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World Bicycle Relief Australia- How you can help

world bicycle relief

If you haven’t heard of World Bicycle Relief they’re a not for profit organisation that has been around since 2005. The NGO was formed in response to the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. Partnering with aid organizations in Sri Lanka, WBR distributed more than 24,000 bicycles to displaced survivors. They provided access to education, healthcare and livelihoods while reconnecting entire communities. WBR has now arrived in Australia and here’s what you need to know.

World Bicycle Relief Australia

World Bicycle Relief Australia is part of a global NFP organisation that mobilises people in developing countries through the Power of Bicycles.  WBR provides its recipients Buffalo Bicycles. These bicycles are purpose-built for the rural terrain, extra sturdy, and easy to maintain. The representative cost of a Buffalo Bicycle is $195. Your donation, in any amount, contributes to providing more bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs. WBR trains field mechanics and employs local bike assemblers, to ensure the program receives ongoing support once bikes are donated.

In the 12 years since World Bicycle Relief began it has provided over 370,000 Buffalo Bicycles in 19 countries and trained over 1,800 field mechanics.

Umoja Secondary School

Like millions of children across rural Africa, many students at Umoja Secondary School endure long walks to school that put their academic futures at risk. Girl students face even more obstacles accessing an education. These include hours of obligatory domestic chores and the threat of sexual assault on the way to school. On top of these daunting challenges, Muslim girls in this region also confront cultural expectations. Traditionally, they are not allowed to ride bicycles.

Watch their story below and see how bikes are impacting their education and plans for the future.

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