Win a Toy Pack valued at over $100!

prizeWe have two fantastic prize packs to give away thanks to U. Games– Australia’s leading company for children’s educational toys and activities.

So which toy pack would you like to win?

 Dinosaur Prize Pack

Dr. Cool Puzzle Master T-Rex- RRP $25.00

ZOOB 125 Piece Bucket- RRP $52.00

Dinosaur Torch & Projector- RRP $11.95

Wind-Up Walking Dinosaur- RRP $9.95

Glow In The Dark Galaxy of Stars- RRP$15.95

Total value = $114.85

Dinosaur pack


My Studio Girl Prize Pack 

Fox Mini Pillow- RRP $14.95

Travel Buddy Bunny- RRP $11.95

Rescue Pet Kitty- RRP $14.95

Make Your Own Greeting Cards- RRP $12.95

Wind-Up Walking Owl Family- RRP $9.95

Precious Pal Emma- RRP $14.95

Deluxe Sketch Portfolio Fashion Runway- RRP $9.95

Bouncy Bunny Onesie- RRP $9.95

Taggles Activity Album- RRP $19.95

Total value = $119.55

girls prize

To win- tell us which pack you want to win and why!

(Comp open to Australia only. Entrants must be over 18. Comp finishes 11pm Friday 13th Feb)

U. Games Australia strives to be the leading company supplying learning, innovative and educational toys that leave our children smarter, happier and more creative. They believe they have a social responsibility to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and adhere to local and international toy safety standards. They not only source the best products from overseas but also work with local inventors to produce exceptional games, toys and puzzles in Australia. To check out their range visit


81 thoughts on “Win a Toy Pack valued at over $100!

  1. Diane Heriot

    Dinosaur Prize Pack please for my son,
    he would be so excited if i can say you won,
    he would love to play and share,
    it would say to him they saw you we all care!

  2. Kelly Jaensch

    Id love to win the studio girl priZe pack please because my daughter is right into the crafty stuff at the moment and we could do it together . Thanks so much

  3. Leigh Isabeth

    My boy would love the dinosaur pack, he’s so inquisitive and would just have hours of fun with everything in this pack!

  4. Hayley

    I would love to win the girls pack. Interact and creative play is so important…. And it will keep my daughter entertained whilst I have a cuppa!

  5. Kylie Rogers

    My daughter would love the girl pack. She loves doing crafts and I am currently teaching her to sew, to have some of those gorgeous kits would be perfect.

  6. Hannah

    Would love to surprise my little one with the dinosaur pack. He’s mad about them thanks to George from Peppa Pig!

  7. Deborah

    The girls would love the Studio Girl Prize Pack this would keep them amused for hours and they love doing craft their nan is teaching the eldest daughter to sew and knit so this pack would be great thanks

  8. Glenis O'K

    ZOOB 125 Piece Bucket would be great for my little one to practice his skills at building things, keep him amused for hours and dad for hours picking up the 125 bits scattered afterwards…..

  9. Judith M

    Although my daughter loves dinosaurs, she loves anything animal related more, so I’d have to go for the My Studio Girl Prize Pack. Foxes, owls, bunnies and kittens! She’ll be in animal heaven!

  10. Maria V

    Have the perfect dinosaur mad little boy in mind for the Dinosaur Pack. I’ll be “the best auntie in the whole world”. 🙂

  11. Linda

    The dinosaur pack it would have to be, I sometimes wonder what would happen if dinos never existed, what would my little men be obsessed with??

  12. Diana

    Dinosaur Prize Pack, because if it’s not dinosaur then it’s not interesting. My son has this obsession with them at the moment, which isn’t a bad thing, just wish he’d be open to other things too like cars or animals!

  13. Alison Apps

    The studio girls pack please. My daughter is the sweetest little angel who never asks for anything so I love to surprise her when we are blessed with art equipment.

  14. Stacey Shailer

    I would love to win the Dinosaur Prize Pack for my little man, as I struggle to find him fun toys and activities that appeal to him, and this pack looks awesome!

  15. Sally Baker

    My studio girl prize pack, my girls are so creative and are always running out of things to do. This would keep them busy.

  16. Soni

    I have a boy and girl so either would be great but I have a slight preference for the dinosaur pack because my daughter is obsessed with torches!

  17. sandra nicolle

    studio girl prize pack for my grandaughter would love to show her how to be creative and make her own things she is very keen to learn

  18. Michelle Gleeson

    My Studio Girl prize pack please for my little Arabella.
    This would bring the biggest smile to her beautiful little face.
    She is surrounded by other kids who are video game obsessed.
    This would foster her love of crafts! #craftsarecool!

  19. Rosa Snyder

    My Studio Girl Prize Pack
    It would allow my daughter to use her imagination more and get crafty with mums help!
    She would be entertained for hours.

  20. Alison O'Gorman

    My studio girl pack it is of fun and activities. Craft and imagination the best sort of gifts that the kids can get.

  21. Katy Langdon

    My daughter would love the dinosaur prize pack! She loves dinosaurs and would go nuts over that Torch! And so would I :p

  22. catherine helbig

    Would love the dinosaurs pack as my son loves dinosaurs and he would love the glow in dark stars. he is such an inquisitive boy and will find the zoob pack fascinating and just love to watch the dinosaurs torch projectors

  23. Kerry Henderson

    Would love to win the dino prize pack for my little man, he has just started kindy and developed a love of all things dino!

  24. Lea Anita Black

    I would love the Dinosaur pack, as I have a Grandson and newborn Granddaughter that could very eagerly share them! He is a lover of Dinosaur figurines too !

  25. Michelle lalezari

    My 3 year old son would love the dinosaur prize pack. He loves anything that roars and would put that torch to good use.

  26. Alicia Kimberley

    The my studio girls pack l, my 5 year old daughter would love this all the things that she is in to!!! I think the travel buddies and greeting cards would be the best in the pack! Very fun and educational at the same time 🙂

  27. Rachel K

    I’d love to win the dinosaur pack. As well as looking awesome it would host tons of fun, whilst also enhancing sensory development, eye hand co-ordination and fine motor skills.

  28. Carolyn

    My two girls would love the Studio Girl,
    So many crafts to give a whirl.
    Cute things to make and also share,
    I’d love to win this for my pair!

  29. Samantha

    My Studio Girl Prize Pack to keep my little girl occupied while I nurse our newborn and as a special treat to show her she still has our love and attention.

  30. Melissa

    My studio girl prize pack,
    Would send my little one wild.
    She’ll do her little happy dance,
    Round and round, laughing, being a happy child.
    She’ll hoot at the owl,
    Meow at her new kitty,
    She’ll cuddle her mini fox pillow,
    And tell bunny she’s oh so pretty.

  31. Kelly-Marie

    My Studio Girl Prize Pack because I know a sweet little girl named Kitty who would love these. Also as a plus note the owl part of the package would fit into a long running joke with her nana.

  32. Marcia Pasilas

    Dinosaur Prize Pack I rarely find anything given as a prize for boys and they feel left out because I’ve won stuff for the girls.

  33. Joanne Cardamone

    As much as the studio girl pack would be lots of fun, my daughter is dinosaur mad and would really love to explore in the dino world

  34. Femke Corr

    Dinosaur pack please. He is absolutely crazy about dinosaurs. He hates having his dinosaur shirts washed, watches Walking with Dinosaurs and roars like crazy. He’d be over the moon.

  35. Kerri-Ann Gray

    I know a special little man who would love the dinosaur pack! Like most kids, he loves dinosaurs and knows most of their names 🙂

  36. Aleisha

    We would have to choose the Dinosaur prize pack. My son is non verbal and can make a few sounds and grrrrr when he sees a dinosaur is one of them!

  37. julie

    studio girlz prize pack coz i have two little gils that are busy and love to create all sorts of crafts and activities with each other.. awesome prize to win please

  38. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    For the ever growing little girl who’s expressing her independence attempting all the new skills that Kindy brings, her world is an oyster of new experiences and challenges. A crafty, arty child she loves to create and these kits would spark her imagination and creativity, injecting such personal pride and independence.

  39. Wendy Hatton

    I’d pick the Dinosaur Pack. Dinosaurs have never lost favour in our family, they’re loved by all ages and never fail to fascinate.

  40. monica s.

    My Studio Girl Prize Pack …three granddaughters under the age of 5! Great prize for them to share and learn how to use when their a little older!

  41. Sally Wheaton

    I would love to win the dinosaur prize pack for my almost 1 grandson. It’s bright and colourful and full of fun and we can play together with T-rex.

  42. gail tulk

    dinosaur pack as my youngest grandson looooooves dinosaurs so much. everywhere he goes he has one with him. he is 4 and can name every dinosaur there is, even I cant do that.

  43. Crystal Donohue

    I would absolutely love to win the Dinosaur Prize Pack for my gorgeous nephew. It would allow his creativity to run wild and let him play with joy! The possibilities are endless for him to have endless fun. He loves to be able to learn new things and this pack would be the perfect thing for that.

  44. sharyn w

    Girls pack please, as both my children would think this is the bees knees; they would have so much doing this together, and can do it anytime of the day in sunny or rainy weather.

  45. Karla Oleinikoff

    For absolute coolness it would have to be the dinosaur,
    My own budding paleontologist would give out a great big ROAR,
    For the chance to dig up their very own fossil tooth,
    And to be able to show it off as the absolute truth.

  46. Kristy winters

    Ohhhh the dinosaur pack is fantastic . My three boys and one little girl would love this pack dinosaurs are big in our house.thankyou.

  47. Teena

    My girls would love the Studio Girl Prize Pack, they love doing arts and craft and making things, we could have heaps of fun together with this 🙂

  48. Leanne

    I would love to win the Dinosaur Prize Pack, to give to my little boy who would love to be like George with a dinosaur toy


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