stay At Home Parent and I work full time to keep everything going. My daily expressing is my connection to Mr. Doo Dah’s raising and the night feeds keep me going. This pack will just help me keep a good thing going for my family.

  50. Mel Duesing

    I’m about to become a first-time mum, so I would probably grab my husband, book a hotel room somewhere and catch up on some much needed quality time together – sleep.

  51. Michelle

    I would go on a romantic dinner date with my husband followed by a movie at the cinemas, with a massage session for both of us in the afternoon before the dinner date 🙂

  52. Rachel Kirk

    This pack would encourage me, next time around, to continue breastfeeding past the 8 months I lasted with my now 18 month old. I would go out, catch up with some lady friends and dance the night away!

  53. May Lee

    One night not breastfeeding would be a bit sad, so firstly I’d have to console myself with some chocolate. This may sound silly, but I’d also put on a non-nursing bra, heavily fortified with nursing pads, of course. There is something about wearing pretty under clothes that just makes you feel nice. Then, I’d go on a date with the hubby. Nothing fancy, just dinner and a movie in the theatres. Bliss.

  54. Tracey Clayton

    I haven’t had a night off since my over 5 month old was born, so I would definately have a date night out with hubby dinner and a movie and have some wine which I also haven’t have since before I was pregnant!

  55. Tennille Caddell

    I would get out my favourite non breastfeeding dress and pretty bra, catch a taxi with my husband to our favourite restaurant order a bottle of yummy wine and have a relaxing dinner with a few drinkies. Followed by taxi home to a bowl of popcorn and a great movie!

  56. Jennifer Tamasauskas

    Oh how nice would it be to have a night off from breastfeeding I can’t Evan remember what that felt like and neither can my breasts lol i would definitely go for a picnic on the beach with my family as I haven’t been able to go to the beach because there are no feeding rooms and I love the water and of course it would also be great to get a goodnight sleep

  57. Katie Drummond

    I’d have a coffee!! And then after dinner I’d have an icy cold beer! And then just sleep. Breastfeeding a 5 month old, I honestly couldn’t imagine a night off, I’m pretty sure I’d miss it too much.. Started back at work part time last week, this would be an amazing prize to win for an expressing mum.


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