My $3000 laundry makeover with before and after

Laundry makeover for under $3000 – before and after

Laundry makeover for under $3000

I’ve hated the laundry in my house ever since we build it. For 11 years now it’s been a washing machine and a metal basin, with a dryer on the wall. I’ve had no real storage and it’s been higgledy piggledy and annoying. So I finally decided to do something about it! I didn’t have a lot of money so we decided to attempt a laundry makeover for under $3000. Here’s how we did it…

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The best mandarin cake you’ll ever eat!

mandarin cake

Last week I bought a box of mandarins from Watkins Family Farm as they are struggling to sell all their crops now that people can’t come and pick mandarins. They have worked out a delivery system so I got my hands on an entire box of them! I ate them and juiced them but I had some left over that were nearing the end of their life. So what sounds better than a mandarin cake?

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