Yes People – Baby Brain Is A Thing!


I’m calling it – Baby Brain is a thing – a real life condition. It’s not just something new mother’s ‘claim’ to have so they can blame every mistake, clumsy moment or emotional tantrum on, it is an ACTUAL condition. I swear it!

I say this because it is the only way I can rationalize my behavior in the past year. As a second time Mum I thought I had it all down pat – my original approach being ‘No worries I’ve got this’! Well I soon realized ‘I don’t got this’! I am far from ‘getting this’!

With a five year gap between my boys it is safe to say I had forgotten how intense the sleepless nights were, how each day was filled with feeding, poopy nappies more feeding and more poopy nappies. Quite frankly I’d forgotten how much Baby Brain affects you.

Still have baby brain from my first pregnancy!

Still have baby brain from my first pregnancy!

See Baby Brain can be sneaky – one moment you think you are handling things well, you are lucky enough to have had 4 hours sleep within a 24 hour period yet you are still able to function as a semi conscious parent, then BAM you are struck with Baby Brain and you are down and out!

Rewind to a couple of months back when I was struck hard with Baby Brain – I had survived a whole day with minimal sleep, an unsettled baby who needed to be with me every second of that day and an active 5 year old who wanted to chat and play, and I was fine, I juggled it all without cracking it and I felt good. I had managed to clean the house, and had just finished cleaning the kitchen and had laid out all the sterilized baby items ready to put them away and then it was bedtime for me. I was thinking – ‘see this isn’t so hard’.

Sleep?? What's that?

Sleep?? What’s that?

I noticed I hadn’t had the chance to unpack my little treat that I had purchased for myself – the delicate little tea set that I so foolishly saw myself using during my 2 seconds of me time throughout my day, because you know tea is about as exciting as my drinks get these days. So I unpack this tea set and then BAM – Baby Brain hit! I dropped my tea set and it shattered into a zillion tiny pieces – all over the kitchen and dining area and all over the sterilized baby items. And I cried – I burst into tears like a tantrum throwing 2 year old. Not because I now had to re-clean the whole kitchen and dining area to make sure every little piece was vacuumed and removed, not because I now had to rewash and re-sterilize the baby items, not because I would now have to wait another hour or so before going back to bed, but because I broke my brand new tea set. Yes folks I was irrationally crying because of the untimely demise of my tea set.

So in my defense – Baby Brain is a thing. A real life condition. And I am sticking to that!

Has anyone else been struck down with a severe case of Baby Brain? Share your stories with me! 

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