Yummy Not Fancy Pants Banana Cake

banana cake

This is not a fancy pants banana cake worthy of “food styling” or prefect photography. It’s just a really yummy cake that you will eat 7 slices off in one go… No fancy thermomix required- just a wooden spoon.

Think 1980s style before every meal had to be picture perfect and great nan’s cooking was more famous than Pete Evans.

2 Eggs
2.5 cups Self Raising Flour
3 bananas (one to chop on top)
4 table spoons of butter
1/2 cup of milk

1/4 cup of sugar or a table spoon of honey added optional.

Put all ingredients in bowl.

Mix all ingredients up with a wooden spoon. Don’t chop the 2 bananas just mush them through mixture. Stir the mixture for 2 minutes.
Pour mixture into a greased cake tin.

Place sliced chopped banana on top of mixture and push in slightly ..
Cook at 160 degrees 12/15 minutes.
When it’s firm to touch it’s ready.
Do not burn it!

Must do:
Serve banana cake warm when the kids are in bed with a cup of tea. Try not to eat it all….

Also great with stewed apples or pineapple.

1 thought on “Yummy Not Fancy Pants Banana Cake

  1. Rebecca Haines

    It looks absolutely divine for a banana cake. I like the idea of the banana’s showing on the top, it looks really good.


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