Our HOME DVD Party!

Tully and OhWhen 20th Century Fox emailed us asking if we would like to hold a HOME DVD party to celebrate the DVD release of Dreamworks’ HOME we jumped at the chance!

We organised a group of friends to come over on a Sunday afternoon to meet OH, the star of HOME, in person, and to kick back with some lunch and a home theatre screening of HOME. We were sent wraps, corn chips, salsa and burrito packs courtesy of Mission and I whipped up some BBQ chickens, salad, cheese and guacamole to go with it. For sweet treats we had some purple cup cakes (to match OH!) and some Smarties.

Home DVD party foodWhat would a HOME party be without the guest of honour, OH? Tully has been talking about having an alien at her house all week and he didn’t disappoint. It took a while for the kids to warm up to OH, so to keep them entertained he did some dance numbers for us, which they LOVED! Soon enough the kids were all over him and I’m pretty sure OH won’t be coming back to Earth anytime soon!

Home DVD OhThen it was time for the movie! We held the party upstairs at my sisters because she has more space and her husband set up his projector, so it was like a real cinema! The kids all had cups of popcorn and we set up the little fold out lounges for them. They all sat there loving their home movie experience (and us mums got a chance to catch up in the kitchen uninterrupted!)

Home DVD party screening

To wrap up the whole afternoon 20th Century Fox had sent over gift bags for all the little guests. They had special wands, soft toys, DVDs and wrap covers. They were so excited! (I’m worried they might start thinking all movie trips are going to be like this!)

Home DVD gift bags

It was a fantastic excuse to catch up with friends and the end of the school holidays was the perfect time. It gave everyone a chance to get together and the kids to play before the madness of the school term starts again. Thanks so much 20th Century Fox, for giving us a reason to throw a party!

Why not throw your own HOME party? To help you prepare you can head to www.fhetoolkits.com/home/#printables to print your own colouring sheets and games- perfect for your little guests!

HOME is out now on DVD and BlueRay. For more information visit www.dreamworks.com/home/




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