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You’ll often find Lynsey swapping her vacuum cleaner for six inch heels, shopping on line (while drinking wine!) and taking selfies!

Dyson Review- DC50 Allergy vs V6 Absolute

Dyson review

When the lovely people at Dyson asked us to review two models Maraya and I had a arm wrestle over who would do which one.  Obviously I won as I’ve never tried a Dyson. It was like all my Christmas came at once. TWO Dyson’s in my home felt like I had just won the lotto and maybe just made two new BFFs! After some serious road testing my Dyson review is ready to go…

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A mum’s survival guide to toilet training.

hugg4(A sponsored post from Huggies but real advice from me)

As a mum of Mr J (aged 4) and Twins (aged 3) who have all recently been through toilet training I often get asked a lot what my secret is. I don’t have a secret – it’s just really survival of the fittest. When I found out that Huggies Pull-Ups are having a Toilet Training Weekend on their Facebook page it got me thinking about all of the lessons that toilet training taught me. I have put together some tips to help YOU survive on this journey and get you ready for the toilet training weekend coming up. #YOUAREWELCOME Continue reading

Catch me when I fall

business mamas

Do you know that feeling you have…

The one where you want to do better for yourself.  Prove to yourself you can do something. Have a goal and try and reach it… Well I’ve started a diploma of business with the Business Mamas and things had been going well.

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Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo ™

We had the awesome opportunity to attend the opening of the Erth’s widely acclaimed show, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo ™ last night at the Riverside Paramatta.

During this awesome packed out interactive show the kids got a chance to meet some pretty cute dinosaurs and even some scary ones. We got trained in the correct way to pat a dinosaur if we ever meet one and also given the history and fun facts on Dinosaur discoveries.

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Mums like Youi Insurance


                                                                      This post is sponsored by Youi

Last week I had to attend to a real life emergency. My friend’s car broke down and she was stranded on the side of the road with no one to help. Being the super good friend that I am I raced out of the house to give her a hand. By the time I reached her, the kids had started to go crazy and she was trying to sign up on the phone for roadside assistance. I threw her kids in my mega truck and left her on the side of the road with an emergency bag of doughnuts and a bottle of water to cover all her nutrition needs…

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