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Ice Age Live

Ice Age is one of my favourite animated movies ever. We first saw it with my son when he was three and he’s nearly 17 now! I can’t believe how much this generation of kids still love it- it’s as popular as it was when it was first released. So when I saw they were doing an Ice Age Live (and on ice) show I was so excited and I knew you guys would be too- so I’ve locked in some passes to give away.

Ice Age Live: A Mammoth Adventure is an all new story about the much loved Ice Age characters.

This story tells the adventures of an extraordinary herd of Ice Age animals, all living together as one unique big family.

Ice Age Live

The decrease in grassland leads Sid, the sloth, Crash and Eddie, the possums, to venture onto the forbidden land where the grass is greener. Unbeknown to them, this territory is ruled by the evil bird Shadow who does not appreciate visitors.

As a revenge, Shadow and his crew enter the herd’s camp at nightfall and kidnap Peaches, the baby mammoth, and the two possums.

To save them, our fearless heroes, Manny, Diego and Sid embark on a wild journey where they will cross paths with their good friend Buck and make their way through the Enchanted Garden.

As for Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel,  this time he has got more than finding his beloved acorn to worry about.

This arena spectacular will take you to the ultimate Ice Age adventure filled with fun, laughter, suspense and of course the humour you have come to love!

To get your tickets visit Ticketek– on sale NOW!

If you would like to win one of two family passes (2 adults and 2 children) to see Ice Age Live: A Mammoth Adventure in your capital city tell us below who your favourite Ice Age character is and why.

(competition open to Australia residents over 18 only. Closes 11pm 15th Jan 2016)

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32 thoughts on “Win- Ice Age Live: a Mammoth Adventure tickets

  1. maria angela barone

    Sid is my favourite character. A loveable, cuddly little sloth that just doesn’t get it but, his heart is in the right place. Dont we all have someone in the family like this.

  2. Ern

    Diego. For a character so sinister he has a heart of gold hidden deep down inside, and his playful side amuses me too

  3. Christine Barter

    Ellie. Her sweet loving nature despite all of Manny’s silliness and odd behaviour played wonderfully by Queen Latifah. Have adored her from the very first Ice Age. I love them all.

  4. Shelley Martin

    Scrat. He makes such cute little noises. He never can quite keep his acorns but tries his blessed little heart out.

  5. Jane Harris

    Scrat because he’s just like me. He’s small, furry (I should shave more often!) and is always chasing after food!

  6. sonya

    Sid. My daughter has a lisp that we still haven’t been able to correct and I think it’s nice that she identifies with lisping Sid!

  7. Amanda

    Ellie is the complete package. A kind, strong, and beautiful character. She loves and cares for those close to her very much, protects them and makes wise decisions that is always best everyone!

  8. Lyndal Griffiths

    I have loved Sid since the first movie, he is so funny and even though no one likes him he just keeps on going.

  9. Judith Maunders

    Scrat. My family’s in fits of laughter watching acorn pursuit. He tries, and tries again. And if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry!

  10. Lisa Thomson

    Manny. Love his reactions to Sids naivety. Eye rolling, groan, sigh, smart comment (which sid doesn’t get), just walk away. Reminds me of myself some days.

  11. Tracey ibbott

    Scrat- a funny little character that is seperate from the main story line, yet creates all their havoc.

  12. Sarah Phillips

    My favourite character is Sid,
    That loveable sloth is just a big kid.
    He may be the docile one,
    But he’s hilarious and lots of fun!

  13. Renata Marchionna

    I have two favourite characters Diego and Buck. Buck is so funny . He rocks! This prize will make my day <3

  14. Kristina S

    Sid’s naivety is precious, funny and endearing all at the same time. Like us all he just wants to be loved & accepted. He’s that member of the family that can drive you insane but you can’t help but love.

  15. Melissa

    Once upon an ice age time my two children called Manny an elephant. It was cute because they use to correct me when I would correct them about what creature he was. After watching the Ice Age movies they have discovered that Manny is a Woolly Mammoth. Today they could probably give history lessons about prehistoric animals to anyone. They have me!
    Manny is kind and caring just like their Pop,
    He also goes with the flow like Pop does,
    These are characteristics that are priceless to us.
    My children would love to see Manny sliding on all fours around the ice. I recently took the kids ice skating and we learnt that it isn’t easy to keep on your feet.
    As Manny has many similarities to my wonderful dad and the kids idolized their Pop,
    It would be a great to take him along with the kids to the show to share the experience. Manny is a favourite but all the Ice Age characters have traits that we could relate to and that anyone would love.

  16. Natasha McDonald

    I love Sid, hes just adorable, naive, loving and kind hearted, he loves unconditionally even when he annoys everyone, he makes the best out of every situation, and he tries really hard to please his friends

  17. Brigitte

    Kids love Sid as he always makes them laugh. I also think he is a great roll model for kids as he is always wanting to help his friends


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