Woolworths Earn & Learn- how does it work?

Earn & Learn

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Has your school or preschool participated in Earn & Learn before? If they haven’t you have probably still seen the line of boxes at your local Woolworths every year. My kids have always loved collecting the stickers and adding them to the box. It’s so exciting for them to see the boxes so full by the end of the campaign.

But do you know what the program is and how it benefits schools?

How does Earn & Learn work?

Last year Woolworths donated over 45 000 educational resources to 16 000 schools and preschools. These resources include sporting, maths, science, technology and art equipment to benefit children’s education.

Stickers earned by shoppers are donated to their local schools, and these stickers can be redeemed for resources. So, the more stickers each school earns, the more resources are awarded.

How can I donate stickers?

For the next two months, every $10 you spend in Woolworths you will be awarded a sticker. You can either place the stickers in the Earn & Learn box of your choice in store or you can fill in a sticker sheet and then bring it straight to your school. You can choose to donate to one school or spread your stickers across several.

earn & learn

How can my school or preschool get involved?

Your school needs to nominate an earn & learn coordinator and then register to be eligible. Once the promotion finishes, your school can then redeem their stickers for the type of resources they need. Last year’s most popular resources were maths equipment, followed closely by arts and craft supplies and sporting equipment.

To register your school or find out more visit www.woolworths.com.au/earnandlearn













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3 thoughts on “Woolworths Earn & Learn- how does it work?

  1. Claire

    This sounds great for schools, we have several similar projects in the UK and our very small school gets a great deal out of them, and it’s an easy thing for parents to do.

  2. Seana Smith

    Hi there, our local Woollies has boxes for all the schools. It’s a good reminder that even gigantic companies can be locally focussed. I don’t think it makes us shop more at Woolworths, but we go there a fair bit anyway so end up getting loads of the stickers.


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