WIN- a Project Ten Bag Pack!

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We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Project Ten! If you haven’t heard of them they make gorgeous totes from woven plastic- just like the giant blue Ikea bags- but amazing! They come in different sizes (including the oversize tote, which is about the size of the Ikea bags!) and in fantastic, fun and fashionable colours.

I bought my first two Project Ten bags last summer- the oversized tote for the family beach bag (it easily fits 5 towels, beach toys, snacks, suncream and everything else you need. It’s MASSIVE!) I also bought the medium tote as a smaller beach bag/ swimming bag. They also double well as overnight bags. You just throw it all in and off you go! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people ask where to buy them from.

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So I was very excited when Project Ten sent us this summer’s range- they have added two more bags to their range and they are a perfect addition. One is a cold bag, great for picnics and shopping, and the other is a zip bag- which makes a great wet bag (or a giant makeup bag!) I keep mine in the car with a spar set of toddler swimmers and a towel- just in case we end up at the beach!

Project ten 1I also love my medium tote and cold bag for shopping at ALDI. I am not a seasoned ALDI shopper- I never remember to take the bags and there is no way that I can beat the scanner and pack everything. So I use the tote and the cold bag side by side and sweep the groceries into the right bag- it works so well!

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So if you want to be stylish this summer head over to

We love our Project Ten bags so much we are giving you a chance to win the whole set in black and white chevron (below)- an oversized tote, a medium tote, a cold bag and a zip bag, valued at $75 inc postage. Enter below to win!

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13 thoughts on “WIN- a Project Ten Bag Pack!

  1. Teena Lewis

    I live the idea of the spare with the bathers and towel, the number of times we end up somewhere without bathers is incredible!

  2. tizzerina

    Love the idea of a cold bag. Great for the beach, keeping our lunch and drinks cold!. Always need a spare pair of bubs bathers too! fantastic 🙂

  3. laura powers

    So perfect for days out with my little boy can fit all his extras in the one bag as well as my stuff , makes taking him out much easier if I spare hand!

  4. Val C.

    I am a Support Worker and often take magazines or games with me when I visit clients, a gorgeous Project Ten bag pack would definitely add colour and interest to our visit!

  5. Jennifer B.

    You beat me to it… IKEA Day Out! (with girlfriend, without kiddlies.)

    Large bag for more storage containers and coathangers – I never have enough.
    Medium bag for Christmas decorations at the moment.
    Cold bag for essential meatball supplies.
    Zip bag in the car with coins… never seem to have enough of the right ones for car parks!

  6. Lauren A

    With Summer and school holidays upon us, I can guarantee we’ll be visiting the beach or pool many, many times. The Project Ten bag set will be perfect – I can carry the large tote with the zip bag, daughter the medium one and teenage son the cold bag with all those heavy drinks/snacks. It’s a plan!

  7. Karla Oleinikoff

    With four kiddies and a hubby, all the bags would be used when going on an adventure to the park. With hats, sunscreen, mozzie repellent, snacks, drinks, nappies, spare clothes etc, this would be amazing to take to the park, rather than using whatever is close to hand.

  8. matt warburton

    we have a young daughter and the Project Ten bags would come in handy so often, not to mention that my wife would feel good using them

  9. Krystal Dee

    To store my everyday goodies with style,
    I haven’t found a bag big enough in a while.
    Wallet, lunch, phone and back up shoes,
    cold-pack, tote I can choose.


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