Royal Easter Show

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Royal Easter Show

The Royal Easter Show is one of our favourite times of the year. The showbags, the baby animals, the ducks on the slide (my number one highlight of the day), the Woolworths Food Dome! So much to do, so little time to do it!

This year, thanks to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, we have 2x 4 passes to give away. This means we will be giving two families of four the chance to experience the Royal Easter Show for FREE! (well free to get in any way- what you spend while you are there is on you.)

All you have to do is tell us below what you love most about the Royal Easter Show!

Is it the show bags? The cakes? The art? The animals? Just tell us below and we will choose two lucky families to head to the show on us.

The Royal Easter Show

The details

Dates: 23 March- 3rd April

Where: Showgrounds, Homebush

What’s new this year?

This year they have added some great new shows and activities. Check out:


Come one, come all to the greatest parade in town! The PAW Patrol Circus Parade is appearing at the Show for the first time ever, with two sensational parades every day. From the Main Arena and through the Showgrounds, the parade will amaze audience members all over the grounds with dancers, stilt walkers, amazing floats and animatronic animals that have to be seen to be believed. Life’s a circus, come along and enjoy our parade!
When: Daily 4.00pm & 6.00pm
Where: Spotless Stadium Concourse, Grand
Parade, Showground Road, Riverina Street.


Step right up and take a seat for the one and only, greatest ever, best show in town. We’ve got Hot Air Balloon Trapeze, the Double Wheel of Death, Flying Trapeze, Motorcycle Highwire Trapeze, Extreme Vaulting and gorgeous Glowing Horses. You won’t believe what you are seeing as daredevils defy death, gymnasts perform on horseback, and for the first time ever in an arena show, trapeze artists will perform suspended from a hot air balloon. It truly is the Greatest Easter Show Spectacular every night in Spotless Stadium.
When: Daily, 7.45pm – 8.20pm
Where: Spotless Stadium

The Royal Easter Show


Your favourite characters from Nickelodeon’s number one tv show are coming to the Show! Could you be a PAW Patrol trainee? Join Ryder, Chase and Marshall as they answer Mayor Goodway’s call for help to save the “Adventure Bay Talent Show”. Ryder and the Pups will take you through all the moves for the Pup, Pup Boogie so you can dance along and help make Nick Jr.’s PAW Patrol Ready for Action Show the best rescue mission ever!

When: 24 March – 3 April (no show 27 March) 10.00am

Where: The Amphitheatre


It’s time to party with your favourite Despicable Me 3™ characters, at the DM3™ dance party. You’ll “Bust a Minion”, make some “trouble on the dance floor”, and “dance like you mean it”, at this epic 80’s dance battle. Mel, Dave and your favourite super villain Gru, are ready to dance with you and your friends in celebration of the Despicable Me 3 movie release, so come along and “get into the groove”!

When: 24 March – 3 April (no performance 27 March), 10.50am, 11.50am

Where: The Amphitheatre

For all the information and to plan your day visit

Update: This competition is now closed and winners have been notified.

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43 thoughts on “WIN Royal Easter Show Tickets!

  1. Kim Osborne

    I love the memories from my childhood that come flashing back to me when I attend the easter show with my kids, leaving school early, spending hours looking through the showbag guides and watching the fast cars and shows in the Arena.

  2. Amie Hale

    There’s so much to love about the Easter show! My family always look forward to this event! It’s become a family tradition – we’ll catch the train there, then walk through the turnstiles! seeing and hearing the crowd! the anticipation! What a buzz! However, my favourite part is taking my kids to see the Animal Nursery! They so cute and cuddly! My boys love patting and feeding the lambs, kids, rabbits and ponies! I remember when I first took my eldest son 6 years ago – seeing his eyes widen in awe and a permanent smile planted on his face! This year will be extra special for us because -it will be my little baby girl’s first Easter show! I can’t wait! I’m so excited! Maybe even more than my children!

  3. Anna Hatzistergos

    My favourite thing at the show is seeing my children’s faces when they watch the shows! Especially the extremely loud motorcycle extremists!!

  4. Najwa

    My favourite part of the show is paying a visit to the CWA ladies and enjoying their amazingly yummy scones! I got to share this with my daughter a couple years back and they fell in love too! I hope to go back again this year 😊

  5. Belinda Milne

    My kids have never been to the Easter Show but when I was a little girl growing up I loved looking at the cakes, the fruit displays and how talented people are.

    I hope I am lukcy enough to win as it would be amazing to take the boys.

  6. Belinda Kent

    The petting zoo. My 11yr daughter is a huge animal lover and prefers this over the rides. Also my 8mth can attend his 1st Easter Show 😍🐰🐇🐣🐥🐖🐎

  7. Sheree Cornell

    Unlimited Variety of Delicious Foods
    Love the cooking demonstrations & taste testing….
    My children loves the thrill seeking rides & watching the cars & bikes in Big Arena
    I usually take a throw away bag full of frozen water & cordial & fresh fruit for a healthy break after all the sugary treats…

  8. Kate Walsh

    I love that it brings people from all cultures together. I also love that the city folk get a bit of a chance to see some farm and farmer things.

    Plus rides and fireworks! My favourite things!!

    Ps I can’t wait to see your, oh I mean …Tully’s Easter hat 😂😂😂

  9. Penny Perry

    The lacework competition, the flowers, the Beagles and the Show food! But best of all the atmosphere- the Royal Easter Shiw is just magical! Our twins are 6 but have never been- we’ve taken them to my hometown’s annual show but they want to see where the champions end up!

  10. Sheree Wright

    I have never been to the Royal Easter Show! Hubby had and has raved on about the amount of rides, showbags, displays etc etc. I guess it’s a thing where you wouldn’t believe it until you saw it with your own eyes!

  11. Helena Leung

    I LOVE how I can regress to the same maturity as my kids, scream with excitement on the rides, eat calorie laden goodies, push and shove my way through the showbag pavilion and yell and cheer for my favourite wood chopper!

  12. Chantelle D'arsie-Reno

    To be honest I have never been to the royal easter show I have always wanted to but as a child I grew up with just my mum who was a single mum on a pension and there was never spare money for things like that.
    I have wanted to take my children but now I am also a single mum I know what my mum went through and how hard it was and is. My kids would love this opportunity ❤️

  13. Carlie Christie

    I love the people at the show. Families, staff, performers, kids and big kids. Everyone is so expressive, kids are seeing things for the first time, adults through their eyes. The amazement and wonder is infectious!

  14. Rebecca

    I love everything about the show. I have gone every year since a baby and i love that i can now take my two daughters and create lovely menories with them. I love the animsls, rides and the delicious hot donuts. The fire works are akso always amazing.

  15. Marg

    I went to the show every year as a kid and as an adult until life got in the way. I always bought the same show bags and loved the vegetable displays. Id love to share the experience with my kids and take them to the night show, the performance cars with the guy coming in on the flying fox. I just love it even though it always rained as a kid.

  16. Alicia Kimberley

    Omg we would love to experience the Easter show we recently moved from Western Australia and all the paw patrol activities my kids would be in heaven!! What a great way to spend Easter!!

  17. Jennifer Marlow

    I love walking around with child-like wonder, as I reminisce about my own childhood, whilst seeing the same memories being created for my own children.

  18. Jackey Cochran

    I love the showbags, fairy floss & Dagwood dogs, but my favourite part of the Easter show is watching the fireworks on the Ferris wheel with my hubby & our 4 Kids.

  19. Fiona Natale

    My favourite part has always been the food displays where the regions make scenes out of food. It’s the only place to see it, and the smells and atmosphere are unique

  20. Gloria

    We love going to the Easter show for a family tradition every year .. Hubby, our 3 kids and myself …

    We love buying show bags, going on rides and staying all afternoon for dinner and the awesome fireworks displays

  21. Liz

    Just being a kid again along with the kids. Rides, animals, showbags!! It’s such a wonderful yearly tradition

  22. Janice McMurtry

    I love the memories it brings for me. My dad used to take my sister and I as a special treat most years (he worked shift work and it was rare to see him) as Easter usually fell between his birthday and mine.
    I am yet to take my little ones with hubby but would love them to create the same memories, of laughter and joy, of the animals and woodchoppers, of choosing show bags, looking at the cakes (my mum entered a few times), of spending time together as a family.

  23. Cherie Cooper

    Royal Easter Show is a fantastic day
    Showbags, rides, animal displays
    Farmyard nursery, feeding the chicks,
    But you just can’t beat cheese on a stick!

  24. Janelle Boyd

    I love the Easter Show, particularly all the different displays (fruit n veg display is my favourite). We haven’t been for quite a few years as not able to afford it. Will love to be able to take our kids.

  25. Bree Rose

    HORSE-ing around at the show
    RIDE-ing high on excitement like a FIREWORK
    SHEAR joy on the kids faces
    WOODN’t miss it for the world!

  26. Deb LEstrange

    I love that my kids get a taste of the country. When we went a few years ago, my youngest daughter at the time thought the cow was going to be sucked into the milking machine and was horrified! 😂 Thankfully the show is a learning experience and a fun adventure.

  27. Fiona Charlton

    Exhibits, wood-chopping, fairy-floss so sticky.
    Gorgeous animals who’ve come to the city.
    Kid’s eyes popping in the show-bag hall.
    The rides, where the screams say it all.
    An amazing day finished with firework colours.
    The Easter Show – just like no other!

  28. Sandra

    The animals, the food, the beer and wine,
    The whole family will have a cracking good time,
    Dog shows, woodchopping, exhibits galore,
    Sounds, tastes and smells we adore.
    My family go wild as we enter the front gate,
    And boy do the kids sleep when we get home late!

    First we head straight to the animals,
    Giving them a cuddle.
    We don’t stop till we’ve seen,
    the cute ducklings waddle.
    The show bags and rides,
    Bring so much delight.
    But the farmyard nursery,
    brings the biggest smile!

    (E)aster bunny family pictures
    (A)viary bird show and animals walk
    (S)howbags and spending time with the family
    (T)oasties and delicious food
    (E)vening fireworks we admire
    (R)ides that are so fun
    (S)o much fun all in one show
    (H)orses galloping
    (O)ysters and wine
    (W)ood chopping and whip cracking.

    Love heading to the wood chop,
    It’ll give satisfaction to my pop,
    Love seeing wood chop in action,
    It must give them great satisfaction,
    Chopping strong and fast on the go,
    Champions at the Easter Show!
    Happy Easter to you!

  29. Nui Mann

    What I love most about the Easter show is seeing all the animals and the fruit and veg displays! But my children love going home and opening up all their show bags – it’s like Christmas!

  30. Nui Mann

    What I love most about the Easter Show is seeing all the animals and the fruit and veg displays! But my children love going home and opening up all the show bags! It’s just like Christmas!

  31. Kristie Pafumi

    I love the memories that flood back from my childhood. Cheese on a stick, the food hall and of course the grand parade. Weve taken my eldest whos now 6 but have yet tobtale our 3 yo twins. Would love to pass on the easter show tradition.

  32. Peta Newsome

    We love meeting every animal,
    we walk each and every row.
    We’re most excited to see the chicks,
    they’re our favourite at the show!!

  33. Chris

    Here’s why I love the EASTER SHOW:
    ENTERTAINMENT wonderland – carnivals of exciting rides – ferris wheel, slides, jumping castles, trucks, motorbikes, trapeze acts, young talents performing, fireworks displays

    AWESOME ANIMALS of all types – alpacas, ponies, sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats – you name it!

    SHOWBAG heaven – ranging from cheap ones to dear ones, yummy ones, dress ups, toys, costumes and ones with goodies you can’t wait to enjoy! A must for my kids!

    THE GRAND PARADE – at the Spotless Stadium – being able to see the hardworking producers, winning animals and future community leaders as well as the Australian citizenship ceremony – welcoming our excited new Australians!

    EATING FOODS of sorts from an array of food trucks- they’re so delicious eg gozleme, corn on the cob, sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, fairy floss, snow cones, schnitzels, donuts, waffles, ice cream and pies yummy!

    RURAL LIVING ON DISPLAY – seeing dairy farmers at work and milking, flowers, arts and crafts such beautiful craftsmanship!

    SHOWS AND DEMONSTRATIONS – such as the sheep shearing, woodchopping, cooking demonstrations, bakers challenge and dog shows – go Paw Patrol! My kids love it!

    HATCHERY – of cute adorable baby chicks being hatched and chickens being washed at the Steggles Poultry Pavilion!

    OH WHAT A DAY OF CREATING MEMORIES! And last but not least to remember to be water wise! And enjoy

    WOOLWORTHS FRESH FOOD DOME – what glorious food displays and colourful arrangements!

  34. Lucy Law

    I have the fondest memories of going to The Sydney Royal Easter Show as a kid. I remember going with our whole family by train from Penrith. My dad knew the train driver and he invited us up into the drivers carriage. It was an old red rattler. We took turns in pressing the horn and it was so much fun.

    That day, my dad bought me a Hollie Hobby doll on a stick. He said it reminded him of me. I remember seeing all the beautiful displays in the produce halls, corn on the cob, the woodchopping, the fireworks and all the fun we had together as a family.

    No one knew that my dad was sick at the time and passed away a month after.
    I still have that Hollie Hobby dolly… it’s hanging in my daughter’s room. In memory of my dad.

    It would be amazing to win tickets and to be able to create fond memories for our kids to remember and pass on to their children.

  35. Stephanie brunia

    Mine is simple.
    It’s seeing my kids faces light up as we head towards the entry and they can see all the rides and hear all the fun that’s to be had behind those gates.
    The day fills my heart with so much love just seeing them have so much fun!

  36. Liz

    My favourite time is when I rejoin my husband and 3 little boys, after they’ve given me some alone time in the Woolworths pavilion! Refreshed and ready for the rest of the day!

  37. Pauline Peel

    I am in awe at the endless talent displayed in the Arts and Crafts area. Everyday people who are given their time to shine, as they show their brilliant works from painting, photography, card making, cake decorating, leather work, knitting, crochet and more! The items on display are a sight to behold and a true credit to gifted people with a lot of creativity, imagination, dedication and even more patience! It’s always a highlight, with a great community feel at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

  38. Karina Lee

    I love hitting up the Woolworths dome for some free food samples, followed by some amazing scones by the CWA! It’s all about the food!

  39. Philippa C

    Mouth-watering new taste sensations
    Never repeated combinations
    We’ll buy the MKR showbag then dare to try
    The spaghetti bun burger and donut pie!

  40. Nic Harrison

    I just love how it’s a family tradition! It’s a day that I always spent with my parents, and now I’m creating new adventures with my kids . I could list all the other cool things but it’s the company and smiles that truly make the day, ok I lie, any good on a stick and a show bag really is key lol !!


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