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Get your princess dresses ready!!! We are so excited to be giving two lucky readers 4 tickets each to Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream at the Allphones Arena in Sydney on the 10th July at 7pm.

Cinderella and Prince Charming dance at the ball

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Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream will be the ultimate princess experience. Bringing two of Disney’s modern day princess stories Tangled and, The Princess and the Frog and the two most beloved fairytales Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, this skating spectacle is a classic meets contemporary celebration of 75 years of Disney Princess stories. Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream commences it’s national tour on June 5th and will be at Allphones Arena in Sydney from July 8th.

To find out more or to check dates in your local city visit Tickets are available through Ticketek at

To win tell us why you need tickets to Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream!

(Available in Australia to entrants over 18 only. Tickets are for the July 10th performance at 7pm only can can not be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Winners are responsible for transport to and from the venue/ accommodation etc. Competition finishes 11pm 14th June)

Disney Princesses Dare to Dream

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18 thoughts on “Win- Disney On Ice Dare to Dream tickets

  1. Cathie Mills

    My little man loved the last Disney On Ice production so much that he would love to see this too. He loves all things Disney

  2. Lisa W

    Would be an awesome early 3rd birthday present for our little man who’s 3 at the end of July. We went last year and our boys LOVED it (so did Daddy who was dragged along!).

  3. Annie kent

    I would love to take my Princesses to see all their favourite bed time stories come to life..
    How truly Magical that would be for them..
    It maybe only one Day …but it will be memories made to last A lifetime…

  4. Amy Field

    I asked my son and he said he’d like to take his girlfriend on a date, but my hubby and I took him for his 2nd birthday almost 3yrs ago and would love to take him again for his 5th birthday (July 5th) and I guess his girlfriend too

  5. Bel B

    Little Miss 3 is completely obsessed,
    With all and everything “princess”,
    She would love to see the show,
    Please, we would really love to go!
    Tutus, sparkles and bright lights,
    Would be her little hearts delight!

  6. Melissa

    My little girl would squeal,
    She would jump around with glee,
    If I told her that Stuff Mums Like,
    Made her princess dream, a reality.
    My little girl believes,
    With all her beautiful blessed heart,
    That she is one of the Disney princesses,
    And I guess mummy being biased, thinks she could easily fill the part.

  7. shontelle

    Growing up I always DREAMED of going to see Disney on Ice,
    but with 6 siblings – budgets were stretched tight
    and just seeing a Disney movie was treat enough!
    Now, with my own baby growing up,
    I would love to spoil her with ALL the Disney stuff
    Letting her REVEL in the magic, the ice, the glittery signs
    (PLUS we’re arriving in Sydney THAT day – it’s like the stars aligned :P)

  8. Peta N

    Miss 6 would love to go,
    and honestly so would I.
    It looks like a beautiful show,
    We’d be thrilled to see Disney on Ice!

  9. Kylie Archer

    My daughter loves Rapunzel so much that it is here dream to see her in real life. This is the closest she’s going to get for a while! I’d take my daughter and her fellow princess obsessed friend and her mum because together they would have a truly fantabulous time. Plus- as an ice skater I would enjoy the skating! No bored parents here!

  10. Kim

    My 5 yr old princess would be in heaven! One of those childhood fantastical events she would never forget!

  11. Shavonne

    Miss almost five deserves a night on the town! She’s a wonderful big sister to her brother and sister, and a massive help to me. A big girl night out to watch Disney on Ice would be a wish come true for her.

  12. Elise

    This is such an amazing show, bringing together all the princesses to the ice at the same time! I have a little Miss 4 who had grown to love all the princesses of my childhood, as well as the newer ones who would be mesmerised by this spectacular performance. Her little brother is a big Mickey fan, the lights, the ice, and the music would keep him occupied, but seeing his beloved Mickey open and close the show would be the highlight for him.
    I’d love this chance to take them to a Disney show

  13. Shavonne

    Miss almost five needs a night on the town! She’s a wonderful helper to me, and a patient and loving big sister to her little brother and sister. An evening out at Disney on Ice would be a wish come true for her.

  14. Emma

    Sometimes I feel like I am Cinderella, I spend all day washing, cleaning and cooking. At night the possums are so loud on our roof I sometimes hope that they are just like the mice in the Cinderella story and when I wake up all my chores that I have been putting off are done. I have recently become a single Mum and every time I leave the house I carry a shoe with me and leave it in different places in the hope that Prince Charming will pick it up and come find me and take me away from my converted shed that we are currently living in. Winning tickets to Disney on Ice would be a dream come true for me and my two girls, I could finally find out where Prince Charming has been hiding from me and if I did get the opportunity to actually speak to him I could ask him if he could introduce me to Cinderella because my girls would love to meet her.


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