Are you turning into your mum?

IMG_9877We all have them. Things your mum would say that drove you MAD! You swore you’d do things differently when you had kids. That you would NEVER use those annoying phrases your mum embarrassed you with as a child…

Fast forward 20 years and you’ve got kids of your own. As they grow you find yourself sounding more and more like your mum. Those annoying phrases start to slip off your tongue- way too easily! We surveyed a bunch of mums on the most annoying things their mums said, and now they find themselves saying!

She would pick me up from friend’s house for play date and embarrass me everytime by saying really loudly ‘now what would you like to say’ ie ‘SAY THANKS’ before i ever get a chance to say it by myself. I’m like 8!..not 2yo

“What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?”

“Stop pulling faces, if the wind blows it will stay like that!”

“Y is a crooked letter and you can’t straighten it.” I never even understood it, as a capital letter it’s not crooked it’s symmetrical.

“If you act like a baby I’ll treat you like one”


“You’ll LOVE it when you get there”

“I like the way you’re going to say that the second time”

Mum used to sing me the most HORRIFIC wake up song and now I sing it to my boys

“Good morning good morning,

how is the world with you,

Good morning good morning,

To yooooouuuuuuuu!”

“You are the eldest….you should know better”

“Yes, well life isn’t fair”

‘My house, my rules’

‘Don’t sit so close to the TV, you’ll get square eyes’

“Sit properly at your desk or you’ll end up with a bad neck”

“You’d better be nice to your little brother because he might be bigger than you one day!!”

If I hurt myself mum would always ask ‘do you need to go to hospital?’ I would of course say no and she’d come back with ‘well it’s not that bad then’.

When we would say ‘guess what?!’ She’d say ‘you’re mad and I’m not’ or ‘where’s dad?’ ‘He went mad and we shot him’ – I’ve said this a few times to the kids but they don’t get it…

“I’m hungry…’ ‘Well have a piece of fruit”

“How do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?”

“Hold your horses!”

“I’m bored!… Read a book.”

“Wait til your father gets home.”

“You don’t know how lucky you are.”

“There are starving people in Africa.”

“Tell your Dad/Ask your Dad/ I’m busy/ If you knock my wine over you are dead!!!”

“You’re all spoilt!”

“She’s the cat’s mother”

“One day when you have kids of your own only then will you understand.”

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4 thoughts on “Are you turning into your mum?

  1. Sally Brandt

    Don’t wee in the pool/ocean because the water will change colour and everyone will know it was you!

  2. Jill Green

    My mum always said to me when I upset her… one day when you a mother you will know how that feels and only then… Eye roll!!
    Now that I have my boys I totally get what she means… …


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