WIN- Royal Easter Show Tickets

Royal Easter Show Tickets

The Royal Easter Show is one of the highlights of my year. I’ve only missed it three times in my life (and two of those were because I had Easter babies!) and it’s a family tradition that I love. Every year the kids and I look through the showbag catalogue, see what’s new, and plan our day.

The highlight of my day is the baby animal farmyard, and in particular, the ducklings on the slide- it never gets old!

Royal Easter Show tickets

I also love the Woolworths Dome and the cake decorating! People are so clever.

As children we would go once with our mum, where we got to have two showbags and two rides each. We would spend HOURS choosing our showbags and rides. It was part of the excitement of the show.

Then, if we were lucky, our (single and fun) uncle would provide the royal treatment- sending a taxi for us and then spending the day feeding us sugar and buying us a million show bags. We would always have to do funny things to ‘earn’ rewards, like wear a crazy hat or go on a ride that went upside down. It was so much fun!

royal easter show tickets 1

There’s so much to do at the Royal Easter Show and we want to give you the chance to create your own family memories.

We are giving two lucky families the chance to WIN Royal Easter Show tickets ( 4 tickets each). All you have to do it tell us your favourite memory of the Royal Easter Show below.

To plan your family day out visit or

(T&Cs. Competition open to Australian residents over 18 only. Tickets are for the Royal Easter Show 2016 in Sydney- no accommodation or transfers are provided. Dates are from 17-30 March. This is a game of skill. Competition closes Sunday 13th March at 11pm)

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  1. Melissa winner

    My favourite memory of the royal is Easter was when we took our 2 year old son to see the animals 🐮🐴🐑🐷🐓. He absolutely loved it . I think it stuck with him because he went to day care as a different animals each day 😍 He’s now 10 and still loves animals very much he one day would like to have his own farm when he grows up . He knows a lot about animals . So I would love to take him back and show him . Happy Easter to you and your family

  2. Sam

    My favourite memory of the Easter show is telling my now husband that I loved him for the first time ever that was about 17 years ago

  3. Andrew

    Going to the old show ground as a child spending the day with family and seeing the things people in the country go through to bribg things to table

  4. barbara descas

    Oh boy, We took Master 5 for his first show visit… and his highlight was standing behind a cow that was pooing, typical boy although his 6 year old girl cousin also found it very funny

  5. Ashley cliff

    My favorite memory of the royal easter show was when i was a kid,iv never actually been to the show but id get really excited when the show guide would come in the paper,id sit for hours reading through it and looking at the show bags,just wishing that one day i might be able to go.
    Almost 29 still haven’t been,id love to take my kids,so they dont have to wait so long to go to the show!!

  6. Laura Ross

    Our favourite memory is always the dog ‘best in show’ awards. Our family are dog lovers and love to watch all the different breeds and puppy personalities on display.

  7. Kasey Page

    My favourite memory was carrying around a Cupie doll around to see all the animals when I was very young. It was at Moore Park back then. I’d love to create the same memory for both of my daughters this year!

  8. Helena L

    Going on the ghost train with my Uncle and laughing while he scared all the ride attendants with a Bat Man-esque growl!! Oh, and getting my first show bag. It was a Care Bear bag and I kept taking my goodies in and out of the bag to admire for the whole trip!

  9. Meile Worrad

    When I was 7, waaaay back in the 70’s, my best friend and I got to leave school at lunch time so my parents could take us into “the city” to the show. I can still remember the excitement, painted faces and my mothers shock when my father bought us every showbag we wanted. Keep in mind there were only about 10 showbags in the olden days 😉

  10. Deborah

    My favourite memories of the show is seeing Elvis Presleys car I was so excited and that day I also won a goldfish yes a live one

  11. Amber jones

    One of my favourite memories was spending hours together as a family seeing the events each of us kids and my parents had picked out to see. It was such a fun full day and always loved getting thr doll on a stick as a tradition. This is something we hope to be able to share with our kids.

  12. Prue Berne

    You can’t go past the big slide! Its our absolutely favourite! An oldie but definitely a goodie! Its our first stop! After that we head straight to the Dairy farm and get our annual photo with the Lamb!

  13. Kasee

    My favourite memory is riding the ferris wheel with my mum. Now i take my daughters. It always brings back so many memories.

  14. Amy

    My favourite memory is when it was at the old Showgrounds and the swinging chair ride was on top of a building.. Swinging over the edge was so exciting, especially being too little for the big rides, it was the highlight of the day! (Well, maybe a close second to a show bag full of lollies!)

  15. Carlie white

    My favorite memory was when I was 8years old, my mum told me and my sister to the Royal Easter show and my dad went to the races, while we were at the show, mum told us on a lot of rides and got us some show bags, we had a great time 😊

  16. Alyson W

    The one and only time I went as a child and getting a doll on a stick I was so excited and going into to town was a great adventure!

  17. Heidi D

    I remember going with my Pa. Big bus ride from the Central Coast then the excitement of exploring. A few showbags & then a dagwood dog for lunch because Nan was at home & wouldn’t be telling us how terrible they were

  18. Jody Smith

    I workec at the show during my uni years. In my breaks one of the acts taught me to juggle. I’m forever grateful.

  19. Wendy Traill

    My 3 favourite childhood memories of Show are watching the Woodchop event and marvelling at the burly men and their axes, eating chiko rolls and throwing it up later on the roller coaster 😱

  20. Rebecca

    My first favourite memory of the Easter Show is those Food Halls – all that fabulous looking food made into displays & all the samples.
    Then I discovered the show bag hall !!! Oh my goodness!!!! That then became my favourite thing at the Easter Show. We saved all our pocket money all year to buy the Coke or the 2DayFM bag.
    Love the Easter Show !!!!

  21. Sarah Hancock

    I don’t have one. I’m 26 and never been. Would love to take my 4 children and give them the memories aswell as myself

  22. Kate H

    Honestly We’ve never been to the Royal Easter Show but would love to start making our own family memories!! 🐰🐣🍬

  23. Karli bruce

    My favourite memory of the Easter show is sitting at the main event at the end of the night and going through the millions of shoe bags we had bought. And the not so amazing smell ! I can’t wait to give my little boy his first Easter shoe experience this year.

  24. shellie

    Our favourite memory would be the year we won tickets in 2016 as we’ve never been and either has my Mum and 2 daughters

  25. Rachel mckenny

    Wagging school to go and having to explain to parents why I was soaked (it always rained) and stunk of animals! Would love to share the day with my hubby and 2 kids

  26. Tace Dawson

    My favourite memory of the Easter show is a delicious cupcake I had there the first year it moved to homebush. I went the following year just to have another one. I then realised they had a shop in Neutral Bay so could get them anytime.

  27. Suzanne Lickie

    Definitely the show bags, I remember my Dad telling my brothers and I we could only get as many show bags as we could carry… Then we get home and are allowed one treat that night, I opened a packet of chips and I swear to this day there was nothing inside… But my parents didn’t believe me and I wasn’t allowed to open anything else!!

  28. Cathie

    My favorite memory is as a child going to the old site at Moore Park. I loved going to the produce and agriculture pavilion where the farmers make amazing displays from their produce, and then buying an apple from the farmer of one of the winning displays. Show bags were also a hit! Bertie Beetle only cost $1 then!

  29. Amber

    Mine would definitely be when I got to go in one of the Holden stunt cars and dance in the evening show in the main arena. I also have fond memories of when we were young my Dad taking us and letting us buy as many showbags as we liked!!! I guess they were cheaper back then…. 🙂

  30. Nicole Harrison

    My favorite memories as a child seem so unimportant now, as I have created new ones that are now with my family. My joys at the old Moore park site now help me to create memories for my two girls ! The joy in their eyes walking in the show bag hall, the amazement as they can see “the whole world” from the Ferris wheel (quoting miss 3) , the endless free stuff in the food dome all finished of by snuggles as we watch the end show and fireworks.

  31. Sarah

    My favourite memory is playing when will it happen with my siblings. The thing that would happen is my Dad who always insisted on wearing thongs would at some point step in poo and usually it’d be something big and squish all over his foot and we’d be in hysterics over it. I think in reality he wore the thongs on purpose and likely found the biggest poo he could to step in so we’d laugh. Not your usual Kodak moment but a cherished memory.

  32. Melissa C

    My favorite memory from the Royal Easter Show is the gorgeous ducklings. They would march up a ramp and at the top was some feed, when they popped their head in the feed basket they would lose their footing and slide down in to the water. So cute!
    I haven’t taken my kids yet, but I hope the ducklings are still there 🙂

  33. Nicole Dive

    I have 2 favourite memories…. Back to when I was 11yrs old and one of my artworks was hung in the art section (very prestigious for an 11yr old! 😀 ) and Mum & Dad took the whole family in to see it! Then as a teenager taking my competitive cheerleading team to perform their routine on one of the stages there… another proud moment! Of course, the real reason I’d love to win tickets is for the unbeatable Corn on the Cobs soaked in buttered and sprinkled with S&P! Haven’t been in 4 years and would love to take Master 6 and Miss 4 to see it all!

  34. Donna M

    My dad would take us every year and it is a highlight of my childhood. We would stop by my grandparents first who would give us money for a show bag. We would have studied the show bag guide intensively and trade lollies when we got home. It was s serious business.
    We would get a silly doll on a stick which I would treasure and play the clowns. Breath in the smell of fresh cow poo and watch the wood chopping.
    Complete and utter joy!

  35. Lesa Paul

    My favourite memory of the show was when I was pregnant with my first and we stayed back to watch the firework.s I had felt him kick a couple of times before that, but during the fireworks the vibrations really got him going! so I had vibrations happening on the inside and outside!! we have now taken the kids every year and they love it!

  36. Ai

    My favourite memory of the Easter show was when it was at the old location at which is now fox studios. After our rides and freebies, taste testing, and of course the show bags, I think they use to have animal auctions too. We’d buy chicks.

  37. Annie Kent

    My memories of the Easter Show are endless,
    The exciting lead up with the show bags guide in the paper..we would go thru it with a fine tooth comb
    My Dad was a big kid and LOVED going every year.
    We started going to the Moore Park grounds when I was 2…We loved watching the wood chopping,always went into the Woolworths Dome…(tbh I never appreciated how incredible they were Untill I was grown up)we used to go on all the rides together,eat a Dagwood Dog,grab a super sized fairy floss on a stick and do a full circuit of the Show Bag Pavilion before we bought anything…
    Then it was time for the main event in the arena
    The cars screaming past,the motor bike on the high wire then the Fire Works…A truly beautiful family time…..
    I need to start the tradition with my girls..
    FYI…they never list every bag so much better to cruise and make an informed desicion

  38. Lynda Currey

    My husbands favourite Royal Easter Show memory (or at least the one that has stuck in his mind!) is treading ankle deep in a warm, sticky, fresh cow patty and having it ooze between his thong and foot. The ooze continued up between his toes after dislodging his thong from his foot – much to the vast amusement of the surrounding crowd before being rushed off to the nearest tap by his less amused mother. I have never been to the Royal Easter Show nor have my children however I’d love to be able to take them and create memories.

  39. Christina Dixon

    We love seeing our children’s faces light up when they see all the different animals. One of my favourite memories is watching our children dancing to music just before the fireworks were starting. One of the hardest decisions is choosing which show bags to get as they are all awesome.

  40. Ingrid Robertson

    A couple of years ago we’d stopped at one of the little food booths at the back of the stadium to inspect our showbags and get an ice-cream (i.e. put our feet up and stop the kids nagging!). Mr 3yo was very excited to get a bubble gun and bubbles in his showbag and even more excited when he noticed 2 cops sitting there. What followed was a fierce bubble gun fight with the police (who were very good sports!) and some classic photos that I hope will be the last time he ever pulls a gun on the cops!

  41. Jennalee Izzard

    I went to the Royal Easter Show for the first time with my Nan, I was 16 and We had a fantastic day!! We ate Krispy Creams for the first time. Watched Pigs Fly and patted the animals in the nursery, admired the arts and crafts. Watched the daredevils on their bikes and so many people showcasing their talents! We were exhausted we walked, talked and ate good food all day!! A treasured memory I keep close to my heart!!

  42. Kerrie Tullipan

    My favourite memory was emblazoning my mobile phone number in permanent marker all over my kids and if they get lost any time the next two weeks after, I knew I was covered….lol

  43. Bree Hillier

    I don’t really have a favourite memory of the Royal Easter Show as a kid because I don’t remember ever really going! (I might have once or twice). But I would love to create new memories of the Easter Show with my 2 children, of seeing the baby animals, going on the rides, and treating them to a show bag or 2! It would be a nice family memory to have.

  44. Lisa W

    I loved being old enough to go with school friends who had visitor passes! As an adult I’ve loved watching my kids with the animals and the car and motorbike stunts!

  45. Anna

    The little times I did get to the Easter Show as a kid, I recall always walking in to the showbag arena like it was some magical land. I would say, “wow!!!” Over and over again, until my mother would buy my older sister a bag with the doll and leave me and my younger sister with Cadbury chocolates only 😞 I’d love to take my 4yo and 2.5yo to the show this year for the first time, and buy them show bags with actual toys and see that magical look of awe on their faces!

  46. Emma Fewtrell

    Taking my 3 year old daughter to the show watching her in the Baby Farm yard chasing the animals then when they got close enough to touch she ran away.

  47. Fiona

    The excitement in the lead-up to The Easter Show, choosing a showbag… we’d pour over the options for weeks deciding which ONE showbag to buy! As little kids we’d count the money out of our moneybox, work out how much we had, then decide which showbag was the best value.

  48. Anita

    My Favourite memory of the Royal Easter Show is when my 3 year old daughter seen the cows having a “soapy bath/shower” and asked me “Mummy, can I have a bubble bath here too” it was so cute & funny ☺️. The gentleman allowed my daughter to pat “wet, soapy” cow ☺️

    1. Anita

      My Favourite memory of the Royal Easter Show is when my 3 year old daughter seen the cows having a “soapy bath/shower” and asked me “Mummy, can I have a bubble bath here too” it was so cute & funny ☺️. The gentleman allowed my daughter to pat “wet, soapy” cow ☺️

  49. mandy

    I remind going the show a few times good times one with my family with bro and sis mum and dad didnt have much money so we were so delighted we get to go there had best time u can rember as a kid as got older had kids my self took them to the easter show and my husband new how much i hated them cows and bulls he make us walk where they are i couldnt get out or away from them my kids laughing caus mommy scared the shows rides animals all still the same years later havent been for 15 years there now to one be good to take my little son who is 3 now there

  50. Kerrie L

    It wasn’t my favourite memory when it first happened but over the years as my kids have grown up rather quickly I might add, I now realize it IS actually my favourite memory. It was a year that my kids encountered a ridiculous amount of sugar highs, followed by the tantrums, and then…..this was all followed by a puke from a gravity-defying ride! It’s funny how memories and what you think of them change over time.

  51. Tina

    Best memory of the show was getting to spend the full day with my working parents – They used to take the day off and we would have so much fun as a family

  52. Jara

    Tho I have never been, would love to take my family & create some lovely memories, My fav memory, is of my Nan telling me that is where my Nan & Pop fell in Love, Its like a fairy tale to me. Love my family 🙂 Yes please 🙂

  53. Kate

    Not sure it’s my favourite but it’s certainly my most vivid memory- I’ll never forget reaching for a hand full of what I though were chocolate coated peanuts and instead reached for a hand full of coffee beans. Still to this day I can’t drink coffee as a result 😂

  54. Anatasia

    My favorite memory of Syd royal Easter show was when I took my eldest for the first time was pregnant with our second and had my young sisters with us. Let’s say I was nagged silly by my sisters to go on Ferris wheel … So we went and the look of terror on their faces was priceless!! I didn’t think we would make it through the whole ride! Meanwhile the 2yo loved it! And so did the baby belly it went crazy in the petting area with the lambs all around smelling the stomach! Have yet to take the youngest!

  55. Peta N

    It was a simple thing,
    but it still makes me smile.
    The kids drinking their free Milo,
    with chocolate all over their dial!

  56. Carlie Stephenson

    My favourite memory of the show is seeing my 2 smiles when they were on the Ferris wheel. Out of all of the show this is the only thing they wanted to do. Just spending the day with the family and the excitement is just fantastic.

  57. Nicole McLaughlin

    My favourite memory was the year I went with my grandparents. The joy on my grandpa’s face as he took us through the animal exhibits, telling us all about the chickens (he raised them as part of his job) and reminiscing about how the show had changed over the years! I can’t wait until he can do the same with my boys 🙂

  58. jo

    My first Easter show when I was about 6 and getting the pink panther show bag, i’m 36 I still have the pink glasses but have never gone back, would love to take my kids and let them choose a showbag and make memories……

  59. Lynn McIntyre

    My favourite memory is my Mum and Dad taking our family to the show and being amazed by everything we saw and comparing showbags when we got home.

  60. Gezz

    My favourite Show memory is from last year. I introduced my daughter’s to my Boss Happy Healthy Harold. They hadn’t met Harold before and we’re so excited to get a family photo with him. We had an amazing day. I worked at the Life Ed stall in the morning then we saw the show together as a family. I will work at the show again this year and would love for my family to come and meet Harold and I again.

  61. Renee Moroz

    Would definitely be from when the Easter show was in the city years ago. I was just a young girl. We’d had the best night and then on the way home our car broke down. But it didn’t kill the spirit. I was with my family and we enjoyed the adventure.

  62. renay

    Love the show, i can still remember going to moore park as a kid and enjoying the country life experiences that i hadnt had the opportunity yo have as a city kid.they were some of the happiest memories i have of my childhood.
    Now i have a family of my own , id love for them to be able to share that experience and have new memories of our own

  63. Karen edwards

    We lived over 5 hours away from the Easter show and my dear nan would invite us to stay and she would take us to the Easter show i would love to create some fun memories with my little family just like my nan did when I was little.

  64. Ali

    Asking a farmer when he would kill and eat his massive cow.
    The “cow” was an award winning bull – which the horns should have given away.
    Not to this ignorant City girl

  65. Kristy Jane

    So many Faves! The showbags, i still remember the process of ‘tip on the floor and sort’ i had a pencil case and stationary addiction when i was a kid so always a big haul on those items in the showbags haha!

  66. Maree Law

    I have not been since Moore Park.
    but I use to love the farmyard nursery and the exhibition hall.
    I was always fascinated how people could design the pictures with fruit, vegetables and wool and grains. ( smart people)
    I love the opportunity to take my grandchildren and show them Al the spectacular attractions the show has.

  67. Michelle

    When i first walked into my first Easter Show i remember thinking WOW, this is my dream come true. Animals, Food, Showbags and Rides what else could i want more. i spent the whole day with a big smile on my face

  68. Joelle

    My fav memory of the show was taking my little boy when he was 1 and seeing his face when he got to go up close to the sheep shearing. He was so amazed by it. I’ll never forget th hat smile and the feeling of being so happy.

  69. Louise L

    My favourite memory is watching my kids have fun in the Farmyard Nursery discovering new things and seeing everything through their eyes. It’s a great to have memories like this to treasure

  70. Trish Noble

    Seeing my mum go round and round and round alone on the “chair ride”. All the other rides were “too scary” for her, but she looked like a little kid at Christmas, so happy, hands in lap just sitting and smiling, swinging up high on her chair.
    Mums passed away now so it’s a beautiful memory I hold dear, just how cute she looked!!

  71. Kristy

    Ahhhh the smell of horse poo, the Dagwood dogs, the dirty trail, the mass crowds, and the carnival rides – all enough to make you sick all the way home but they were best days as a kid at the Royal Easter Show! I’m looking forward to creating the same memories with my kids 🐴🌭👣👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎡😷❤️

  72. Amanda

    Every time we attend the Easter Show it turns out to be a disaster – losing items and people, overspending and overeating etc. We return home tired and grumpy from exhaustion vowing never to do to it again! But as the year rolls by and the show returns, the hype and excitement builds for Sydney’s BEST family day out we start planning again!

  73. Katharine Fuller

    Favorite memory was being about 8yrs old, we were from newcastle so never went to this sydney show and it was a luxury my parents skimped and saved for. They surprised us buy catching the train all the way to sydney and we got to see the amazing royal easter show for ourselves……my dad also won me a Donald Duck toy, it really was just the best day ever, me, my sister, mum and dad all together

  74. Karen

    My favourite memory of the Easter show is when I was 12 and went with parents and brother. Was a great family day seeing the animals, getting show bags but the highlight of the day for me was my brother throwing up while on a spinning ride. Still love telling this story every opportunity I get (mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha)

  75. Anna Forsbey

    There is always so much to do, see, enjoy, experience, try and eat at the show but what I love are the great displays from our growing regions using fresh produce. They take ages to work out around a theme and put together . They always look so amazing.

  76. Soleima Dib

    The cake displays are amazing along with the lovely ladies who baked them. I’m now 32 and still froth at the mouth every time I see them. The only difference now is that hubby has to drag me away instead of my mother.

  77. Chris

    I grew up in Melbourne with the Melbourne show (where my favourite memory was getting a ‘Tweety bird show bag’… It had a tote bag, tissue holder and coin bag all of which I still have!) But I never had the chance to experience the Sydney Easter Show as a kid. In fact, I’ve lived in Sydney for the past 8 years and have never made it to the show! My son is now 4 and I’d love to create ‘first memories’ of the Easter Show for both of us together.

  78. Louise o'malley

    My favourite memory of the show is pouring over the show bags in the paper the weeks before with my brother and sister and excitedly choosing which one we were going to buy. Years later I still get excited doing this with my own children! And of course the Dagwood dogs – the only time you ever see them!

  79. Ying Ying TAN

    Our unforgettable memory of the show was a picture of us holding empty lunch bags from home while in the background others are happily carrying loads of showbags just because we could not afford them back then. We have come a long way since and am determined to picture ourselves with heaps of showbags. A family pass would certainly help our dream come true!

  80. Fiona

    I’ll always have memories of the smells and sounds.
    I’d love my kids to experience that now.
    Exhibits, wood-chopping, fairy-floss so sticky.
    Gorgeous animals who’ve come to the city.
    My eyes almost popping in the show-bag hall.
    The rides, where my scream said it all.
    An amazing day finished with firework’s colour.
    Memories of the Easter Show are like no other!

  81. Stevie munro

    Would love to post a favorite memory however have never had the opportunity to go, we live in a little country town 7 hours from there and have always said we would be going but haven’t but had the opportunity, it looks like a great time and my four girls would love it 🙂

  82. Monz Zeek

    My best memory is my first trip to the show when i was 6. The youngest of 5, my mum didn’t drive but the lovely lady next door squeezed us in her car ( It was legal back then ) and drive us to the show. I still remember how excited and curious I was. I can remember eating fairy floss and the smells of the animals. What a kind thoughtful neighbour we had. Thank you. Now I have little ones and would love to take them.

  83. jade shepherd

    my favourite is last year from the nursery to the dinosaurs food shows show bags rides just everything about the show rearly


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