Win: Helleur Handmade Fabric Doll


*Congratulations to the winner of the custom made Helleur Handmade Ballerina Doll: Sacha P!*

So here’s the deal – my youngest son Mr Ashton is turning 1 in less than two weeks, and for the last 355 days I have been procrastinating about what keepsake I am going to buy my little man for his first birthday. And quite frankly it has been doing my head in!

So from the second Mr Ashton was born, I started looking for cute boutique’s and online stores with handmade keepsakes that had great gift ideas for milestones and birthdays. And thankfully my travels brought me to the lovely Erin from Helleur Handmade and her gorgeous store. Her  handmade treasures were exactly what I was looking for and the best thing was she also catered for boys (the superhero doll is our fav!).

If you are looking for gorgeous keepsakes and gift ideas, I highly recommend you pop on over to or follow Erin on her Instagram @helleurhandmade to keep up to date on her latest creations.

Each piece is unique and hand crafted by Erin in her Sydney studio. Explore the online store to see the full range, or you can work with Erin to create a custom doll, just for you.

To share the love, Stuff Mums Like and Helleur Handmade would like to give one very lucky family the opportunity to win this gorgeous handmade fabric doll that Erin has made especially for you!


For your chance to win, simply comment below what keepsakes you like to give your loved ones on a special occasion. The most creative answer wins!

In the meantime, pop on over to Helleur Handmade for some great gift inspiration. 

To discuss a custom order, you can contact Erin at

Happy Shopping and GOOD LUCK!

(Competition available to Australian residents over 18 only – ends Tuesday 19th Jan 2015 at 11pm)

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About Jessica

Jess is a mum of two boys and has recently relocated to rural South Australia, where she’s enjoying country life (and the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere that she can spend hours in the car on her own!). Jess road tests our baby products with the help of her baby boy Ashton!

24 thoughts on “Win: Helleur Handmade Fabric Doll

  1. Jasmine Lee

    Those ballerina dolls! They’re absolutely gorgeous, especially Sarena. I’d give it as a gift to my niece, who is beginning to get into with dancing. I love her with all my heart and I truly think that should would adore it. As well as that, I’d pick the Sarena doll specifically because I’m really trying to spread equality and eliminate internalised racism, and I think growing up with a black doll would make her accustomed to the fact that people of any race can be beautiful!

  2. Lyndal Griffiths

    Snowglobes! My daughter and I have a collection of snowglobes, and when there is a special occasion i always buy her a new one

  3. Kelly Brown

    My son’s favourite animal is a monkey and whenever he is a very good boy or has a hospital visit I buy him one.

  4. blakester

    A dolly made from my nan,
    with care and love it stands
    special memories are found
    from keepsakes that astound
    my daughter loves her so
    even though it was given long ago 🙂

  5. TANYA Marin

    My child loves making keepsake keyrings for people out of qixels in all sorts of shapes and patterns. His latest was a shark.

  6. Sacha P

    I give my kids a photo taken from that special day with a caption from themselves (what they thought of the day/ their favourite part of that occasion) and put in a special album for them. It also highlights a lot of ‘mouths of babes’ moments and they can look back and read from their perspective.

  7. Renee

    Anything hand made is always great as the person has taken the time and effort to create something original. I don’t always have the talent to make a great gift so sometimes I just make the card for the special touch

  8. Sharon Markwell

    I hand-craft my loved ones something special at the Gem Club that I belong to. A Helleur Handmade Fabric Doll would be incredible.

  9. Jacoba Evans

    A handmade knitted blanket made by me is the keepsake I like to give for a special occasion. It is an heirloom and will last until they have their own children.

  10. Laura Scriven

    I gave my mum a gift voucher for one of those jewellery stamped family tree necklaces when she found her long-lost sister. A great way to mark the occasion I think.

  11. Tawhi k

    I have a simple Keepsake,
    I’ll pass along to my babes.
    Something that changed my life,
    When I was given them that day.

    Their hospital bracelets.
    Marking the day of their birth.
    The two best days of my life….
    Even though those births did hurt! 🙂

  12. Snootzy

    I hand paint mugs with the theme I want for that special person. It is something that they can use everyday and hopefully enjoy looking at. It is very personal and no two are alike )

  13. Alicia L

    Stitch by stitch, cross by cross;
    Pretty colours of floss.
    Once my hard work is done;
    They are cherished for years to come.

  14. kds

    Treasures hand made are kept forever
    I love making from the heart, clever!
    They are played with long after
    and often passed down thereafter.

  15. tizzerina

    Jewellery with their name engraved is one of my special momentos to give to family. Something they can keep forever.


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