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Maraya can be found hiding in the car pretending to ‘work’, watching endless teen dramas, eating chocolate and dreaming of becoming the next Mrs Hemsworth (any of them will do!)

My $3000 laundry makeover with before and after

Laundry makeover for under $3000 – before and after

Laundry makeover for under $3000

I’ve hated the laundry in my house ever since we build it. For 11 years now it’s been a washing machine and a metal basin, with a dryer on the wall. I’ve had no real storage and it’s been higgledy piggledy and annoying. So I finally decided to do something about it! I didn’t have a lot of money so we decided to attempt a laundry makeover for under $3000. Here’s how we did it…

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The best mandarin cake you’ll ever eat!

mandarin cake

Last week I bought a box of mandarins from Watkins Family Farm as they are struggling to sell all their crops now that people can’t come and pick mandarins. They have worked out a delivery system so I got my hands on an entire box of them! I ate them and juiced them but I had some left over that were nearing the end of their life. So what sounds better than a mandarin cake?

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