WIN- Tickets to Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield


To celebrate the launch of NEW regional and suburban tour dates and shows for Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield – touring Australia from June 2015, we’re giving you the chance to win a family pass to see the all new production!

When the Octonauts deploy a new undersea medical station designed to keep the reef clean and healthy, they discover a problem that threatens the reef dwellers and their home. An out- break of spiky and very hungry Crown of Thorns Starfish are on their way to eat the reef! It will take all the Octonauts, their Gups, and a rag-tag crew of sea creatures to ward off the advancing starfish and save the Great Barrier Reef!


To win a family pass (2x adults/2x children) to see Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield (valued at $200) tell us what you love about the Octonauts!

T&Cs- Competition is a game of skill and will run from 23rd- 29th April and is open to Australian residents only. Prize is a family pass (2x adults and 2x children) to any performance of Octonauts (pending ticket availability Prize value is $200 and does not include travel. 


Full a full list of dates and locations and to get your tickets to Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield visit

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11 thoughts on “WIN- Tickets to Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield

  1. Kim Ronai

    I love that it gives me 10 minutes peace and quite! My son loves the new things he learns about the ocean and sea animals and that kwazi looks like our cat.

  2. Samantha pike

    I love this show because I can put it on and my little one comes running and mummy gets to make dinner in peace and it’s also really educational.i learn a lot of things myself I never knew.

  3. Merridee

    Multiple reasons: 1. They’re educational!
    2. The theme song is catchy, cute and doesn’t make me want to mute the TV
    3. My son is super adorable when I ask him to do something and he says “Eye eye Captain Mummy” ❤️

  4. Anita Hudson

    We all love Octonauts. I love to see how excited and happy my little one is while watching it. All the sea life and stories are always so awesome and it is nice to see that helping each other makes us all happy. It is also a great bribe for little one to get ready for bed.

  5. Carmen Gallagher

    I love that it is a great show which helps teach about marine creatures, keeps the kids entertained and is non-violent. Even I have learned a few things 🙂

  6. Elke Watmore

    You never know where the Octonauts are going to take you and I as well as my boys end up learning bucket loads about marine life. Who ever knew that there was such a thing as a Giant Kelp Forest – it’s just amazing!!

  7. Mel

    Thanks to the kids Octonauts favourites Captain Barnacle bear, Kwazii Kitten and by watching the show my children think that water isn’t so scary anymore because there is so much to discover beneath the surface of water.

    By watching and talking about the adventures of the Octonauts it helped to encourage my children to give water a go and its worked! We’ve been going to swimming lessons for two years now. Going to the live show would be an excellent reward for all the hard work they’ve put into being safer while around water.

    They were also gentle as can be when handling some of the marine life in the kids rock pool at the Melbourne Aquarium over Christmas. They know the Octonauts moto Explore Rescue Protect! They’re definitely abiding by it and I am proud of my children for that.

  8. Anita Butterworth

    I love that it’s fostered my son’s fascination with the ocean. He’s only in prep, but is determined to be a marine biologist (after I let him know that ‘Octonaut’ isn’t a mainstream occupation!).

  9. Rebecca Neal

    We love Octonauts because they explore, work together and care for others. My son has learnt some.lovely mannerisms thanks to Octonauts and his favorite Peso!

  10. Catherine Stevens

    The Octonauts are my kids absolute favorite. We have an imaginary Octoalert in the lounge, Dashi in the bath, and I have to make up a ‘story from my head’ every night about their adventures. I have even created a new character, Jet, the scuba diving expert pony. I love that their favorite show is so wonderful, educational and teaches them to care for their environment. My son even told his friend the other day not to litter because it would end up in the ocean and kill sea creatures. He is 3.


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