Magical ice festival

Win two tickets to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

Magical ice festival

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I’m pretty sure that our trip to Disney on Ice last year was one of the highlights of Tully’s young life. The princess dresses, the merchandise, the princesses on ice skates, the Disney songs. It was the closest she will be getting to Disneyland for the foreseeable future! She still talks about it and is so excited to go again this year to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival.

This year’s Disney On Ice is a brand-new ice show packed full of action, adventure and unforgettable characters. Weaving together four worlds of Disney royalty with Anna & Elsa, Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel, audiences will be whisked away as they embark on their own epic journey.

Produced by Feld Entertainment, Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival opens in Perth on 2 June and travels to Adelaide, Wollongong, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney, closing 17 July.

Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival showcases moments from beloved Disney stories, The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast to the newest feature film sensation Frozen and combines them with elements of comedy, music, colour and lights.

Magical Ice Festival

©Disney. All rights reserved

We’re so excited about spreading the Disney love and to be giving one lucky reader the chance to win a merchandise pack and two tickets to one of the following shows:

· Perth – Arena 2 – 6 June
· Adelaide – Entertainment Centre 10 – 13 June
· Wollongong – WIN Entertainment Centre 16 – 19 June
· Brisbane – Entertainment Centre 23 – 27 June
· Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena 1 – 5 July
· Newcastle – Entertainment Centre 8 – 10 July
· Sydney – Qudos Bank Arena 13 – 17 July

Magical Ice Festival

©Disney. All rights reserved

*Giveaway closed*

For more information on Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, visit

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215 thoughts on “Win two tickets to Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

  1. Amy Petersen

    Meeting my stepdaughter was pretty magical, she was 4 at the time and liked me straight away! I’d love to go to Brisbane show.

  2. Ann. Groves

    A magical moment in my life was the time spent at sydney 2000 Olympics, we hosted two American families, who we have remained friends with. P.s.. Sydney or Wollongong

  3. Kylie Birleson

    One of the most magical moments for me was when my daughter learnt to walk after being told she would be wheel chair bound.

    I would love tickets to the Brisbane show please.

  4. Bronwyn Lyndon

    Finding out we were pregnant after 5years and 8 ivf cycles and being able to watch our miracle grow into a fun loving, kind hearted toddler.

    Would love tickets to any of the Brisbane Shows.

  5. Rebecca Wooster

    The most magical moments are those watching my children adoring eachothers company. It fills my heart with instant love and my eyes with happy tears! I would love a Melbourne ticket.

  6. Carly Wilson

    Watching my my 7 year old daughter sleeping, I still get that feeling of magic and true love when I see her sound asleep.

  7. Christina

    My wedding day was very magical, everything was perfect from the venue to the photographer and our honeymoon in Bora Bora was even better!!

  8. Melissa

    My grandparents took us year after year as a kid! Pop just passed away last year and it would be a good memory and exciting time to take my miss 4 yr. I can just imagine the excitement as I relive my own childhood!!

  9. Jody Sun

    The day each of my rainbow babies was born. There is nothing more magical than the very first time you meet your much anticipated little person!

  10. Barkalinda

    Taking my daughter to see Disney’s Frozen at the movies was magical. The look on her face seeing the characters for the first time was amazing.

  11. Michelle

    Overcoming my fear of driving and getting my licence at age 33! Now I can take my kids anywhere (even Disney On Ice!) 🙂

  12. Melissa Keeble

    The day I finally received my daughters autism diagnosis was sad but magical in a sense that it opened up avenues of help and support so I could finally help my girl and understand her world and our “new life” from here on. Being chosen to be the Mum of this girl is magical every day. We would love to attend the Melbourne show on July 5th at 11am. Thank you

  13. Jen

    The most magical moment of my life was giving birth to my daughter. Absolutely incredible what our body is designed for & what I created. A miracle from God!

    I’d love to attend the Sydney show please. Thanks.

  14. Nicole Amado

    The moment I met my little princesses the first time,
    It’s the most magical day of mine.
    I’m their Mum,
    best thing I’ve ever done!

    Show Choice: · Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena 1 – 5 July

  15. Katie Rains

    My partner proposing on a remote beach with the sun setting over the ocean and the birth of my 2 children. Brisbane

  16. claire evans

    my dad arriving at the airport form uk to meet his grand children, his eyes filed with tears and the kids stole his heart for ever

  17. Tina Wells

    Meeting my husband on a main road in Sydney and we are still together 12 years later with 2 kids, 8 chickens and a cat. It was meant to be 💗
    Show – Newcastle Sat 9th July10am Please.

  18. Naomi ford

    My young son hadn’t seen his teenage cousin for months – on a recent family outing he would squeeze him tight then run off to play (Adelaide show please)

  19. Michelle Morgan

    I have two magical days. The days I gave birth and met my daughter and son. Nothing compares to the instant love you feel. Wollongong show would be great thankyou

  20. Megan Robinson

    Nothing could be more magical than watching our children develop. Learning new things each day as they grow. Everyday is magical.
    Newcastle show.

  21. adrienne harries

    Everyday is awesome i must say
    But the magic happened on a holiday
    Taking my kids to Disney and seeing them laugh and smile
    Made the hard work of saving so hard so worthwhile

  22. Jeyani O'Keeffe

    The most magical day of my life was meeting my husband as it was the catalyst to my marriage and having my beautiful kids.

    We would love to go to the melbourne show.

  23. Adi Wajnberg

    My first date with my husband. It was supposed to just be coffee but it went for 7 hours and, even though we didn’t kiss, when we said goodbye a spark of electricity passed between us, which we both felt.

  24. Stephanie Sheldon

    The most magical day of my life was discovering crunchie icecream for the first time. (That and the birth of my girls)

  25. Adriana

    Watching the kids sitting quietly watching Frozen is magic to me. They very rarely sit still, so it’s great knowing that I can put that on and they are happy!!!!

  26. Taryn Evans

    Magical moments in my life are simply being at the family house with my extended family.
    Running outside, going to the beach, toasted marshmallows! Magical!

    (Sydney or Wollongong show please)

  27. Jess Mason

    Watching my daughter who has Spina Bifida take her first steps. She wants to be an ice skater – she can be anything she wants.

    Perth pretty please

  28. Emma

    Candidly watching my two girls using their imagination to play. The favourite is Frozen characters at the moment 🙂
    I’d love to take them to the Brisbane show x

  29. Lisa Van Vught

    When my daugher says “I love you mummy.” It’s a magical feeling. I never get sick of hearing her say it. So proud of her.

    We would love to go to the Adelaide show please

  30. Rose

    The most magical moment of my life was seeing my three kids eyes light up when a new puppy bounded into their arms.

  31. Skye Franklin

    Our most magical moment was when we found out I was pregnant with our boy who took 2yrs to conceive after we lost a daughter during pregnancy.

    Would love to go to the Perth show please. Thank you.

  32. Sonia Manoukian

    The most magical moment in my life is when I first laid eyes on my gorgeous niece, I instantly fell in love with her! She just turned 6 ❤️

    Melbourne please 😘

  33. Danielle smith

    My most magical movement was the day I became a mum. The magic has never ended, in fact we added more magic to our family.

  34. Kendall Biggs

    The most magical moment was when my daughter was 2 months old and she smiled at me – she was born with a congenital cataract and had to be operated on at one month old as she was completely blind – that was the first moment we knew she could see us and everything was going to be alright. She is now 4 and can see almost perfectly. We would love to see the Adelaide show

  35. Joylene

    Young daughter walked me along ocean clifftop to get married (2nd) under a fishing rod arch (hubby we’re tragic fishos) as my dad passed. Magical.

  36. Crystal Colee

    Definitely the births of my boys were the most magical moments in my life , being their mum is a gift ! Melbourne please

  37. Mel

    The most magical moment of my life is to watch my children grow into happy children and finding love again after losing my first husband to cancer.

  38. Jennalee Izzard

    July 12th 2013, The day 2 blue lines appeared on a pregnancy test.
    I was told 9 years earlier I couldn’t have children.
    Newcastle show please

  39. Belinda

    First time our eldest daughter met her baby sister, no jealousy, pure love. Would love to spend quality time with her at the Sydney show.

  40. Chelsea gregory

    My two little boys make my life magical every day watching them grow up together is beautiful.

  41. Linda Wakeling

    Seeing my daughters face light up when Malificent changed into a dragon and came out on the ice and breathed fire at Disney on Ice.

  42. Nads

    The moment I held my baby for the first time. She had a rough start to life but is a miracle and my world. (Melbourne)

  43. Jay Churches

    Walking into Hong Kong Disneyland and seeing the look on my childrens faces and the smiles on l their grandparents who were there to see it too

  44. Elaine

    4th June……. IVF x 2 ! I am blessed with two miracles a Boy (5) and a Girl ( 7 in June!). The last 7 years have been the best of my life!

  45. catherine kay

    2 magical days. When my 2 sons were born. And its been an amazing journey ever since…brisbane please

  46. Emma

    The most magical moment of my life was to finally be able to hold my premature baby after a stressful pregnancy and birth. 💕

  47. Nicky Butler

    Watching my granddaughter’s being born ..watching the transformation of my daughter into an amazing mother

  48. Kelly Erceg

    The day my daughter was born was my most magical day…and now the magic happens every day with her!
    We would love to go to the Adelaide show 🙂

  49. Jessica Brydon

    The magical moment in my life was when I gave birth to my son (4th child) my 1st born was a boy who sadly passed away at a month old i went on to have to healthy girls then finally in 2013 I had a little boy, that was my most magical moment when the placed him on my chest and he looked in to my eyes

  50. Kahlia Hamdorf

    After a very long and scary pregnancy not knowing if my babies would survive, The day they arrived the most magical moment holding my twin baby girls in my arms. No one can prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of love for your children.
    I would love to take my two girls to Perth to see their favourite characters from Frozen.

  51. Kimberley

    Watching my boys, born four years apart, form the amazing bond of brotherhood is a constantly magical moment that weaves its way through my life. Every ‘hug for no reason’, every guiding hand = magic.

  52. Kendall Berry

    Most magical moment would have to be,
    When our 5 children woke to see,
    Mickey , Minnie and Goofy too,
    Disney dreams do come true .

    Sydney show please

  53. Michelle Miles

    Working with the lovely Lynsey and Myra in the Little Party Love days 🙂 Melbourne please

  54. Diana Davis

    Yesterday afternoon when my 2yo ran up and bear hugged my 5yo at school pick up (he normally pushes her away!) Simple yet so special.

  55. Athena Quirke

    The most magical moment in my life was when my very prem first born arrived in and I got hold him the very first time he was 4days old and my mum and flown over from Greece to witness our first Cuddle since then my whole life has Been magical, then 2 more babies prems too arrived.
    I would love tickets to the Perth show.

  56. Jaimi Layt

    That magical moment when I first met my little princesses! And every magical little smile since. #ahappylife #disneyfans

  57. Leanen white

    Sailing around the Bahamas on the DISNEY DREAM CRUISE SHIP with my family has been the most magical thing to happen to me. Perth please

  58. Rebecca Mills

    After being told at 18 I couldnt have kids and a miscarriage, the most magical day of my life was the day my daughter was born!

    Adelaide please! 😊

  59. Sacha Pech

    Mr 7 has behavioural issues. First time I watched him ‘think’ before lashing out; and show his sister kindness, not fists brought me to tears.

  60. Theresa Healy

    My baby boy and I were separated because I’d had an emergency c section and he was sent to PMH because he couldn’t breathe. First three days of his life he was there and I couldn’t leave. I was so sad. The moment I put him on my chest=magic. Perth show please.

  61. Amy Griggs

    Finding out I could love my daughter even more than I already did when she became a big sister

  62. Kelley Borg

    Having a baby is magical in itself but going through pregnancy & labour at the same time my best friend did was magical!
    Brisbane please 🙂

  63. Lynnette Bull

    Watching my nephew being born. I was 16. Magical inspirational moment seeing my sister go through labour. Temporary birth control for me too.. Lol. Melbourne.

  64. Karen Wallace

    Seeing the Moscow Circus on Ice as a child – being mesmerised by the dancing and costumes. How magical to give my daughter the same experience! Newcastle please.

  65. Jess peterson

    Watching my toddler and 4 month old look giggle and “talk” to each other. The sister bond had begun. Brisbane show please

  66. Suzy Fraser

    My most magical memory was obviously the birth of my 2 beautiful Daughters! I never knew a love like this existed!
    Newcastle July 9 show please

  67. Louise L

    A magical time in my life is when I had my children, to think that I made them from scratch it truly is amazing. Newcastle Please

  68. Caroline McDougall

    My most magical moment was when my granddaughter (now 3) first tried to say ‘wuv you Ma’. I am looking forward to the day her twin brother and sister attempt the same 🙂

  69. Simone

    My magical moment was my 4th child’s first word being “Mum”. I cried! 1 out of 4 isn’t so bad.

    Would love Wollongong please

  70. Luana Gec

    The bond formed with my daughters, they’re inseparable and so loving towards eachother. There are no photos unless they’re both in it lol.

  71. Katie T

    Seeing the world through my Miss 3’s eyes is constant magic! Disney on Ice in Melbourne would make the magic come to life!

  72. Pamela

    The most magical moment was getting my first spontaneous cuddle from my granddaughter when she was about 18 months old. She is now 4-1/2. Melbourne 🌠

  73. Maria Papalia

    The most magical time of my life was when I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter because she brought so much joy and happiness into my life even now that I’m a single mum.

    Perth Show please

  74. Jo

    Finding out i was pregant after my husband had tesical cancer,my only little miracle..nothing esle comes close,a postive from a negative..

  75. Elizabeth agha

    When my daughter designed one of the 2012 Sydney New Years Eve fireworks. Awesome to know who ever around the world watching, saw her design.

    Sydney please.

  76. Chloe White

    The most magical day of my life was when my oldest daughter finally got to meet her brand new sister. Never forget the look on her face. So much love ever since. (Adelaide)

  77. Anita

    My daughter says : my most magical moment is when all my closest friends are around me and we are playing together, my friends make me smile.
    We live in beautiful Perth

  78. Fiona G

    The birth of our daughter Belle has been so magical and I’m sure she’d love to see Disney Belle skate around the stage. Perth show please.

  79. Vanessa dinnage

    Watching my children play using their imagination is a magical moment every time.
    Melbourne please 🙂

  80. Vanessa dinnage

    Watching my children play using no their imagination, is a magical moment every time.
    Melbourne.please 🙂

  81. Debra Briggs

    My son fills my life with magical moments. Whenever I watch him learn something new, I feel as though I’m floating on air.

    Melbourne, please

  82. Lisa W

    Watching my boys enjoying fishing with Daddy, catching a fish and helping Daddy fillet and prepare it for dinner recently – and they both ate it!
    Sydney please.

  83. Eliza-Anne Halls

    My most magical experience was the Day my son got his ears. To watch his face light up when they placed his head band on was amazing. The Brisbane show please.

  84. Kellie Bright

    Locked out with a screaming baby and armful of groceries. Suddenly, I hear them jingle. I’d dropped them inside her wrap! My baby the magician!

  85. Michelle H

    Spending days with my grandchildren is magical,
    They are so much fun & bring a special joy to my life!

  86. Penny

    The magical moment of my life is to be blessed with a beautiful family of caring husband and loving kids. Love them till eternity!!

    Would appreciate Melbourne tickets to bring my kids there please!!

  87. Rebecca

    The most magical thing to date was seeing he look of excitement on my daughters face when we took her to her first concert which was the wiggles, moments like this are so magical to a parent

  88. Trudy Spreadborough

    Falling pregnant with my daughter and ultimately giving birth, after being told I couldn’t have kids was the most magical experience of my life.
    Brisbane show please 🙂

  89. Kerry Fryers

    Today is a magical day, Miss 3 starts kindy, her excitement and resilience reminds me I’ve done a great job raising her….ill still cry ! Perth show please

  90. Jen A

    The day my beautiful daughter Georgia was born. My big, tough partner even broke down with tears of joy that day!!
    Would love to see the show in Perth please!

  91. Mona De Silva

    The most magical moment in my life was when I realised that my third child was a little girl after having two boys.

  92. Tamara

    Bringing home my newborn Bub after spending time in the highest special care unit in qld’s biggest hospital. Everyday since, seeing her achieve the impossible.
    Brisbane please.

  93. Ann Maree

    My wedding day was magical but when you walk behind your own child its seems even more magical ,like reliving your own dream and it makes you so happy to see them happy !

  94. Sally Sayaxang

    Mine would have to be the very first time I became a mum, it’s the only meeting you cannot prepare yourself for and each time (4) is always different.
    Would love Brisbane please

  95. Therese newton

    The day I found out I was pregnant after 12 IVF cycles and 6 years. She is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

    Sydney show please

  96. Caroline Lim

    Most magical moment is my first ultra sounds.
    Tears filled my eyes when with my second pregnancy was told that I was having twins and also know that my babies are conceived through IVF. PERTH tickets please

  97. Brooke S

    The moment my first child was born complication free. It was very unexpected and was a magical moment to be cherished and remembered.

  98. Jessica Kerr

    Meeting my husband (in person) for the first time, was a bit of a “movie moment” as he’d flown in later than expected and therefore got a taxi straight to my apartment rather than me meeting him at the airport, when he got there I went down to the foyer of the building to meet him – the lift doors opened, and there he was 🙂 Would love to take our son to the Perth show.

  99. Peta-Lee

    The day I realised my best friend was actually my “the One” and we kissed for the first time, now my husband of 10 years!

  100. Pauline Olsen

    Hearing my baby girl’s first laugh. Not the tinkling you’d expect in a Disney movie, but a chortle that filled the room with pure joy.

    We’d love to attend the Perth show. Thank you Maraya. <3

  101. Lauren

    The glug glug glug sound of that glass of wine being poured after the kids are in bed is pretty magical!
    Sydney show tickets please!

  102. Linda Muir

    After losing 5 babies, and then finally getting to hold my Daughter and Son for the first time.
    I thought they were the most magical days of my life until….
    My little family was injured in a major car accident. Since then I’ve come to realise (with so much more clarity) that EVERY DAY with them is a magical miracle.

    I would love to take them to the Melbourne show please.

  103. KerryH

    I would love to attend the Perth show with my beautiful granddaughter who I saw come in to the world 14 years ago. It was a magical moment for me and I would love to share another magical moment with her.

  104. Valda Dommenz

    the most magical time of my life was I became a granny for the first time that was 4 years ago now
    Adelaide show please

  105. shaghig

    In amongst the chaos, its magical when I see my kids aged 5, 3 and 1, laughing with each other and playing nicely. Sydney please 🙂

  106. Melicia Mah

    Perth show please. Most magical time was when I gave birth to my first baby. I hated pregnancy and didn’t realise how much love I would feel in the moment!

  107. Karina L

    Each time I pushed out my babies is a special moment to me..and a relief! It’s like falling in love again when you are holding your newborn for that very first time.

  108. Melissa

    Meeting my best friend in primary school and now having kids of our own and they get to play and catch up like we did 💗

  109. Rosemarie De Bari

    Any moment my three lovely daughters are getting along and playing nicely. They are rare moments indeed!

  110. Barbara Fehmel

    A magical moment in my life was when my son was born, he was being strangled by the umbilical cord and his heart was stopping beating, the doctor managed an instrument birth and quickly unwound the cord, giving him emergency oxygen and saved his life. So magical for me.

  111. Tania Corkill

    Experiencing a sea turtle nesting and then 3+ months later watching the baby turtles hatching. Priceless experience for our family.

  112. belinda j burns

    my daughter suffers from a rare bone disease, she has undergone surgery and fully recovered, witnessing pure magic what the amazing surgeons can do is a the most magical grateful moment ever! feeling blessed x sydney show would be fantastic x thank you

  113. Melanie

    That magical look of wonder and pride when my children or any of the kids I look after learn something new and realise they can do it!

  114. Katy

    The most magical moment in my life has been meeting my husband, because without him I would not have had my 2 beautiful children (to which I was told would never happen).

    I would love to get the chance to take my children to the Melbourne show please and thank you.

  115. Sharon

    My most magical
    Moment is when my 2 year old son finally understood toilet training. The look of amazement and what his body can do and joy that he got from looking at my (obviously overjoyed and excited) face when he did #1 and eventually #2 in the toilet without my co ti yes encouragement. He just got up said mummy I gtg toilet and went by himself. After 4.5 months of struggled my Boy got it. He just got it.. One of my favourite mummy’s proudest #proudmummymoments EVER !!
    All the struggles and midnight wake ups washing sheets and carpets and mopping tiles, it has all been worth it for this single first time mummy. Definitely a magical moment for this proud mummy. 💙👊🏼👌🏼

  116. Sharon

    May 19, 2016 at 7:15 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    My most magical Moment is when my 2 year old son finally understood toilet training. The look of amazement and what his body can do and joy that he got from looking at my (obviously overjoyed and excited) face when he did #1 and eventually #2 in the toilet without my co ti yes encouragement. He just got up said mummy I gtg toilet and went by himself. After 4.5 months of struggled my Boy got it. He just got it.. One of my favourite #proudmummymoments EVER !! All the struggles and midnight wake ups washing sheets and carpets and mopping tiles, it has all been worth it for this single first time mummy. Definitely a magical moment for this proud mummy. 💙👊🏼👌🏼

  117. Tracey

    For me, watching my daughter play a difficult piece of music so elegantly and effortlessly after despairing that she couldn’t do it, was simply magical!

    Adelaide please!

  118. Jocelyn Lambert

    Most Magical Moment would be winning the Sydney Tickets and seeing my 5 year olds face light up, as she is the only little girl on this planet who has yet to experience the wonder of “Disney On Ice”

    Sydney Please. Thank-you

  119. Col Harper

    Magical moment – Introducing my daughter to her new little brother. Will never forget the looks on her face. Hopefully that love continues as they grow

  120. Katrina Stubbs

    Meeting my favourite actress Amy yasbeck was a dream come true. Very magical and life affirming.


  121. Kylie pickford

    Experiencing new things through the wonder of a child makes it memory lasting experience. Brisbane show please

  122. Narelle Abbie

    meeting up with an old flame after 20yrs and still having the same connected as before, so great to have that second chance together!

    Adelaide please

  123. Natalie Lewis

    Giving birth to my twins after 6 years of failed IVF Treatments. Our family is finally complete💗💙 Perth please😀

  124. Nata

    Becoming a mother for the first time,
    Was my moment to shine,
    Holding my baby close to my heart,
    Telling him we’ll never part.

  125. Peta Newsome

    My most magical moment was bringing my baby girl home after 14 weeks in hospital.
    *Sydney please 🙂

  126. Elisabeth Martins

    The most magical time in my life,
    would have been going to see the Disney on Ice when I was young,
    I felt like a princess and would love to give the children the same feeling I had.

    – I would like tickets to the Newcastle show please 🙂

  127. Alison Briggs

    Magical was when my son started wipping his own bottom. Nuclear is the best way to describe him lol. Newcastle show please.

  128. Karyn connell

    Everyday is magical But I wold luv to win tic to Perth show and give it to a little girl who fighting cancer

  129. Rachel K

    My husband’s cancer sent me on a spiritual journey. I prayed and fought with God to save him. Hearing he was cancer free was magical!

    Melbourne please!

  130. Andrea

    The magic radiated from my heart when I stepped on stage each December at the Perth Concert Hall and danced ballet in front of family.

  131. Justine Drake

    Maybe a bit cliche’
    but holding my daughter for the first time,
    I’ll always remember that day!

  132. Melanie

    The most magical moment in my life was giving birth to my two precious children, who are now 5 & 2!! We would love to attend the Melbourne show 😀

  133. Tamara Campbell

    I finally became a Mum at 37, going for my USS & seeing a beautiful baby growing inside me was so amazing (and it was a girl, I just cried when they told me).

    Perth Please

  134. Nicole Ngulube

    Watching my daughter meet her baby brother for the first time. She was so gental and you could just see the love beaming out of her.

    Perth please 😉

  135. Sarah Dicker

    Most Magical glimpses of love, sisterhood and friendship between my two girls, 2 and 4. There’re each other’s worse enemy but have moments of pure sisterhood!

  136. Jess Baldock

    The birth of both my beautiful healthy children, miss 5 & mr 4 were pretty magical days. But they always provide my day with magical moments, sometimes with a simple hug or kiss, a giggle or even a beautiful drawing.
    Adelaide show (friday or saturday preferably please 😊)

  137. Jessica Ashbrooke

    Giving birth was so memorable such an amazing experience would love for the Newcastle show please

  138. Jess

    When my daughter was in pre-primary and I found her in the bedroom reading a story to her little brother. Actually reading! A gorgeous moment in the volatile relationship of siblings.

  139. Nellie Vassallo

    After 11 years of barren tears, finally one of cheers
    At 9 minutes past noon, 6 weeks too soon
    Magic so dear, our little princess Jasmin appeared

  140. Rachael

    So many moments to choose from when you’re a Mummy but Mother’s Day is always pretty magical when my girls make me cards and make lots of drawings for me! Love it 🙂

    Wollongong please 🙂

  141. Anna

    I’m fertile, healthy, eager to aid,
    My sister; searched for a surrogate,
    I held her fate,
    Her twins I gave birth,
    Magical; heaven on earth!
    * Sydney

  142. Kate H

    Fulfilling the dream of taking my daughter to Disneyland and as a single parent that was no easy feat. A whole nother world magical….

    Adelaide show please

  143. Shannon Wotton

    A magical moment was watching my very shy daughter take the stage in her first school concert. The way she smiled and strutted her stuff in front of the audience with a confidence I never knew she had brought tears to my eyes! Melbourne

  144. Adeline L

    When my 2 year old daughter ‘read’ me a bedtime story (by heart) for the first time.
    *Perth please, thank you

  145. Cathy MacNamara

    Most magical moment was watching the fireworks over Disneyland, just like I used to see on black and white tv as a child!

  146. Caroline Shanks

    A tie between my most recent trip to Disneyland and the day I gave birth to my Mickey Mouse obsessed son 18 months ago. I can’t wait to take him to Disneyland. Would love to take him to Disney Ice

  147. Veronica Neale

    Would love to bring my frozen nut, but just like most parents struggle to come up with the funds and I’m left feeling guilty.


  148. Kristina S

    The day I became a mother. It was also my birthday and she will forever be the best gift I have ever received.

  149. Leigh T

    I get a magical warm fuzzy feeling whenever I open the door and hear “Daddy’s Home” after a hard days work. Melbourne please.

  150. Alicia Bardsley

    Our first child was a premmie born at 30 weeks. Finally taking him home from hospital was pretty magical. Melbourne show please.

  151. Terri

    My speech delayed little spunky telling me “I wub you mummy” for the first time. Worth the wait.
    Newcastle show please

  152. Wendy Christidis

    Going on a boat trip and being followed to the pier by a pod of wild dolphins! It was truly a magical and almost spiritual experience! Nature at its very best!

  153. Amanda S

    Taking my two on a long haul flight and realising I was really proud of how they were behaving (I was expecting hell)!

  154. Melinda

    Most magical moment was the birth of both my daughters. After years of IVF, loss, hyperemesis, hospital admissions & complications I still can’t believe we have 2 healthy little girls. They would absolutely love to go to this show. We were going to buy tickets until my husband lost his job, to win tickets would be magical indeed! 🙂

  155. sharron lawton

    My most recent magic moment was witnessing the amazing metamorphoses of my son emerging from his “teenage” cocoon back into the world of the living! How nice it is to be answered in English instead of grunting once more! One down, two to go!

    Brisbane tickets would be wonderful please!

  156. Karen

    Everyday I have magical moments, but watching my eldest hold her baby sister the first time and vowing to love her forever is the best.

  157. Patricia Payne

    It was to see my daughter after 30 hours of labour and an emergency c-section. I looked at her and experienced feelings like never before!

  158. sarah fairley

    Watching the Disney parade at Disneyland to the Brother Bear theme. Music can really make the moment.

  159. Kerrie Tullipan

    The day Hubby got his waterproof prosthetic legs and was able to take the kids swimming for the very first time was truly magical. (Brisbane please)

  160. Melissa Edwards

    When my son was born. After 3 years of trying we found out we were pregnant 2 days before starting IVF. He was a miracle baby and it was a magical time!

  161. cassidy robson

    My twins were born via emergency c-section. One was born not breathing after a anxious wait he cried. His cry was truly the most magical.

    Adelaide Pretty Please : )

  162. Aimee Sharpe

    My kids were the most magical moment ever, recreating and bringing life is more than magical precious moment,

    Sydney show please.

  163. Melissa thomson

    Watching my 2 daughters perform at there cheerleading competition,for the first time after I watched how hard they worked at there routine. Was such a magical moment to see all there hard work pay off was so proud. Would love to be able to take my 2 daughters to the Melbourne show. Thank you for the chance.

  164. Mikaela C

    Stepping into Disneyland,
    I felt like a kid again,
    from Mickey, Minnie and Pluto too,
    it was a magical dream come true!
    Melbourne please 🙂

  165. Alison Duke

    Taking our 3 children on a magical family holiday. They still talk about it all the time. It is something we may not be able to do again in a hurry but atleast we have a lifetime of memories.

  166. Charlotte S

    Seeing the castle at Disney World for the first time… after 25 years of watching it on the screen before my favourite movies. Simply magical!

    Sydney please 🙂

  167. Deanna Cammisotto

    My most magical moment was living overseas for a few years and coming back to Adelaide to surprise my mum!

  168. Deanna Cammisotto

    My most magical moment is living overseas for a few years and coming back to Adelaide to surprise my mum. Adelaide 10th June please 🙂

  169. Jacqui MF

    The days my girls were born and watching them start to play together. My eldest daughter loves dressing her baby sister up as a princess.

  170. Sophie Miller

    Experiencing the birth experience with my husband and holding our daughter in his arms for the first time as it made us feel complete. – Melbourne Show please.


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